Report: Prescription pills found around Whitney’s bath-tub


Some have suggested that “drug abuse” (usually taken to mean illegal or hardcore drugs) played a part in Whitney’s downfall, but reports have emerged that prescription pills were found around her hotel bath-tub.

The Daily Mail reported:

The body of the singer, 48, was found in a bathtub at her suite on Saturday, surrounded by different bottles of prescription pills including ibuprofen – a painkiller, Xanax – an anti-anxiety drug, Midol – for menstrual cramps, amoxicillin – for bacterial infections and several others.

Her doctors are said to be facing questions.

Read the full report, which is quite revealing.

Not what Big Pharma would like to hear.

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Richie Hee

The OFFICIAL CAUSE of the untimely and tragic death of Whitney Houston has been revealed. The legendary vocalist’s coroner’s report lists her official cause of death as “drowning and effects of atherosclerotic heart disease and cocaine use.” When her body was discovered, Houston’s face was underwater, while her legs were up, as if she slid down the back of the bathtub. Initial reports suggested Houston was rendered unconscious from sedatives, then drowned. The L.A. County Coroner reported that cocaine was found in Houston’s system at the time of her death, as well as several other drugs that weren’t what actually… Read more »


Latest update on Whitney: No wonder Whitney Houston‘s family sold footage of her funeral to the media and claimed it was for the financial benefit of Houston’s only child, daughter Bobbi Kristina. Despite selling over 200 million albums and singles throughout her career, Houston was reportedly broke at the time of her death last month, and owed her label Sony Music tens of millions of dollars. So if you think she left buckets of money to her sole heir, think again. While sales and downloads of Houston’s music increased in the wake of her death, which is often the case… Read more »


Whitney Houston‘s mother Cissy Houston is trying to block Bobby Brown from (allegedly) pilfering off of her daughter’s estate. A battle is brewing between Cissy and the R&B crooner and, unfortunately, Bobbi Kristina is caught in the middle.

Brown is broke and is trying to be in his daughter’s good graces so he could “latch on” to the estate. The family believes that Bobbi Kristina is the sole heir of Houston’s fortune and Brown will stop at nothing to spend it all up.

Here’s another version of the hit song:

Lok Ming Xian

For all the fans of Whitney Houston:

Whitney Houston’s last songs will posthumously appear in her final movie ‘Sparkle.’ According to Billboard, Houston sings the inspirational classic ‘Eyes on the Sparrow’ and duets with Jordin Sparks on the R. Kelly-penned tune ‘Celebrate.’ ‘Sparkle’ is a remake of the 1976 film that starred Irene Cara and Philip Michael Thomas. In the updated version Jordin Sparks plays the title character and Houston will play her mom. The film is scheduled for release on August 17.


New reports say that the coroner’s office informed Houston’s family that a deadly combination of prescription drugs, not drowning, is what killed the legendary singer. While authorities are still awaiting results of a toxicology report (which can take four to six weeks), it was the lethal cocktail of sedatives and alcohol that killed the ‘I Will Always Love You’ singer. Since Houston’s body was found in her Beverly Hilton bathtub with her face underwater, it was initially believed that the singer drowned as a result of falling asleep from the sedative mixture. However, the coroner reports that not enough water… Read more »

Wayne Adebayor

Dear Anil n fellow Whitney’s fans, I lived in USA many years and sorry to inform you that many singers/actresses we idolise/used to idolise are/were not that wholesome as their publicity agents want to make up. Whitney has been embroiled in party drugs/alcohol (to get over her lonesome life and anxiety over her declining popularity). We have seen her many times over national TV eager to turn over but she still succumbed to temptations. Just remember thru her songs and for goodness sake don’t over-mourn. ps her daughter at 18 also addicted to alcohol/prescribed drugs. Naive ? prescribed drugs killed… Read more »


‘Prescription drugs’ is a term for celebrities who are actually drug junkies. Whitney achieved stardom at a very young age (she started as a model), and could not cope with fame as a diva (or lack of it at later stage), as well as other issues primarily due to aging. If the report is true, she has squandered a fortune of USD100 millions. If only she appreciated the noble truth that nothing is permanent. She could have aged gracefully and retired comfortably (no need to have more pressure of failed comeback as she has lost her voice, popularity and her… Read more »


Prescription pills found in LA? Hardly surprising, I expect they fall to the floor in LA like dandruff falls in other parts of the world. Big Pharma won’t be perturbed – the attraction of being ‘the light that burns twice as bright’ will convince people that having longer, harder and more frequent prescriptions will make them more like their idols. the drug companies are probably rubbing their hands with glee behind their “remember kids, prescription drugs are not big and they’re not clever” posters, when thanks to train-wreck media very few kids will know the names of anyone big and… Read more »

Andrew I

Another doctor to pin your recklessness on? Half these stars are so mixed up and dramatic, they forget what a real problem is. It’s all that money and free time to think up new problems with how they look, how they should be the center of the universe and find that state of perpetual high.

Watch out for another potential candidate, Miss I want to be forever young and desirable Moore.