One Malaysia or two Malaysias?


Do we really have OneMalaysia or two Malaysias – one for the rich and the other for the lower-income group. Here’s something I wrote for Aliran:

The Najib administration has touted its One Malaysia slogan in the weeks leading up to the Merdeka and Malaysia Day celebrations.

Certainly, the objectives of One Malaysia are noble enough. After all, who – except for a small minority bent on promoting racial and religious discord – wouldn’t want national unity? This is not to say that an imposed uniformity – rather than a healthy plurality is a good thing. But most of us can agree that overcoming barriers and promoting better understanding would be positive.

But in reality, One Malaysia is going to be be hard to achieve especially when in quite a few spheres we have two or more Malaysias in practice. (And I am not even talking about the entrenched bumiputera – non-bumiputera dichotomy here.) Full article here.

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13 Sep 2009 6.55pm

MALAYSIA IS A PARADISE , we live in it , I think people should just STOP complaining and try to work together to make this a better place……

Mohd Hussain Ibrahim
Mohd Hussain Ibrahim
13 Sep 2009 6.47pm

There must be an overall concept accepting everyone’s race and religion as equal. People must lean to love one another and their ways of life and culture. Nothing should separate them. Only those who are sincere and hardworking must be successful. There shoud be equality in all respects. Man must be respected for his achievements and talents not for his wealth or ancestry. Only the pious must be elevated in life.

green living
green living
13 Sep 2009 4.22pm

Loh Yeow Boo – they don’t drive different cars man – they don’t own cars.

I always think its divine justice that the supercondom dwellers view the ugly mean low cost flats and the low-cost flat dwellers get a better view. Smile aside, when you see the two types of housing together – the cruelty of it stands out a mile.- it may be development but it ain’t progress.

13 Sep 2009 6.33am

1 satu malaysia,but there is was two group called bumiputra,bukan bumiputra……y????is it 1 malaysia??? nationlaity is malaysia but y two gruop???

12 Sep 2009 9.52pm

For a 1 Malaysia Concept to work, the common denominator must be the people, the rakyat. If based on race, religion, colour or even history, that democracy will fail. Abraham Lincoln (1863), in a few words invoked the principles of human equality and freedom – “government of the people, by the people, for the people” The first 50 years of our nationhood, has shown many flaws in the ways that we have chartered our nationhood. This has often led to abuse by the Government of the day, and hence the need for change. Change does not come easy or voluntarily.… Read more »

Wong Ka Wai
12 Sep 2009 8.13pm

Slogan itu berfungsi untuk mengubah persepsi orang awam terhadap sesuatu perkara. Jika digunakan dengan baik, ia menetapkan satu visi umum kepada sasarannya. Sebagai contoh slogan DAP “Malaysian Malaysia” dan slogan PAS “Pas untuk semua”. Slogan yang dinyatakan merupakan hasrat dan hala tuju mereka. Kita hanya boleh menilai slogan tersebut melalui pemerhatian kepada tindakan yang konsisten. Sebagai contoh, slogan BN “Kestabilan dan pembangunan”. Mana ada kestabilan apabila terdapat kejadian demo kepala lembu dilakukan? Bagi slogan PAS iaitu “PAS untuk semua”, tindakan MP PAS Khalid Samad mempertahankan kuil Hindu di Selangor merupakan tindakan yang konsisten dengan slogannya. Manakala slogan polis iaitu “Tegas,… Read more »

Wong Ka Wai
12 Sep 2009 7.51pm

Selain itu guru-guru mereka akan dihantar mengikut kursus-kursus apabila terdapat lebihan dalam bajet tahunan mereka.

Wong Ka Wai
12 Sep 2009 7.49pm

Kepada Anil,

Sekolah kebangsaan di Kuala Lumpur tidak mempunyai masalah kewangan. Hanya sekolah jenis kebangsaan dan agama sahaja mempunyai masalah kewangan kerana tidak mendapat bantuan penuh daripada kerajaan.

Saya tahu perkara ini kerana saya terlibat dalam projek IT mereka. Keadaan kewangan mereka mencukupi sehingga membuat program IT yang tidak diperlukan.

Pembaziran sudah berlaku.

Di tempat lain, saya tidak tahu.


12 Sep 2009 7.23pm

Mr. Anil, Najib exposed today…..his comments` WIN IN PARTY, BUT LOSE IN POLLS GETS BN NOWHERE`….wow….every malaysian knows the truth about back door minister…GERAKAN LEADER!!!!!
hypocracy of the highest standard practiced by Najib…

12 Sep 2009 4.59pm

they tried to talk about it….much talk…but they cannot explain what actually it is…..

1malaysia = Islam hadhari……same2!

nobody knows what it is….najib and paklah too.

So why care?

12 Sep 2009 1.55pm

Najib 1Malaysia is a JOKE… lah!!
Just a slogan which Najib himself is clueless what does it means. His Cabinet therefore are just as clueless when ask by the MSM,Rakyat to explain it, just you ask Moohideen.

12 Sep 2009 1.02pm

Ah – a nation split by its ability with the humble apostrophe. Or maybe that’s not what you meant?

I’m dying for want of a credible one-Malaysia party that is actually colour-blind rather than seeking to ruthlessly absorb ‘perverts’ into their own fantasy monoculture.

DAP is my favourite among the current crop for at least pretending to want a Malaysian Malaysia, even if they actually promote the idea of FOUR MALAYSIAS in their logo:

What hope is there for 1 Malaysia, when even the best current hope seems to be aiming at 4?

12 Sep 2009 12.11pm

Malaysia A country of 2 Subdivide it There will be 4 Sabah and Sarawak Holding on the point systems Guarded in full measures Afraid to get ‘AH1N1’ From Peninsula Malaysians Peninsula Malaysians Subject to its immigrations We can’t move freely We aren’t welcome East Malaysians They move freely without restrictions We are telling them we are Malaysians Yet for 46 years they put up barriers Citing always the point systems…. In politics we witness The bumiputras and non-bumiputras The flavoured ones the outcasts The rich ones and the poor ones… … The ills of our nation The social economic disparities… Read more »

12 Sep 2009 12.00pm

Slogans are the recourse of liars and hypocrites – more so when professional hacks are hired to concoct them. Honest and sincere folks don’t need slogans. They simply walk their talk every day in every way. I’m sorely tempted to send… a “1Mongolia” T-shirt…

12 Sep 2009 11.10am

It is just, as you have put it, a SLOGAN. Nothing or nothing less. Semua nya ok. Siok sendiri!
Were you expecting more?
Seriously, are there any REAL concrete documented evidence of 1Malaysia from that administration?

Loh Yeow Boo - Penang
Loh Yeow Boo - Penang
12 Sep 2009 10.48am

Let’s get real. it is not only in Malaysia but a natural human behaviour. The rich would noy like to mix with the poor, they have different interest, different lifestyles, different needs,…..the rich stays in different areas, they choose different restaurants, they join clubs, they drive different cars……..our children attenddifferent schools……Therefore there are 2 Malaysia.

12 Sep 2009 10.35am

way to go bro——–hit the nail right on the head

12 Sep 2009 9.44am

Its true, and because of corruption and stealing, our pay packet is not in proportion to the cost of living in Malaysia. Whilst other countries pay packet has increased to counter inflation, our still remain the same due to stealing and corruption going on by the few rich cronies. Like someone wrote the other day, a fresh engineer in the 70s used to earn RM1000, today, he earns RM2000. But the brand new Bungalow was RM50,000 but now it is RM2 million. The same with cars, whilst a good Japanese car was RM9,000 in the 70s/80s now its RM80,000.… Read more »