Coronavirus tests: Where does Malaysia stand?


How are we faring in our testing of suspected cases of coronavirus? This graph shows where we stand among a group of selected countries of interest. The figures are for tests per million people.

Note that countries with more tests tend to me those with higher confirmed cases. Full article on Aliran website

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Two good podcasts from BBC World Service:

The Evidence: Coronavirus Special
A panel of international experts take a global look at the science of Covid-19. We hear about vaccines, treatments, strategies to contain the virus and the role of big data.

Coronavirus: The economic crisis
Just how bad will the downturn be and can anything be done to soften the blow?

Bunian Guide of tunglang

We may be at the doorstep into a global cashless society. The main fear-based catalyst being the spread of future viruses via physical money like coins and paper money. But Big Brother and Inland Revenue will be too happy to monitor your e-wallets and e-bank accounts and e-transactions. Welcome the digital power of change for the better or worse?

Bunian Guide of tunglang

Do you know why you fear Covid-19? What/who is behind all these uncertainties brought about by this life-work disruptive pandemic? Do you realise what freedom is being and will soon be taken away from you?
Watch: David Icke – The Truth Behind The Coronavirus Pandemic, Covid-19 Lockdown & The Economic Crash

Listen to this message, meditate on it, change your behaviour, change your thoughts, and everything else will change. And hopefully we will gonna make it through.

Bunian Guide of tunglang

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Jill Rigg

Anil it would be a great service to the community to report the number of infected persons in Penang on a daily basis. I have tried to locate this information, without success. It is important for the community to know 1/# of new cases 2/# of infected cases 3/number of deaths. Penang government should have a WEBSITE which informs in Bahasa and English but i have not been able to locate it.

thank you for your kind assistance. A great service to the community.


Penang folks please stay at home and suppirt social distancing:

Khun Pana

Most elderly folks love to watch telly. Create more free TV channels for them to view . Example – a channel just for Chinese movies, another channel for Tamil/Hindustani movies and another to show Hollywood movies.Have cartoon channel for the children too. These extra TV channels should run 24 hours. No one is willing to stay at home to view RTM 1 ,2 and TV3. Teenagers are okay as they know how to use smartphones.


Most people have already given up hope on TV offerings from RTM. Gobind Singh could not reinvent the stations. TV1 could possibly rerun P Ramlee movies for the kampung folks?

Khun Pana

Noted that many uncles like to “lim teh/kopi”. Have special price on such items and beer too. Must have creative ways to make old folks to stay home or at very least they stay indoors.


Unfortunately, the concern and aid globally seems to focus on the “economy”, i.e. (a) saving speculators and the financial parasites (b) creating opportunities for big cronies, even in critical products and services.

The “stimulus” that one local state reported today follows this trend. It includes extra RM20,000 for each legislator, believe it or not. I still don’t see any sign of enforcement patrols to prevent the extra-stupid from killing us before our time.


Malaysia now has the fourth-highest number of Covid-19 infections in Asia, overtaken Japan. Not an ideal record for PM8.