World Aids Day message


Today is World Aids Day and the folks at Waba have issued an important public service message.

Broadly summarized, WHO guidelines on HIV and Infant feeding 2010 has recognized the important impact of the recent evidence on the effects of ARVs during the breastfeeding period. One of the key principles of these guidelines says that national authorities in each country should decide which infant feeding practice, i.e. breastfeeding with an antiretroviral intervention to reduce transmission or avoidance of all breastfeeding, will be primarily promoted and supported by Maternal and Child Health services. In the previous recommendations, health workers were expected to individually counsel all HIV-infected mothers about the various infant feeding options, to assist her to decide between them.

The new guidelines recommend that mothers known to be HIV-infected (and whose infants are HIV uninfected or of unknown HIV status) should exclusively breastfeed their infants for the first 6 months of life, introducing appropriate complementary foods thereafter, and continue breastfeeding for the first 12 months of life. Breastfeeding should then only stop once a nutritionally adequate and safe diet without breast milk can be provided…

Read the full Waba statement.

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HIV is a preventable disease .
Anything that are preventable are not really that dangerous.
Umno is far more dangerous than having HIV.
Sorry, i have to take a jibe at umno although this article is about AIDS


yet strangely this blog has zero coverage and analysis on the on-going umno AGM.

Ong Eu Soon

There is no such thing as AIDS, all patients of so called AIDS die of maltreatment. At one time, there was a claim that millions of Thai prostitutes will die of AIDS. Did it ever materialize? Only those who seek treatment ask for death! Nineteen-ninety was a marker year for many AIDS predictions, all of which proved grossly exaggerated. At a time when AIDS cases are dropping, death rates are plummeting, and people speak in muted voices of the possibility that the disease may no longer be inevitably fatal due to new drug therapies, those numbers seem ridiculous. But as… Read more »