Durians to reduce fever?


Durians to reduce fever? That’s a claim made in a Dr Oz programme about the “five best cures from around the world”.

Dr Oz featured Dan Buettner, author of “Blue Zone: Lessons for Living Longer From the People Who’ve Lived the Longest”, released through National Geographic Books.

Maybe our local scientists might want to look into this. But don’t ever think of patenting durians for some biotech venture!

Whether or not the claim has any basis, I suppose many of us don’t need a reason to tuck into durians.

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Speaking of durian,
Durian Runtuh for those former residents of Kampung Buah Pala in time for Deepavali!


24 families from Kampung Buah Pala returned to the site of their old village to accept keys to their new double-storey houses from
private developer Nusmetro Ventures (P) Sdn Bhd.

What is the value of the house?

Anil’s readers must be envious of this high value house in low density
development area. A reward for being setinggan.


wah lau eh !
gelakan folks pls pls compensate many of us who have been short changed by you during 18 years of boh hoot administrations !!!


Durian oh Durian !


Never heard of durians falling on someone’s head during daylight or still of night. The odds are like striking a lottery.
It is actually quite safe to pitch hammock to laze (face up) in the shades directly under these durians!
The most you will get are some mosquito bites from underneath the hammock!
Of course Mat Salleh will wear a military-grade safety helmet when venturing into Penang durian orchards!

kid from chulia st

may be this is the one & only boh hoot durian !


Maybe it was the “Koh TK” brand durian that they were selling in Balik Pulau, you know, the seedless variety…


Fever happens when there is lack of oxygen in the body. Lack of oxygen because the body is acidic . Acidic body is caused by toxins in the body. So it is important to detox, balance PH level, and nourish our cells with raw organic nutrients from whole food.

Ong Eu Soon

If what the guy said is truth, he can have durian with brandy with me. See whether he can see the light of the day the very next day. I can take the challenge because I can absorb all the heat generated.


Nice to see a Malaysian fruit get #1 placement on a TV talk show. These days, anything that features a #1 makes me suspicious that it might be the work of APCO (funded by you, me and Anil, of course).


Certainly a joke. Try eating durian for a few days and see what happen. You will get a fever instead


When taking too much durians, one will likely catch a fever.
That’s our local presumption and actually quite true. Durian is ‘heaty’ food due to its high protein content.
But to say durian helps to reduce fever, is opposite of what is true?

Well for once (these days), Malaysia stands up positively for one cure. Better than BarangNaiki Syndrome & Gelak-Gelakan Sickness, sicknesses spanning 50+ years!
Anybody with a cure for the above Syndrome & Sickness?

BTW, GE13 fever is catching up. Penang ‘Lor Ket’ Durian, anybody?