Fire blazes at condo construction project in Mount Erskine, Penang


Update from Aspen Group CEO M Murly:

As the Group CEO, it is my responsibility to assure all purchasers of Aspen Group properties and all relevant authorities that the fire at Tri Pinnacle site has been swiftly put out with minimal damage, without any casualties and injuries to any site workers.

As the next course of immediate action, we are committed to investigate the cause of the incident with the authorities. Please be assured that we are doing everything that needs to be done to ensure the safety of the workers on site, as well as the surrounding areas…

Will the findings of the investigation into the cause of the fire be made public? What is the density for these Tri Pinnacle ‘affordable’ homes and their pricing?

The original post:

A fire is raging in Mount Erskine at a tower being constructed not far from other projects like The Peak and Latitude in the area.

Hills have been mercilessly cut as highrise towers have mushroomed in the area in recent years, alarming residents in established neighbourhoods nearby.

In another development in the area, residents have had to put up with the stench from a temporary sewage treatment plant in the area.

Meanwhile, the Penang Island Local Plan, which should have governed planning on the island, is still missing in action. It was approved by the MBPP in 2008 but never put up for public display or gazetted. This has contributed to haphazard high-density projects being approved with densities for new projects around the island soaring from 15-30 homes per acre in 2008 to four to six times that figure presently.

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10 Apr 2018 3.30pm

The sewage treatment plant is not a temporary plant. It was being upgraded by a contractor and will be handed over to IWK some time soon. Residents want it re-located but our appeals have fallen on deaf ears. We are not sure which agency or department gave approval for the plant to be located so close to the existing houses in the area. The distance between the IWK sewage plant and the nearby houses is a stone’s throw away from the plant. I am not exaggerating – I am a resident in that area and this is a fact. The… Read more »

10 Apr 2018 7.53pm
Reply to  Jacqueline

Land is scarce. Please tell mr teh where to put … treatment plant? Singland put … tank in cavern where they tunnel underground. Hk built caverns into hillslopes. They have $£€¥ because they are funded by Country government. Here please ask Dummo gomen. Dummo can only ask private developers to build and hand over to sangat indah. sangat has no $£€¥ to build a big conveyence pipe to main … treatment plant. Further it cost $€€¥ to built main centralised …plant, land fof pipe royte and pumping stn. Orso where is the land for the plant? Ask PF or Mf… Read more »

Kathireen Kalaivani Rajamanickam

… All ok there now?

Gwynn Jenkins
9 Apr 2018 8.34pm

When I went by there were huge flames shooting from the top on the vale of Thame side .