Sarawak’s “cure for cancer”


Don’t believe it?

Then what do you make of this report published in that oracle of truth, the Borneo Post?

State’s very own cure for cancer

A herbal compound for cancer treatment could soon be mass-produced by Sarawak. Ministry of Planning and Resource Management deputy permanent secretary Datu Len Talif Salleh said the state had so far raised 300,000 seedlings of the herbal plant that contains the needed ingredient.

Full report here.

Len adds that the ministry is currently working together with the Sarawak Biodiversity Centre and the private sector to develop the herbal planting sector into another major revenue source for the state.

If the Borneo Post can engage in such reporting based on the statements by a Sarawak Ministry of Planning and Resource Management official, is it any wonder then that many Malaysians have a hard time believing what the paper has to say about the marginalised Penan?

Is Len saying Sarawak developed some herbal cancer remedy on its own without recourse to US FDA and Ministry of Health approval?

Since when does the Sarawak Biodiversity Centre have the authority to “develop” a product touted as a “cancer treatment” remedy as a “major revenue source”?

Since when does a Planning and Resource Management Ministry official have the expertise to even talk about the potential efficacy of any cancer remedy?

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26 Oct 2009 2.46pm

The name of the plant is RODENT TUBER.
There is in fact a Cancer Care centre in Gelugor,Penang which treat people with this plant.
Prof Chris Teo was a Prof of Botany in USM for more than 35years and he concocted several formula for different types of Cancer.
Pls view his site at …

To view testimonies on the result of taking his hersbs …

29 Oct 2009 11.22am

The best treatment therapies for the breast cancer are : 1. Surgery is usually the first step in fighting cancer. The cancer is removed and the breast is reconstructed. 2. Chemotherapy is a systematic treatment. This treatment disturbs the whole system of the body. The advantage about this therapy is the drugs used in this method. 3. Radiation therapy sends targeted radiation to the area affected by the cancer. The radiations are passed on the breast and the cancer cells are destroyed. 4. Hormonal therapy is used for hormone positive forms of breast cancer. This form of treatment is rarer… Read more »

26 Oct 2009 10.38pm

… The real cancer in Malaysia are UMNO and their sidekicks. Make it your life long ambition/mission to get rid of them!!

26 Oct 2009 2.18pm

That a high government official could come out and make such a ridiculous and unproven claim about “this plant” goes to show what level of IQ and competency we have in the Sarawak government. As a Sarawakian, I am ashamed. This is the sort of nonsensical fantasy that one can find only in a government that has long overstayed its mandate. Not only has it not done anything in the last 25 years to properly educate its population, it hasn’t even educated itself! No wonder we are still among the most backward states in the country.

25 Oct 2009 8.12pm

Who is talking scientific facts? They are talking about making money. This is more important than facts.

25 Oct 2009 4.21am

These people in Sarawak did claim their herbs can sure AIDS?

I wonder how Malaysia can be a developed country if our government officials are talking without scientific fact?

Angela Ooi
Angela Ooi
24 Oct 2009 9.37pm

Well Anil, I echo Kee’s comment….your take?

francis ngu
francis ngu
24 Oct 2009 6.16pm

Hey some researcher in Sarawak may be the first Malaysian to rewarded the Nobel Prize. You see Sarawak will offer cure to whatever that thing cancer is, which is the leading cause of death in many countries.

Here in Sarawak, a “major medical breakthrough”, ground-shaking one, is announced by a government bureaucrat, rather than the scientific research community, or is there such a research community ?

Will Borneo Post enlighten us about the International Medical or Scientific Journal in which the research will be published ?

1Malaysia, performance now, another nice sweetener !

Medical doctor, Kuching.

24 Oct 2009 3.13pm

Anil,why u didnt write about Financial Prudence – Penang praised like Khoo Kay Peng?

Since u have done some damage to Lim Guan Eng about the Kg Buah Pala issue, i think it is time to give credit where it is due, that is justice as you so believe, Anil.


24 Oct 2009 2.05pm

Will wait and see….SBC did do some work on anticancer…but then again, it’s borneo post and some top gun in the state saying it…we can only take it with a pinch of salt…

24 Oct 2009 1.08pm

This is jamu business. Do not look down on it. Jamu is big business. You can see it in Indonesia.

But what I cannot stand is the govt trying to wrap scientific hocus pocus around the jamu. This is legalised snake oil….

24 Oct 2009 12.56pm

State election is round the corner. Just another feel-good announcement to fool the voters. The state is no short of quack medicine promoters and the state gomen is one of them. Back in 1986, the cm proudly announced that the extract of the Bintangor tree can cure AIDS. What happened to that discovery?

24 Oct 2009 11.18am

They said lemongrass and asparagus can prevent cancer.