Bayan Mutiara deal: CM responds to critics


Guan Eng clarifies the pricing of the Bayan Mutiara land and how it was sold and explains the role of Surbana, the HDB consultants from Singapore.

Challenges UMNO Or Its Cronies To Buy 102.6 Acres Of Bayan Mutiara Land At RM420 Per Square Feet Which UMNO Has Alleged Is The Real Market Value.

UMNO has still not learned that what Abraham Lincoln once said that “You can fool some of the people all the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all the time.” UMNO Kota Belud MP Abdul Rahman Dahlan is so desperate to pin a scandal on the PR state government that they are claiming that the state government did not sell the 102.6 acres of land by open tender but by negotiated tender and had sold the land at a low price of RM240 per square foot instead of the market price of RM420 per square foot.

Abdul Rahman should show proof that the land was sold by negotiated tender. This was an open competitive tender that was advertised in the newspapers. If the market price of land at Bayan Mutiara is RM420 per square feet, the Penang state government would like to challenge UMNO or its cronies to buy the 102.6 acres of Bayan Mutiara land at RM420 per square feet.

In other words instead of presently receiving RM1.07 billion at RM240 per square feet, the state government can receive RM1.873 billion if Abdul Rahman or UMNO’s cronies can pay at RM420 per square feet. If UMNO or its cronies dare not take up the challenge and buy the land at RM420 per square feet then they will be exposed as liars.

Other UMNO leaders had also lied that Ivory Properties Group Berhad, the developer who won the open tender, was exempted from building low medium cost housing in Penang but allowed to build them in Batu Kawan. Also UMNO claimed that there was no provision for schools or surau/places of worship.

This is another lie. The developer was not given any exemption and is required to build low medium cost housing in Penang as well as make provision for schools and places of worship as required by the conditions set out by the Penang Municipal Council(MPPP). The nearly 12,000 units of affordable housing in Batu Kawan is a new initiative from the Penang state government additional to the low medium cost housing that must be built by Ivory.

Penang State Government Has Appointed HDB Singapore In Planning And Designing The Best Quality Affordable Housing In Malaysia Not In Building And Constructing Which Will Be Appointed By Open Tender To Local Contractors.

The state government has used RM500 million profits from the sale of the land in Bayan Mutiara to build affordable housing on both the island and in Batu Kawan. This is the largest one-off amount allocated by any state government for affordable housing in Malaysia.

The Batu Kawan project consists of 12,000 units of affordable housing and promises to be the best quality affordable housing in Malaysia. The Penang state government passionately believes that poor in Penang deserves a home not a “box” for their children to grow up healthily and safely. Instead of imitating the best, the Penang state government has decided to choose the best planner for affordable housing in the world – Housing Development Board(HDB) of Singapore.

Penang state government has appointed HDB Singapore only in planning and designing the best quality affordable housing in Malaysia, not in building and constructing which will be appointed by open tender to local contractors. For UMNO to claim that the Penang state government has more faith in Singapore contractors than local contractors in building the affordable is not true as the work has not been tendered out yet.

However the Penang state government makes no apologies for appointing the HDB Singapore as the consultant planners they build the best quality affordable housing in the world. Why is it that when Singapore firms come to Iskandar Johor, they are welcomed and praised but when Singapore firms come to Penang, they are attacked and criticised?

This double-standards by UMNO is clearly politically motivated to provoke racial sentiments in Penang. The Penang state government will not bow to such racial attacks but will remain steadfast in our objective of providing all Penangites, regardless of race or religion, the best quality affordable housing in Malaysia by choosing the best in the world to help us complete the job.

All Penangites deserves to own their dream home where their children can live, learn, work, play safely and healthily. We want all Penangites, whether rich or poor, to share in this dream home.


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Alan Newman. NZ

Why is Shahrizat (NFC) only asked to resign? She should be prosecuted and (if found guilty) jailed for many years! DAP’s Lim B H died over an ‘alleged’ few thousand dollars in question. New Zealand MP Taito Philip Field was jailed for several years after using Thai immigrants (seeking PR) to refurbish his houses. Where would those Taib & UMNO cronies stand in NZ? Transparency International: “ Corruption…a criminal act of whom the victim is society at large…is a crime against society.” Corruption is same as armed robberies with guns amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars or more. Alan… Read more »


So tell us Alan, will such blatant abuse of power and selling of public assets to private hands at cut rate price will be acceptable in New Zealand ?


Cut out rate? why don’t you buy it? Ask AMNO with million members each paying some.

ong eu soon

Strange how can the land to be worth RM420 per sf? The land sold by CP Landmark is an already reclaimed land, while the land bought by Ivory is yet to be reclaimed. After taking into consideration the cost of land reclamation, the final cost of reclaimed land is consider as exorbitant . Who want to buy a piece of land above RM200 per sf without any development? I think Vincent is having a second thought. I have a piece of land at Balik Pulau (forget how many areas), anyone interested? RM200 per sf? Consider sold! …

Randy Savage

why sell the land when you want to plant trees for people to enjoy ?

ong eu soon

My trees are planted on another piece of land. This land belong to someone else who are desperate to sell the land.


Good on you to own a few land as many of us are landless, just squatting around.


The only thing that LGE is good at is spinning.

He keeps twisting and turning. He resorts to misleading … and his statements sound like a gangster rather than a leader of Malaysia’s most industrialised state talking.

This is indeed the scandal of the century as far as Penang is concerned, the Mother of all Scandals. This is far worse than any scandals that LGE had accused Gerakan/BN of.

Why not reveal the PDA and also the original bids by SP Setia and Ivory ?


Which is the bigger scandal, cow, submarine and murder



Why is that PR fanboys and gals just refuse to see the issue and keep defending LGE even when he is wrong ?

Whatever the merit / scale of NFC/submarine/etc cases are, these are irrelevant to Bayan Mutiara issue.

You keep blasting BN for its scandals but when it comes to DAP, you close your eyes and mind. If we don’t nip the Cheap Minister in bud, he will be a Godzilla soon. Remember he’s only in power for less than 4 years.


What is there to defend the opposition PR when MACC is ready to pounce at PR State Government and try to destroy them for just a few thousand ringgit? Now MACC is looking in Kedah Government. MACC is so good in checking the PR Government. But Ah Jib Khor tell us to tightening our belts before he was the top gun and how see now (his administration allegedly) paid (for a BBC documentary) which supposed to be non-commercial Organisation thousands of thousand more than TBH is being looked into.


So what you think Yang is trying to do then ? Defending Najib ?


If one thinks and acts like Heil Hitler and attack, it is not the right to form defence force like People’s Liberation Army, Jap self defence force, ustralian Defence force and Palestinian liberation Organisation?


I just read the news about new development in Johor Bahru. Yes, it is Iskandar WaterFront project. Why nobody criticize the project. I am originated from JB. I have seen how developer reclaim the so narrow Johor Straits sea fronting the Spore and destroyed all the mangrove trees. Do you know that the Danga Bay area also reserved for High End Properties. Why no NGO criticize it? Please be fair towards Penang. All of you should criticize the state government fairly whether it is governed by BN or PR. Read the news below: The Brunsfield Group is the latest property… Read more »


The explanation sounds good to me… of course I am not a penangite, but I am so excited already.. Granted, people can choose to be skeptical of LGE and Pakatan. Fair… but, I have no worries of hankie-pankie by LGE, after all, the penang government is under the watchful eyes of BN as well as pro-pakatan NGOs and individuals…. Lets wait and see loh.


All we Penang Lang want is truly affordable housing, both in the island and mainland. The choice of where to stay is subjective to our pockets’ depth, work opportunities / existing place of cari-makan, schools for our children, transport infrastructure, traffic jams, safety of neighborhood and long term investment in a lifestyle of our choice. Many don’t have the extra cash to speculate, to gamble in the property market nor to showcase a rich man’s lifestyle. Some of us are not happy with the sudden winds of economic change that make life even more dire straits. We, with our shallow… Read more »


Tung Lung, well said. I believed you have just taken your kopi o kau kau


The day will come when there will be few heritage kopitiam but over-populated trendy kafe serving corrupted street foods at rich papa’s & mama’s prices.
By then, I will brew my own Kopi-O kau kau, the butter fried type only available from Ban Eng Hong Grinding Mill in Kulim, northern Malaya.
Oh, how nearer it is from Belum.
Now, I know how connected the dots in my life choices for a chosen destiny as Steve Jobs quoted quite often about connecting life dots of events.


RM 420 per square feet ? MP Kota Belud obviously knows s*it all about Penang land prices.

In outlying areas of the island, you can still buy a complete 2-storey terrace house 2,000 square feet for RM 800K+, which works out to RM 400 per square feet for a complete HOUSE, not land.

RM 240 /sq feet which the Penang State government got by open tender is already a high price, though expected as it is Super Prime sea front land.


RM 400 per sq ft. LGE is willing to sell to UMNO for RM350 per sq ft. Can UMNO take up the challenge….

umno guy

dear CM,please solve problem..dont try to divert the problem…please re open tender….ada berani???

Gerakan K

Re open tender ??? Actually, it’s RFP and not open tender.

p/s: Perakaunan mereka susah mau uruskan jika mau buat open tender. Faham-faham sajalah.


UMNO guy, He is not afraid. He is telling you straight in the face. Who is afraid. Your AMMO master is too afraid to reveal the cow case, altatunya, scorpene etc etc


how about some cows for your mother in law-umno?


What is UMNO-Perkasa/BN complaining about? Ivory is doing the project wirh Dijaya, brother of Vincent Tan, and Rosmah’s’close friend..Its all one big happy family…mah..


LGE has given an explanation. Over to the Najib AMMO and Barang Naik who do not have the guts to explain the cow and many other issue.


 “LGE can fool some of the penang people all the time, and all of the penang people some of the time, but LGE cannot fool all of the penang people all the time.” 

Gerakan K

Try 5 year, die 5 years


Have we die. No we did not. In fact we are better off.
Of course except for you and AMMO cronies who are waiting for freebies and the contracts.


50 years die kau kau.


Voting Najib, Ammo & Barang Nail next GE you will not die but you will surely suffer. GST will be implemented which will increase the prices of most items

Andrew I

Truly an angel government.


More like the Evil Regime

Gerakan K

Again notice the spinning word: AFFORDABLE !!! MOST Penangites are not AFFORDABLE to buy 70 000 – 400 000 AFFORDABLE houses !!! On the other hand, how many units of houses are of 70 000 ??? 20 units or 30 units ??? And the how many houses are of 400 000 ??? 11 180 units or 111 70 units ??? Help !!! Please give Penangites low cost housing !!! I mean really low cost housing and not 400 000 ones !!! So sad to see all these happenings in my beloved state. I wish KTK is my CM. At least… Read more »

Andrew I

No Hoot only allowed things to happen when he got permission from others. Hence, no hoot.

Wayne Adebayor

Either Gerakan K is KTK pen name or Pakatan’s creation to discredit KTK ?

Gerakan K

Don’t divert current issue to KTK. BTW, KTK has excellent command of English.

Andrew I

So unlike you to admit your weakness, Gherkin. KTK’s command of English is ok…ok?