High Chaparral: Deputy CM Mansor to meet developers


Deputy Chief Minister Mansor Othman is to meet the Oasis developers tomorrow to discuss the crisis faced by High Chaparral villagers facing eviction, according to a media source.

He expressed some optimism that the developers could be persuaded not to file the writ of eviction on the residents just yet.  The residents want their village to be preserved as a cultural and heritage area.

Mansor’s meeting with the developers will thrust the new Deputy CM into the spotlight and provide a stern test of his mettle under pressure.

Meanwhile, one of the High Chaparral villagers will file an application at the Penang High Court tomorrow for a stay to set aside the Federal Court decision on grounds they want a re-trial using a different case-line.

The latest developments come amidst Hindraf’s plans to hold demonstrations outside DAP offices across the country. SMS messages have been flying around.

Penang DAP reps, however, are spreading the message that the villagers need to distinguish between their friends and their adversaries and act accordingly. They point out that the mess was largely created under the previous BN administration.

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“Meanwhile, one of the High Chaparral villagers will file an application at the Penang High Court tomorrow for a stay to set aside the Federal Court decision on grounds they want a re-trial using a different case-line.”


Huh ? What difference case-line ?
A High Court cannot stay a Federal Court decision !

In a civil suit, once the federal court has decided it means the end of the road for the case.
Finis !


To Hindraf, Pakatan will never be able to do enough for Indians. This is because PR’s agenda is to uplift the poor of all races equally based on need, not race. But Hindraf wants Indians to be specially helped.

This sort of mentality is outdated and a throwback to the BN model of race politics with each race fighting for itself. This system has already left Indians behind because the weakest race will get the least. But Hindraf still wants to propagate this system.


instead of using their head and time given to pursue the matter up the Federal Govt, they rather choose the faster way by the stroke of pen… even the media use the word…stroke of pen …not knowing that it cost Penangite money to pay for the BN problems. Why should Penangites money been use for this chapter when BN were the one who involved in cheap land deal.

Feds not wanting to help Penangite in the first place and rather focus in Sabah and Sarawak.

Lim guan eng was right . Let BN face the wrath from hindraf.

Ho Chu Chuan

These Hindraf people have to distinguish between what’s legally workable and what’s legally not workable. The settlers would have been cheated of their land by the previous state government for the benefit of their members but then for the current state govt to acquire the land the current owners would have to be compensated and the money used to compensate the current owners would have to come from the people. At this point the general public do understand and sympathise with Hindraf’s struggle and we are with them all the way. But the moment they lose their heads and start… Read more »


If you analyse carefully, nowadays Hindraf is just another racist movement, no different from UMNO. Just Hindraf represent another race. Do u think they realy voice out against oppression of Indian? My foot!! Look at Bkt Selambau by election, once their preferred candidate not being chosen, they start to condemn and boycott. This more like a personal interest at stake rather than interest of Indian. Look at the breakaway group who form their own political party. Its leaders are getting very arrogant, looks as if this country ran by them, they can simply run anybody down, including BN and Pakatan.… Read more »


“…Hindraf’s voice is for the marginalised minority community in this country….”

How did Hindraf became a voice for the marginalised minority community in this country? Who appointed Hindraf for this function?

And I fail to understand how demonstration by Hindraf going to solve anything.


hindraf thought they help PR in election but they forget that many silent voices likes us were also part of the majority. If they thought they could swing the votes, than we don’t mind that in next election , swing your vote again and see if they will be sent back to Ladang where they came from. They want change but not willing to wait . they want it quickly and they want it happens everywhere in a year time. They forgot that DAP and other parties in PR came from the poverty roots unlike BN.


//#Dave on June 29th, 2009 at 8.46pm

The I****** are famous for demo.If HIndraf wants to go to BN,go then.//

Hindraf is not an organisation to voice out for Pakatan or BN. Its a people’s movement. Hindraf’s voice is for the marginalised minority community in this country.

And so far, what the hell u have done for those people (kg Buah Pala) who were cheated by BN, Pakatan and developers!


Whatever it is, PEOPLE must come first. This is where BN failed. Hopefully PR will make a difference. Otherwise they will be seen as developers’ cronies. The fact is, this piece of land was given to the residents long time ago. Unfortunately there was a scam to take away the land from them. These people are victims of a scandal. The High Court saw it but the higher courts failed. Since judiciary and all other agencies can’t be trusted to safeguard people’s welfare, it is critical for the state government to fulfill its promises made during GE2008 to get this… Read more »


Guys, there’s a heavy price to pay for every action taken especially the state government. Seriously, I’m still holding to the view that NGOs doesn’t hold the majority views. I repeat Anil Netto though with well intention, not always right. Like John the Baptist, Anil might be wrong on this. Since it matters Penangites whenever it touches the reserve of the state government. Lets have a state wide referendum on High Chapparal. 3 options. First, to keep High Chapparal. Second, to follow the final judgement by Federal Court Or Third, CAVEAT THE LAND, BUILD PUBLIC HOUSING. BENEFICIAL TO MORE THAN… Read more »


Hindraf should go to BN and if they do so, they are flip floppers too. You think BN will want to accept these supporters . Last time creating so much stir during Hari Raya in Badawi open house. Hindraf does not have the platform soon and if every problems cannot be solve peacefully with win-win than Hindraf is just a troublemaker. They cannot stick to one party and understand the root of the problem. PKR should stand firm and remove them if they are not sincere to be part of PKR plan .


The I****** are famous for demo.If HIndraf wants to go to BN,go then.

Kenny Gan

Dr. Goh,

If court decisions are not recognized or respected, the courts have themselves to blame for not giving an impression of independence and making controversial judgements in favour of the executive (eg. Perak power grab fiasco).

All law enforcement agencies, viz the Police, the MACC, the A-G and the Judiciary are suffering a crisis of confidence now. The loss of public confidence will affect their effectiveness. Crime and lawlessness will increase.

By the way, I see Hindraf moving towards BN now. Anybody disagree with me?

Dalbinder Singh Gill

Only if the LINGAM case was solved than I believe we can have more respect in the judiciary.

Judges like Augustine Paul who clear cutly had handled anwars 1998 trial, sat in the case of Kampung Buah Pala…


Law and Order is breaking down in the country. Court decisions are not recognised or respected, and people are resorting to demonstrations. We are now in the same league as African countries.
What is causing all these? It is probably everybody is sceptical of the government. They cannot trust the government anymore.
Lots of my friends and their children are migrating to Singapore, Australia, NZ, etc..They are the professionals, cream of the crop, and we can just imagine the brain drain to the country.