GM mosquitoes WERE released


You know what? They have already released 6,000 of those GM mosquitoes even though a reports had quoted a Biosafety Deparment senior official as saying no date had been fixed and the plan had been delayed.

While folks were celebrating the delay, now the IMR tells us the mosquitoes had in fact been released in a forest near Bentong, Pahang on 21 December 2010. This after the FMT reported on 20 December 2011 that the Biosafety Department research director had dismissed as untrue an allegation that the IMR released the GM male mosquitoes the previous week. He said the IMR had not yet fixed a date. Yeah, right.

Najib and the Environment Minister must explain how this happened. Look at what was stated here in an AFP report published on Yahoo! dated 4 January 2011:

A senior official from the Biosafety Department told AFP that the trial, which was to be carried out in two Malaysian states, has been postponed pending further discussion with residents in the trial areas.

“There are a lot of protests. We are now aiming to carry out the trial in the first half of 2011,” said Mohamed Mohamad Salleh, the department’s director of research and evaluation.

“The (health authorities) must get approval from the residents in those areas where the residents will be affected. If it is uninhabited site, approval must be granted by state government officers,” he said.

Mohamed added that public forums will be held to explain the trial. The Environment Ministry has said it received more than 30 responses from local and international groups on the controversial trial.

So much for public consultation.

From The Star:

6,000 GM mozzies released in Bentong

PETALING JAYA: The Institute for Medical Research (IMR) released about 6,000 genetically-modified (GM) Aedes aegypti mosquitoes last month in a test to detect the insects’ flight range and survivability in the wild.

IMR said in statement that the the mosquitos were released in an uninhabited forest near Bentong, Pahang on Dec 21.

“The experiment was concluded on Jan 5 and fogging was done on Jan 6. IMR will monitor the area for up to 2 months,” the statement said.

The field trial had raised concerns from NGOs. The Government approved the trial after several tests were carried out.

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why don’t release it in Putrajaya or the PM or Ministry hometown?

Give me a break, we don’t put full effort to make our environment clean and tidy, but paying so much to create GM mosquitoes and risking the ecosystem just for human beings?

semuanya OK kot

“The (health authorities) must get approval from the residents in those areas where the residents will be affected. If it is uninhabited site, approval must be granted by state government officers…” Do you think they don’t know that the mostiquitoes won’t keep to the designated aras? Is it any better in the West? Much of the food you eat now is GM, and the EU finding that it damages internal organs is carefully being managed – not supresssed as that might attract attention. We are all being enslaved and scrificed in the service of capital. It is no better than… Read more »

Gerakan K

Often we heard at news that UK/US/Japan scientists had a remarkable breakthrough in science and technology. And we praise them kaw kaw while ridicule our own specialists kaw kaw too. But now we have the opportunity to shine & contribute, but see what responses from us–the local Malaysians ??? (OK, forget that wandererAUS, as he is (probably) non-Malaysian…) Encourage or discourage ??? Support or Condemn ??? Is it because that is BN government’s Ministry Of Health project so “pembangkang” supporters HAVE TO CONDEMN ??? Or “the grass is always greener on the other side” effect has worked ??? Or “pembangkang”… Read more »


More than 135 people have died and another 47000 odd have fallen sick due to dengue fever in 2010.Millions of dollars spent on efforts to control the vector has not been successful.If something is not done soon to stop the breeding of the vector many more will die of this disease. If the GM method of suppressing the vector population works it can drastically bring down the infection rate in the endemic area.The technology of producing male GM mosquitoes is realtively safe.Those who are opposing it are been misled by certain NGOs. Similar trials have been conducted in number of… Read more »

Andrew I

Mustn’t scare or confuse the people, mah.

Gerakan K

Your data:
More than 135 people have died and another 47000 odd have fallen sick due to dengue fever in 2010

Let’s admit that our situation is very critical and those “pembangkang” leaders and supporters, please show some senses and support BN goverment’s Ministry Of Health initiative to fight dengue !!!

Dengue is more deadlier than H1N1 !!!

Put your intrinsic political chemistry aside and don’t oppose for the sake of opposing !!!

United against dengue !!!


Hey, Anil. Where is the part on Gerakan K given …. It is missing.

Gerakan K

Those “pembangkang” supporters are really difficult to please.

Our Health Ministry and hence BN government is working hard to fight dengue and thus various initiatives have been executed.

Notice the word “executed”.

executed = our BN government “ada buat kerja”

Which is unlike those politicians who talk talk & talk and at the end of the governing period all people only being fooled by the sweet talk with no actions. Eg 916 project, local election, free wifi, CAT (eg SPICE project, Kg Buah Pala, no action against polluters, etc)


….was Gerakan K included in the 6,000 genetically-modified (GM) Aedes aegypti mosquitoes recently released?…no wonder, he is only capable to come out with “barren comments” of no substance…


I only wish the GM mossies will bite Gerakan K…


We have to salute Gerakan K because he lives in the jungles where the GM mosquitoes were released. He is our hero in the fight against dengue.


The GM nyamuk should suck those corrupted blood….

Tak Tahan

Malaysian history starts from the year 1400. All that happened before 1400 is whitewashed over. This is to ensure that (others) cannot claim that they arrive here earlier…

2011-1400 = 611. This means that the ‘tuans’ have been around for only about 600 years, i.e. more than 4,400 years after the Chinese, Sumerians, Egyptians and Indians. Such late developers!…

James Bond

It works this way at the Health Ministry…

Liow tells DG…dont disturb my ricebowl and I wont spit on yours..

And DG tells Liow… make certain my pension is not touched…

In Bolehland….anything goes….

BN is betting Tunisia wont come to Malaysian shores…

This incident just tips the balance a little bit more towards Tunisia…


These are the next generation innoculators, genetic DNA mutators via retrovirals. I believe that these have been released all over Malaysia as well. Not 1 type but a variety of types. I have been seeing some very peculiar forms of mosquito lately and believe that those are GMO for certain.

They intend to cause a weakened form of humanity while they retain their strong original genes. Same with GMO foods targeting people while the ‘elites’ will have original non-GMO foods for themselves. Same … as in flouridation weakens the will of the person to an easier to control state.


This is just another Malaysia boleh bureaucrat show down, after spending millions fooling around.

Actually, I am not worry about the GM mosquito ability to disrupt/danger the environment. I am more worry about government making this as FEELS GOOD project and continue inject more millions…


This was quoted in the Australian newspaper:-

“The field test is meant to pave the way for the official use of genetically engineered Aedes aegypti male mosquitoes to mate with females and produce offspring with shorter lives, thus curtailing the population”.

Whats the rational of having a shorter lifespan mosquito that still sucks our blood and spreads Denggi & Chikungunya?

Gerakan K

Be the first in the world. Go ahead with full force.

Those opposing are possibly from opposition camps. They are jealous of BN’s world class achievement.

Malaysia Boleh !!!


Ha ha. Hopefully the GM mosquito are not gay ones as the objective is to have them mating th female ones.

Gerakan k
If this project is not successful or the GM mosquitoes cannot mate, please do not attribute the failure to 9-11 incident or financial crisis, OK?

Andrew I

No, he’ll probably blame it on PR for confusing the mosquitoes.


Why do we have so many idiots making critical decisions?


Because we have too many civil servants!