40-storey tower to sprout in Chee Seng Garden?


Mario Balotelli once lifted his jersey on the football pitch to reveal the words “Why always me?” on his inner vest after a series of controversial incidents propelled him into unflattering public scrutiny. Residents of Chee Seng Garden may now be forgiven for wondering “Why always us?” after hearing talk of a 40-storey tower emerging in the midst of their housing area, which had been in the spotlight after earlier controversies over nearby hill-slope development.

Some fear that, in the absence of the Penang Island Local Plan and with the controversial rezoning of Tanjung Bungah as part of a (higher density) ‘primary corridor’, the entire area could gradually morph into a mini-Hong Kong.

A string of Chee Seng Garden residents have received MPPP notices asking them if they have any objections to the proposed demolition of a three-storey building at 115 Jalan Chan Siew Tong, once occupied by Hong Hong Printing Co Sdn Bhd (so it had to be industrial land?) and before that a school.

As usual, the residents have been given 21 days to submit objections. So far, 17 letters of protest from the Chee Seng neighbourhood have been sent to the MPPP (though only 11 of these households received the letters from the MPPP as those ‘directly affected’ by the demolition). Thus, not all residents of Chee Seng Gardens are aware of this planned demolition.

Even fewer are aware of what is in store after the demolition as the MPPP notices didn’t indicate what kind of development would take place after that. (Why not, in the interest of full transparency?)

Property websites talk of a RM700m HH Residence (HH = Hong Hong?) in Tanjung Bungah, a project to be launched by Aspen Group. But again, details are scarce even though an illustration shows a tower height of 40 storeys and the Aspen facebook indicates the project is open for ‘registration’.

Is this what is in store for Chee Seng Garden? - Photograph: penangpropertytalk.com
Is this what is in store for Chee Seng Garden? – Photograph: penangpropertytalk.com

When contacted, an Aspen office representative said it could not reveal the precise location of the project, only that it would be “opposite the Floating Mosque”. Details would be provided later to those who have registered their interest.

The project’s “expected debut” is by the end of 2014, according to the Aspen website.

At close to 40-storeys (if the illustration is accurate), the tower(s) would dwarf other high-rise condos nearby and stick out in the middle of the low-rise Chee Seng Garden neighbourhood.

The Aspen Group also entered into a partnership with Ikano Pte Ltd to bring in the first Ikea store in the northern region and to jointly develop a regional integrated shopping centre and mixed development. Aspen-Ikano bought 245 acres of land in Batu Kawan from the Penang Development Corporation for RM484m or RM45psf. The Penang state government regarda Ikea’s entry into the state as a feather to its cap.

But over at Chee Seng Garden, residents are worried that any high-density plan in their neighbourhood would add to congestion and create parking problems. As it is, residents face a long traffic light wait (three cycles) at the junction of Jalan Chan Siew Teong leading to the main road of Tanjung Bungah during peak hours, a result of high-rise hill development at the back of Chee Seng Gardens. They fear a 40-storey high-rise tower could set a precedent for other tower blocks to mushroom.

“We feel that we will have little compassion from this state government, as high-rise development seems to be on the rise everywhere around Penang and spells money for the state with each (such project),” said one concerned resident. “It is most disappointing for us residents in Tanjung Bungah.”

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REDUCE THE HEIGHT. This is a nightmare. Anil, this forum has been hijacked and is infested with sickening virus. REDUCE THE HEIGHT, REDUCE THE HEIGHT. REDUCE THE HEIGHT. It is clear as day that IKANO is well connected upstairs and downstairs. 1. Viruses, please go tell the Honorable Chief Minister to speak up. Enlighten us. Please answer are you personally aware and are you in favour of a 40 storey at this location? You owe the people of Penang an answer. Cut out the bulls… 2. Whose voice was loudest at the MPPP OSC(one stop centre)? Of course, there are… Read more »


hong kau niau kong to be elevared to penang ang kong keng status thanks to promotion by hokkien lang ! with that power can help the poor yto overcome streses of development on island.

LorHor Kong Bio

Too many ang kongs on altar can lead to daily quarrels like Selangor MB thiak koh!
Meow kong is also very noisy esp at night!
Let there be peace @ all Penang ang kong keng.


Too much of ‘sugar’ of lifestyle is bad for your own sake. Always dependent on parental tongkat to live up to cosmo-lifestyle a bin-chui fallacy. Enjoy first, sweat later on in the name of world class city dwelling is digging a retirement black hole too soon. Today’s economic uncertainty calls for caution instead of blind hope on a CAT that cares too sooner for corporate water subsidy. It’s like putting a golden cart before the bullocks without the bullocky. Building shiny brick & mortar structures doesn’t mean high salaries waiting at the foyers for job seekers. Unless one is born… Read more »


You have yet to have the ‘awakening’ that the young generation adopts ‘Enjoy first, Sweat later’ (belakang kira, style mesti ada) attitude with easy access to credit line, hire purchase and financing.


Mark my words, you are on the way to financial black hole!
The Chinese has a saying:
The wealth of Ah Kong will not last thro’ 2 generations.
How very true of people like your money mentality & covetous habits without self-control.

Hope your Ah Kong will not awaken to the fact of your financial dire straits or your Cheng Being pre-dawn cries for help at his graveyard 🙂 🙂 🙂


Young generation born after 1990 have got good life from the beginning.
They are willing to spend big on F&B to show off by sending the pictures on Instagram and Facebook for all to see their affordability of new hip lifestyle.

To them, Kopi-O is not cool, but Starbucks Frappuccino.
So tunglang must learn to ‘upgrade’ in order to relate to his grandchildren in time to come.


How to expect proper public transportation system when BN has never promote it but encouraging car ownership to sustain Proton?


Agree public transport in Malaysia is crap. Should we put some type of public transport funding as part of developers obligations when increasing density? Eg fund/subsidize bus services for x number of years, etc.


I remember Pak Lah told us that the petrol price hike is to provide funding for government to improve the public transport in its infrastructure. I hope Najib do not use the same excuse.

sugar n spice

the supercondo to be built opposite floating mosques may appeal to our high-end bumi society who can pray and play with cosmopolitan lifestyles ?


Pray & Play? Is that exactly what you experienced with Niau Kong???…


Why allow denser development without infrastructure like roads and public transport ready for it? What is the worst that could happen if MPPP rejects all these new developments in existing neighbourhoods that cannot handle the additional traffic and rubbish? Do you really believe the population growth is due to new jobs being created and migration to Penang or just holiday homes for Penangites living in Singapore? Seems like everybody wants in on the property business under DAP. Even Mr. Hong Hong gave up on his ebusiness and printing for quick profits?


With population growth, definitely the development will be denser, right?
Unless there is a population control in Penang, where one family can have only 1 child?


Penang population did not increase as drastic as expected. Twenty years ago we have more than 1 millions, today its only a slight increase. Its the incompetency of the CAT that dragged and hijacked our land for some prestigious projects.


Perhaps your kids will continue to stay with you even after they have grown up and have their own families?


Is the increase in Seberang Perai with migration from Kedah? If yes will these same people be looking for high end properties on the mainland? Don’t think the road along Tanjung Bungah can get any bigger. MPPP should not have a ‘build first, later worry about public transport and roads catching up later’ policy like KL and Selangor. As I said before if the dream is another Hong Kong then follow their limited land for residential policy (30%?).

sugar n spice

Hong Kong hill land more solid concrete can withstand soil erosion unlike grainy soft type of Penang hills.

Hill tragedies can happen again if mismanagement and ignore environment safety.


“Unless there is a population control in Penang, where one family can have only 1 child?” Herman & Hiswoman should know the arithmetics of family planning – to live & work in Penang with skyrocketing home prices & cost of food, education & medicare, to simply add a child is not a one-night stand decision. But greedy developers have the prophetic acumen to publicly suggest population explosion & the need to build more properties. But then to build more high end properties than affordable homes actually defeat the ‘halo’ purpose of building more homes for Penangites. So, Herman & Hiswoman… Read more »


Your extended family could live with you under one roof, so no need to buy new home?
Hopefully you treat your children-in-laws well so that there is no conflict due to different aspirations and thinking.


You sound too ignorant to understand the current housing situation.
Could it be too much of CAT blindness?
And scoring personal ‘in-law’ points doesn’t make your comment relevant at all but reflects your shallow talk like your Niau Kong penchant to blame-game to score point.

Read this for the sake of your education by The Star:
The young find it difficult to afford a home

If you still cannot comprehend, may be you are one born with a golden spoon (away from the realities) & a home booked + purchased by your parent before you becoming a man.


Objection or not it will still go up. Yes I admit I and many others were really bodoh, bodoh in believing this CAT. Remember how many of us supported the govt when the CAT govt raise the density ratio for housing. We thought we could get bigger houses at affordable prices….. It was all a big lies and deceit …… Instead of getting bigger and cheaper houses, we are now getting more expensive and smaller houses at a higher density and will have to pay commercial rates for it. Agreed with Rui that this is what we get for voting… Read more »


Yes, regretfully we voted for change but not for this nightmare! And when precisely did we, the rakyat of Penang agree to the rezoning of Tanjung Bungah as a (higher) density ‘primary corridor’ (which means precisely what?)?? Or was this all decided by the State Planning Committee without input from stakeholders?


I see nothing wrong for such development to build more homes for teh expanding population of Penang.


Building more home is good but building homes that the local cannot afford is plain stupid. oop the CAT is not stupid, the CAT is treating Penangite stupid building home for foreigner that squeeze the local until you can see only tulang.


Yang somehow forgot that Najib has promised to build affordable homes in Penang but nothing has happened so far. Please check with 1MDB.


ketty, Please read what I commented in the latest article rebutting Herman which is almost the same as yours


Sori for the residents of Chee Seng Garden a very nice neighbourhood. Well, that is what PENANG WORLD CLASS city will be – more and more Mega developments.
Voted for change, that is what you get. Changes to give you nightmare!!!!!!!


do you settle for the so-called 3-month life sponsorship from BN?
possibly so as 7 million people are indebted to BR1M.

sugar n spice

world class city then can future young Penang graduates can secure world class salary unlike their fathers/grandfathers era living on low salaries that now can’t afford them new pricier homes/cars ?
Service & IT-BTO of new mega era hopefully can earn our young graduates the salary on par with other advanced nations to afford new cosmo-lifestyle that inevitably comes into picture like it or not.
Only seniors with not enough savings all these years grumbles about the cats not helping them; unaware that for decades they have been 1sapu all ???


Its the senior that is helping the junior to own a house. Look at the many junior and see how they can afford to own one nowadays especially in Penang. Practically nil