City of Dreams mystery continues


City of Dreams ad on Facebook

From what I understand, the MPPP (Perancangan Pembangunan) has not received any application for the City of Dreams project nor does it have any information about it.

And yet, this luxury condo project at Seri Tanjung Pinang (supposedly behind Island Plaza somewhere), developer unknown (is it somehow linked to the land swap deal for the tunnel project?), has advertised on Facebook to say it is accepting refundable registration deposits of RM5000.

Could the local authorities and the Housing Ministry shed some light on the status of this project?

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In a housing transaction, the purchaser is seldom on a level playing field with the developer. The practice of inflating the house price of LC/LMC/MC by charging extra for additional fixtures and finishing should be checked immediately. Most of the purchasers are from the lower income group and even to service the house mortgage for a basic unit is a necessary burden with some purchasers having to work at two jobs to make ends meet – to survive and keep their families afloat. So developers, please adhere to the house price set by the policy makers and show the people… Read more »

Yeoh kim soo

All these schemes of asking the purchasers to pay extra for the additional furnishes has been going on since the 1990s. There are many developers working under the pretext of the local government low cost housing projects selling LMC flats and apartment at 50k and subsequently asking purchasers to pay additional 20-25k as additional works such as tiling, kitchen finishes, car park etc. The government should go after these unscrupulous developers. The government are not that stupid not to notice these schemes but just tutup satu mata. Housing is one of the most important basic needs for the people and… Read more »


Yeoh, I would say it happen right after 308


Yeoh, you cakap tepat dan betul. However, some have lost their minds and cakap revenge, saya banyak takut la macam tu …

We earn some we lose some, i think life is like that la… kalau simpan dalam hati yang bukan bukan nanti sakit jantung, sakit jiwa lagi susah, ya?

Money is not all but good health is !


Seri Tanjung Pinang, Tg Tokong we have the City of Dreams

Wow how wonderful

But further up Tg Bungah
(the area around the) Floating Mosque in Tanjung Bungah is STINKING & WHY?–why?&Itemid=2#axzz2tNhIO59C

Could it be from Batu Feringghi or as the resident said it has been this way more than 1 year ago.

So much so for LGE CAT – Competency, Accountability and Transparency. action oriented govt.

Now I want to hear who will LGE and Phee will be blaming this time. ?????


If I am not wrong. Can collect money and issue receipt but must display advertising permit.


hahah Yes it will be a City of Dream for most of us. I have just enquire with them. The units are from 1000 – 1400 sq ft partially furnished which means that there are kitchen cabinet just like the Gelugor area. The unit range form 1000 – 1400 sq ft. The price is RM1,200 per sq ft. For a 1000 sq ft unit it will be 1.2 millions. Now I regret so much. I have just sold a 932 sq ft for 520k and it come with all the amenities and swimming pool less the kitchen cabinet. Now my… Read more »


Yang, the housing problems are of no concern to those who think of their own multiple property assets, invested or speculate. What the 1% with kia su syndrome wants is quick profiteering before the inevitable bubble. Growing cash in FD is a no brainer, investing in stocks a nightmare, but the pot of gold is now in property investment as claimed by Love Lane lover property gurus. Some speculators like those in Batu Maung couldn’t sub-sell their landed properties but in desperation for monthly cash-flow to pay instalments rented out to factories for their foreign workers. Imagine your beautiful Mah-Mah-Sing… Read more »




First IJM shines the Light, now Penangites can have the Dream!


Illegal pre-selling of products not yet legalised for public consumption?
I think CAP should investigate. Sourcing funds for land development when there’s no local authority approval is a commercial crime, much like cheating & scams.
CAT, where are thou?


Tunglang, Actually everything has already been done and finalized. Once you and every one keep quiet then the plan will proceed. Just like Jardip who say he will be asking the developer why the extra charge for the LMC in Gelugor. Remember earlier the Chronicle reported that he had a meeting with the developer and he said buyer must sort out with the developer and I will monitor the situation. Actually they are waiting for us to become senile and forget everything. Too bad the Gelugor buyer cannot forget because they are all poor people. DAP LGE are all sama… Read more »


When the recalcitrant developer has broken the LMC rules & condition as set forth by state gomen, what is there to further monitor while the buyers are at the mercy of tricky developer? CAT has no teeth?


why Gerakan so silent on this and only pick on petty issue to “heboh” hence they lost 308 & 505 big time !
No wonder Gerakan lack grey cells to gain rakyat support ?
Same goes to new Penang MCA under new chaiman Chew Mei Fen not able to distinguish issues to debate publicly !


City of Dreams over-ridding meow meow meow cats ? awaiting Jelutong Tiger to roar now ?


…awaiting Jelutong Tiger to roar now ????

Go on dreaming. One Singh cannot kautim, what is another KapKap Singh?
If gomen want to solve this LMC issue, it could have done so just like Kg Buah Pala.
Maybe, tis’ LMC is no ‘meat’ for blame game & one-upmanship to parade after the fact.

The next time, LC & LMC home buyers, beware. Get a decent lawyer to read the fine prints. No need to engage expensive cosmopolitan lawyer with a meow, meow.