WHO: Cell phone use may heighten cancer risk


I can’t say this was unexpected. The World Health Organisation has classified long-time use of cell phones as ‘2B’, meaning “possibly carcinogenic to humans”.

WHO adds there could be a significantly higher risk of brain cancer for long-time users.

Read the full WHO statement.

This is especially true if the phones are held close to the ear, and the risk increases with accumulated exposure over time.

Consider ourselves warned.

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ha2, there you go again Gerakan K…

Phua Kai Lit

Always best to err on the side of caution.

I don’t have a handphone and I have survived all these years.

But I do have 4 notebook PCs at home 🙂


Every technology has its pros and cons, the same with mobile phone technology, if you are afraid of the possible link between cell phone and carcinogen, don’t use it and continue to live in the cave. The use of cell phone is strictly voluntarily, no one will be forced to use the telecommunication devices. If not, just remember that not to abuse the technology, it will do more good than harm to you. The evidence collected so far regarding the carcinogen effect by cell phone is not conclusive and definitive in ‘Glioma’ tumor, no point getting super-hype over an inconclusive… Read more »


There is still insufficient evidence to confirm on this WHO report. The research was done on about 20 years…really still weak in its findings. It took the scientists more than 30 years to conclude smoking is one of the causes for cancer….

Y C Yap

Remember in those days the big cigar companies tried to block any indication of health risks associated with smoking?

Even the Marlboro Man died of lung cancer in great regret.

In years to come we will witness brain cancer that is named after the likes of (various phone brands).


Majority of people will probably take a shrug of their shoulder after the finding is make public. Most believe that in order to get the brain cancer, it needs at least a decade of extensive exposure to the radio wave which many people do think they have a remote chance kill by brian tumor, than say car accident or gun violence. The finding wouldn’t change much of the cell phone usage, cell phone will continue its exponetial expansion in the next or two decade.


And a car’s metal body acts as a Faraday cage, meaning that a handphone must boost its power in order to communicate with its cell. Obviously a combination of these two factors will have a multiplier effect putting phone-using car drivers at the greatest risk. Every cloud has a silver lining.

Gerakan K

Yes anil, but you also support Penang wifi ??? Why huh ??? Is that wifi any better than handphone ??? Or because Penang wifi is your favourite sponsor’s pet project ???