How has China contained the rapid spread of coronavirus?


Many marvelled when China was able to build 16 temporary hospitals in Wuhan in record time, but few are aware that all 16 were closed by 10 March after serving their purpose.

The temporary hospitals, which received 13,000 patients, were built using minimum social resources and simple venues to expand treatment and admit more patients quickly. (I am not sure if the 16 hospitals includes the two rapidly constructed hospitals widely reported in the media.)

The closure of the hospitals in Wuhan, at the epicentre of the virus outbreak in China, reflects the nation’s success in containing somewhat the rapid spread of the disease. All this without any Covid-19 vaccine (which Trump is allegedly suddenly interested in)! $$$

The total coronavirus cases in China has reached a plateau of just over 80,000, with the latest number of new daily cases at only 22 in a population of 1.4 billion.

How was China able to do it? A Nanjing-based Japanese film director, Takeuchi Ryo, has produced a video (above) that gives the world a glimpse into Nanjing’s extraordinary and meticulous virus prevention measures. According to official statistics announced by Nanjing city, the number of people infected by coronavirus has gone from 93 to zero as of 8 March 2020, he said.

“We are not trying to say that all countries around the world should do exactly what Nanjing did to keep the virus from spreading. We merely want to offer some reference to those who are in need, with the hope that this video could inspire you to come up with measures that are suitable to your country,” he said on YouTube.

Takeuchi’s video has gone viral in Japan and China. Why aren’t we aware of some of these stringent measures?

Check out this Salon article about the Wuhan experience: “Here’s what Chinese doctors learned about prevention and detection of COVID-19

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China had no religious congregation of any kind. Time to be scientific and admit religious faith has limitation and cannot counter the corona virus. Can pray pray in solitude in your private home, no need to risk others in crowded conditions.


Pastor, 60, and tabligh event attendee, 34, succumb to Covid-19

Logic must prevail over religious belief in times like this.

Ma jiji

The situation in Malaysia must be very serious now when the govt. abruptly imposes a lockdown !
Seriously, we do need China to help/alleviate our situation going by their experience and vast medical and necessary equipment. I am sure there are now many countries is requesting China’s help given Covid 19 is slowing down in China. Please line up 1st before everything is “depleted” in China !


Take me to VR church

How Virtual Reality is being used to experience aspects of Christian, Sikh, Jewish and Muslim faith. No need mass gathering and get viral infection?


How a mass event at a mosque became coronavirus hotspot

This is the tipping point of potential mass outbreak in Malaysia prompting the authority to limit public movement, possibly curbing ‘balik kampung’ for the coming Hari Raya?


Now, it is propaganda war against China. The accusations that fell flat include these: – Covid-19 is the result of an accident at a bio-weapons lab in Wuhan. – The government was indecisive. – It is concealing a great toll in deaths. – Covid-19 is a smokescreen for deaths due to smog. – It is an attempt to kill off its elederly or the HK dissidents. – It is an attempt to kill off foreigners, as the government could tackle the disease within its borders Now, they imply that China is guilty of “propaganda” because of these: – It has… Read more »


The virus is highly transmissible. Just a few min. proximity is enough. It can even infect you through your eyes. That is why goggles are now standard in China hospital wards for intensive care. However, it is far less dangerous than other common dangers including diseases, illnesses, malnutrition, poisoning (including “pollution”), accidents and war. Over the long term, only those who adapt rationally survive, not necessarily the super-rich, their clever slaves or those who imagine their traditions will save them. After previous epidemics (after 2000), the people of China changed ancient practices rapidly, literally over days. E.g., (a) not sharing… Read more »

Khun Pana

Just last week, Malaysia was trailing far behind Singapore and Thailand but now Malaysia manages to overtake Singapore by a wide margin. Syabas, at least we are good at something.
Please take note that when a goverment and ministers need to consult religion instead of science and to apply common sense. We are all in deep …….. ( you may fill in the blank).
And have a very nice day.


The recent SPM graduates only 25% studied science. Next generation lacks logical thinking and Malaysia lacks knowledgeable workforce for IR 4.0!

Ma jiji

Ah, now U.S. is trying to rob the invented vaccine developed by a German firm, CureVac.BERLIN.
(Reuters): Berlin is trying to stop Washington from persuading a German company seeking a coronavirus vaccine to move its research to the United States, prompting German politicians to insist no country should have a monopoly on any future vaccine.

German government sources told Reuters on Sunday (March 15) that the US administration was looking into how it could gain access to a potential vaccine being developed by a German firm, CureVac.


Big money to be made in vaccinating the whole population under emergency laws. Just like flu. I won’t comment on the effectiveness of the latter vaccine; you look it up.