Chap Goh Meh blaze guts string of George Town shophouses (updated)


A blaze in the C Y Choy Road/Sandilands Street area of George Town gutted 8-10 pre-war shophouses, partly made of wood.

The fire began before 8.00pm today and one early passer-by mistook it for fireworks. The blaze was put under control by 10.00pm.

The day after (25 February 2013):

The day after
The day after
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Huat Arrr!!!

NO WATER!!!!!! the firemen can’t do their job, finally they got the water from the nearly wet market by then 30 minutes was gone


I remember seeing another blaze on the mainland a few years ago. Again, the problem was finding easy access to a hydrant/water supply. The houses were not far from the main road but valuable time was lost in getting a steady flow of water.


Bomba needs to buck up! Gaji naik, mau? Isn’t it their job to check fire hydrant every few months or at least twice a year?

Batu Ferringhian

I went to Basic Fire and Safety Training a few years back and from what I can remember, the local firemen are given orders to pretty much allow the fire to engulf a whole building..they are there to make sure the fires do not spread and do very little in terms of putting out a fire. Yes, it doesn’t make sense :/ As for the pre-war buildings’s a safety hazard – nothing new there. I know a few shopowners in that area and they say pretty much the same thing…most of them “kasi duit kopi” to the authorities to… Read more »

Batu Ferringhian

Jong, don’t blame our bombas…it has a lot to do with town planning and basic infrastrutures. These things are so essential in Penang because of the old buildings and pre-war infrastructure…how to cope with modern day society.

This is something that the State Government and the MPPP must look into. Tackling LOCAL issues will be more important to Penangites than Lynas 😀

Boo Soon Yew

GOSH !! Hope there were no human casualties !!
It would have been spotted from Explanade with the Chap Goh Meh Open House happening there.. I guess we shall read more about it in today’s papers..

Andrew I

Strange, nothing in the Star.

Andrew I

Thanks, I’ll get a copy. Need to do the windows anyway.