Experiencing brain drain in Melbourne


While our public hospitals groan under the weight of so many patients, many Malaysian medical personnel, including specialists, prefer to work in public hospitals abroad.

Blog reader SH files in this report from Down Under:

Hey, 100% true story below. Happened in Melbourne, Australia.

10 Nov 2010
1. Arrived early at hospital, so decided to walk down the street to check out an expensive shop by famous Melbourne-based designer. Was pleasantly (but sadly) surprised to learn the ‘local designer’ was a Malaysian whose entire family migrated from Malaysia!

2. Went back to hospital. Was registered by a loud receptionist who was Malaysian whose family migrated from Malaysia!

3. 20-30 minutes wait later, was seen by a specialist (endocrinologist) who studied at Melbourne Uni and then migrated to Melbourne… from Kuala Lumpur! (Oh btw, since this was public hospital, this Malaysian endocrinologist was also teaching/supervising an Australian medical student while she was consulting me).

4. Referred for thyroid biopsy. They booked me in for Monday (only five days later).

15 Nov 2010

Thyroid biopsy wasn’t nice, but the surgeon was very friendly and made me feel assured. I recognised the accent again, so as I did for others above, I asked… The surgeon was from Johor Bahru!!! From my observation of conversations, this ex-Malaysian was obviously senior and well-respected, and was using my procedure to teach an Aussie medical student!

Public hospitals will never be of 5-star luxury, but my 100%-free-of-charge experience thus far has been more than acceptable. But I am very disturbed (!!!) by the series of expert EX-MALAYSIANS treating me in Melbourne! Receptionist, Doctor Surgeon, all Malaysians! What the…!

I’ve heard and ranted about brain drain, but to experience it so real and personally was disturbing…

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Ipoh Lady

Australian uni offers scholarship or partial tuition fees to do post graduate studies with no bonds, easy to apply as long as you meet the requirement.

Ipoh Lady

Brain drain to S’pore, 4 rounds yearly starting from Std 6/Form 3/5/6 under Asian Scholarship, teachers encourages students to apply. Scholarship award based on merit not color of skin or right political connections. Uni placement also based on merit nothing else.


All Malaysians should be equal, that is true and I support that. Please do understand that not all Malays are like the privileged ‘umnoputras’. What is worse for the honest Malays that whatever success we have from our own honest toil in our homeland, our fellow non-Malays put it as us having had the ‘privileges’. Where is the meritocracy here when our honest success is not recognized? I remember when I worked in the Msian private sector in the 1980s, with a good degree from a prestigious international university, I was offered a pittance as salary, but later discovered a… Read more »


It’s not only the non-Malays who migrate out, also the Malays lah! We are mainly the ones who are skilled and honest, not appreciated in own homeland also (the likes of Taibs not included in this group). We also face jealousies from the fellow msians lah and get sidelined also. We can be found in many prestigious international institutions overseas also.


Dear Jauh Jauh Sangat,

What you face here is “jealousy”.

What we non-Malays face here is not just simple “jealousy”, we face much worse than that.

Much, much worse, and please, believe it.


What we non-Malays face here is not just simple “jealousy”, we face much worse than that.
From the cradles to the graves as if by bad Karma the non-Malays owe the country’s sons of the … earth for life! My Goodness Slavery!!!


Talented Malaysians are all over the world now, thanks to a government that don’t appreciate it’s own talents and a racist policy that discriminates other races. There are also many professional people in Canada. In Vancouver where I visited for a few months, practically all the doctors there are Malaysians. Personally, my greatest regret is that I didn’t get a PR when I was living in New Zealand for 5 years. I came back to Malaysia because I was idealistic and thought that a new nation is born and the future was bright. How wrong I was. As for getting… Read more »

Gerakan K

Brain drain = a showing of endless greed by the clever people Brain drain = a desperate attempt to earn more even by leaving and bad-mouthing your home country Brain drain = “kacang melupakan kulit” Brain drain = betrayal, disloyal, “lalang” Brain drain = the first batch of people that run away when their home/resident country under attack or experiencing problems Why worshiping ex-Malaysians in abroad ??? They have no spins to withstand challenges, selfish and greedy. I expect another wave of brain drain in Melbourne too if money there stop flowing like a mighty river. My praise to the… Read more »


Still buidling mansions in Shah Alam … and not paying assessment for 3 years?


Aiyah SH – the Malaysian doctors in London, also not too bad lah but of course the “kia-su” Malaysian specialist in S’pore think they are best.

Anyway, may you have a speedy recovery from your ordeal SH.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng


When the losses from 1-country
Become the gains for other countries
Something is seriously wrong with that 1-country
When others easily and simply gain all the victories

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 181110
Thu.18th Nov. 2010.


When a problem is highlighted and acknowledged for a year or two, it is a big problem to be resolved. When a problem is highlighted and acknowledged for ten years or longer, and still remains unchanged, it is a POLICY that is to unchangeable. That is simple deductive reasoning. And the sad of the matter. So no matter what this or any other administration repetitiously and rhetorically says (yawn), the UMNO-led government does not want a resolution to the brain drain. It is sad that so many Malaysian professionals cannot see through the thinly disguised facade and continue to be… Read more »


Most health professionals are not asking for super excellent pay packages and constant praise and admiration from the public. It’s simple– when you work, you would like to be acknowledged and be appreciated with the services that you’ve contributed. So all they can ask for is a good working condition, well paid ( it doesn’t have to be outrageously lucrative, but just has to reflect on the person’s experience and qualification). Australia is able to attract many health professionals, fm NZ, UK etc is because they offer good packages. For a new grad (either in Medicine or Dentistry) their annual… Read more »


Steve: It is sad that so many Malaysian professionals cannot see through the thinly disguised facade and continue to be disappointed and outraged that they are unappreciated.

Solution: If you are professionals, have the money and are needed elsewhere, LEAVE NOW for your own future, your family future, your dignity and your definite prosperity. Survival comes first.


My dentist whom I think is the best, migrated mid this year to OZ.
It is good to know that you folks are doing well and the true Malaysian spirit is very much alive.

We missed your physical presence, but your votes still count!

See you folks during GE13. The change will happen.


A friend’s son was doing dentistry in the US, and he is particularly skillful in dentures.

His professor recommended to the Uni that they must not let this guy go because they need his good skill.

As a result, he is happily settling down in the US now.

Do you think UMNO/BN government know nothing about brain drain?

Their attitude is who cares so long as they can keep continue to korek, korek, korek…

Therefore, keep voting for BN…

jordan tan

Why is the hospital always crowded? Food manufacturers made food for masses to eat that produce a steady supply of sick people for hospitals. more hospitals,more doctors will not solve the rising number of patients. Fire fighting is what the sickness industry is doing to pretend to heal sick people. Wellness industry is educating masses by keep one’s health by prevention. some common sense approaches to health. Dr Raymond Wong (54)-Iridology student of Dr Bernard Jensen Life’s expectation –longevity, fitness, beauty, youthfulness ,peace, heath and richness. 28 years in search of life purpose. Always was sick when he was young.… Read more »


The Government continue to be in a denial state, that it is only the $ factor that keep our specialists etc overseas.
ONE OF the biggest mistake the Govt has made is reverting back to Bahasa Malaysia as the medium of Science and Maths.
No way my friends who had migrated overseas would want to limit their children’s options. As a non-bumi they have very little chance to gain admission to local Univ for a professional degree program. Then the Govt ties them down further by reducing their proficiency in English.
You think they want to come back? Dream on…

Dr S

I am a recent migrant to Australia. Joined one of the Victorian University as research fellow. I was earning quite ok in Malaysia public uni who sponsored me for PhD. I determined not to apply for PR right after my studies and heaad back to serve my sponsor. During that time, I contributed a patent in biomedicaal field (cant apply on my own because too costly). Also managed to get an international grant from Swiss. Guess what, after less than 1 year, all the colleagues… become very jealous and tried hard to derail my research and giving me low level… Read more »


Dear Dr.

All I can say, after reading your predicament, is, you are not alone.

I have friends, and yes, that’s plural, who have had similar experiences, and some even worse.

They all now living abroad. They fly in once a while to be with their families who are still living in Malaysia and to enjoy the food. Then they fly back to their new HOME.


Dear Dr S.

I would like to say you have too much honour. For that you have suffered indignity for many years.

Your case is this is classic operation of the ketuanan policy. This is not written anywhere in any documents. But there seemed to be tacit agreement amongst those people to suppressed anybody who would showed them as inferior.

I wish you luck in your new endeavor.


What UMNO and MCA, MIC and that almost mati Gerakan care is they and their families make money from the Rakyat and from the country, that is their main concern.

But still many of us are mata sepek enough to be fooled by them.

Najib said make 100 storey tower and Ng Yen Yen echoed, yes, we can do it…

So, keep voting for BN, morons !!!


Like to make a guess who were the ones emigrated…definitely, not the faked bumiputras.
The brainy ones coming from the nons!…and, students of “No Return”.


The brains and eyes go Where there is money to be made Lots of it by the way And benefits for the entire families Malaysians migrate It is always education Later money is good there And dignity to serve Of race colours They don’t see it that way You can work; they will pay For a job well done both ways In Malaysia They look at colours The titles you hold The lineage of kings or aristocracy When I was robbed and knifed In the cinema decades ago The police officer said I was stupid Instead of showing concerned to… Read more »


This goes to show our ignorant BN Gomen that Malaysians have what it takes to be reckoned globally. Malaysians not only of one supremacy race, but of multi-racial origins. In fact, Malaysians excel in many fields of academic, science, arts, industries and sports. And Malaysians are eagerly sought and welcomed by other nations. But the sad, but truly undeniably ugly fact is that since the R & 2M era of grossly distorted affirmative action of chasing away talents, we have been losing multitudes of talented Malaysians to other grateful nations. Our 40 years of opportunity cost of excelling from these… Read more »


Every time when i read about migration of the nons, i feel like crying – weep for the country, once a beautiful lovely country is now near bankruptcy… not only bankrupt economically but bankrupt in human capitals…

However, what is more sad is, we still have people in slumber… and they still enjoy sucking by BN…


This country is bankrupt.

Morally, Malaysia has been bankrupted for many decades.

Human capital, Malaysia is on the brink of bankruptcy.

Financially, if you really want to know how bankrupt Malaysia is, simply ask EPF to open their books.

Gerakan K

Look at your “bodoh” statement:
This country is bankrupt.

LGE still getting his monthly HUGE salary, car, entertainment allowances, etc payment.

Based on a rather dated info available on the net[1], CM of Penang earns RM14,175.15 a month and Penang ADUN RM4,112.79 a month.

Malaysia never bankrupt under the BN administraton. All ADUNs, MPs, cabinet minsters got their salary paid on time.

[1]Gaji MB dan Exco Negeri (http://www.mesra.net/forum/lofiversion/index.php/t43807.html)


What did I meantion on one of my messages above?

“Racist, Keris Waving, Lunatics”???

Sam Tam

I just spent a week in Glen Waverley in Melbourne training some Australian engineers (technical training) and was able to meet up with many ex colleague from an IT company who had over the years migrated there. Staying at the Novotel Glen Waverley, there is no shortage of Malaysian food as the shops behind the hotel and along the shoppping mall area had Malaysian cuisine with names like PJ and Petaling Street. Quality of the food was way better too especially the Dim Sunm (or Yum Cha as they call it) The key question which I think the govenrment is… Read more »


“The key question which I think the govenrment is not addressing – why are we losing all these talents from the country. The government probably knows BUT is taking an attitude of good riddance.”

You have hit the nail on the head, pal !

For the racist regime, anyone who is not a Malay is (perceived to be) not welcome, no matter how much lies they heap on their “1Malaysia” campaign.


sorry,continuation from above…

(temporarily residency). No wonder, the previous PM of Australia complimented Malaysia, practicing “Vibrant Democracy” as long as Aussieland gets “Free Graduate” supply from bodoh Bolehland…words are also ree!


The sole and only reason these people immigrated to not only Australia was and still is because of the second fiddles they have to play to the Ketunan Malayu in Malaysia if they had not immigrated. They will also (sometimes) have to report to a half cooked, at best, Ketunan Melayu who knows next to nothing and is the boss not because of their skill and but because of the colour of their skin. Anil, you should go to Singapore and see the ex-non Malay Malaysians who are working there if you think Melbourne has a lot of ex-non Malay… Read more »


Adding on to the list, the urologist specialist who treated me was from Taiping, what a warm reception I received from him. I learned, his wife and son are also medical professionals!
I manage two overseas student hostels and very frequently, I engaged in conversation with Malaysian students and 80% of those I spoke with will apply for T(temporarily


I personally know a close doctor who migrated to Australia. When he was here, he was running a clinic. Most months, he would come home with ZERO. You see, in Malaysia, some doctors who run their own clinics actually suffer cause patients really can’t afford to pay well to keep the doctor’s business afloat (because most people still earn so little). The doctor friend of mine had to, in a month, at least earn RM10,000 just to break even. Why? His rental alone was RM4500. Plus to pay two nurses was already RM2000. Then you add water, electricity, insurance etc… Read more »


Bear in mind Anil that whatever people who have migrated to Australia earn, the money is mainly to enjoy the luxuries of life as they have no need to worry about healthcare and education. The main reason why people migrate is education for their children. We all know how the education system is in Malaysia. Not only it is very low standard, it is very difficult to get a place in a local university. In Australia, at least, their children(migrants) are given places in the University and it is either affordable or free (with grant). So, one does not have… Read more »

Gerakan K

You are a fine example of “think like a cow” naive fanboy possibly contaminated by wandererAus. Let’s us look at this idiom: Grass may be greener on the other side but it’s just as hard to mow or eat it !!! A perfect statement for “think like a cow” people. All situations come with their own set of problems and Australia is not heaven. Otherwise there are no government vs opposition elections in Australia. I just give you one simple example why Australia is not heaven as you would like to believe it. Want to learn more about pollution in… Read more »


Moo Mooo Moo Mooo Moo

Don’t you just love cows, they give us lots of good healthy milk.

Gerakan K

Oh, by the way

RM 1 for 3 pieces of “pisang goreng”
RM 1 for 3 pieces of “keledek goreng”
RM 1 for 3 pieces of “karipap”
RM 1 for “nasi lemak biasa”
RM 2.50 for “nasi lemak + ayam rendang”
RM 1.35 for 1 kg all-purpose wheat flour

Oh no !!! You talked about Camry, Altis. So, my bad. Your concern only for HIGHLY educated, with HIGH income urban doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc.

Eh, no poor people in Australia ??? Everyone got millions in their banks ???

Gerakan K

Your statement:
Working environment is based on merit. You work hard, you climb up the ladder.

Oh boy, I know you are a youngster that never working before. You maybe still a pampered secodary/college student.

You don’t know what is office politics and you believe PAS + DAP + PKR = BINGO !!!

LOL, for me PAS + DAP + PKR = BIG NO !!!

I hope you will pass your essay writing in exam.


You are a nut case.

Gerakan Kote

Not just nut case but a gomen cyber trooper whose aim is to write positive things to convince people that the gomen is NOT corrupted.

But everybody know gomen corrupted gila and robbing the poor to feed the rich.

Gerakan K

You are speechless with my points.

Ahmad Syafiq

Pernah duduk Australia ke brader? =.=”


Gerakan K, you can rot for the rest of your life if you love it in Malaysia.
Others have choices to make, and they are happy to make it in life elsewhere.
So, what’s your problem(s) with others making it very, very good?
Nobody owes Malaysia for nothing when there’s nothing to look forward to!


As a health professional myself, I too and many of my colleagues feel better served in countries who are in OECD. The lifestyle, the better pay and working conditions are much better in these places. There are also many safety nets for the patients, and the patients’ rights are protected. This may seem as creating life “more difficult” for the health professionals, but it keeps them accountable. Malaysia has done little effort to attract the professionals back up to date. Foreign graduates (regardless of being privately sponsored or scholarship sponsored) are expected to serve government service for 3-5 years. Now… Read more »


“Malaysia has done little effort to attract the professionals back up to date.”

The only kind this racist regime is interested in attracting is their own kind – racist, keris waving, lunatics.