Coronavirus cases in Penang jump by 13 to 50 today


As the number of cases in Malaysia spiked by 153 to 1,183, Penang saw its highest daily increase of 13 cases today, taking its total to 50. So far, just one of those 50 has been discharged.

It is not looking that good.

The Ministry of Health has prepared 3,400 beds in 26 designated hospitals for coronavirus cases across the country. Of these beds, 20% are occupied.

These hospitals also have 300 spaces for coronavirus ICU cases, of which 18% are occupied. If these get full, the hospitals will use isolation wards as they have 925 ventilators available (though they say they need 500 more ventilators).

The ministry should immediately start preparing for a lot more normal beds, ICU beds and ventilators – and medical staff. If possible, rope in private sector specialists too for “national service”. No time to lose.

How I wish the government had heeded the NGOs’ pleas over the years for more than 2% of GDP to be allocated to public healthcare. (Another 2% is spent by private hospitals.) We should have been spending 6-8% of GDP on healthcare. Instead, we were distracted into promoting medical tourism, which worsened the brain drain from government hospitals to the private sector.

It is also so unfortunate we had a change of government at this time. People can see for themselves how the unaccountable “backdoor government” is bumbling its way through.

The military can play a useful role in making available its medical resources as well, should the need arise.

Meanwhile, a check with a large private pharmacy on the mainland revealed it is still waiting for stocks of protective masks and alcohol-based sanitisers, though non-alcohol sanitisers are available.

How are you coping with the pandemic? Let me know.

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From childhood, we have been taught that
– socialism = communism = evil.
– capitalism = limitless wealth = happiness.

Now, some of us have doubts. The Matrix we are immersed in is beginning to flicker, and seems unreal. But is it too late?

Bayi Yoda

Capitalism breeds richie richs and inspires the world to work hard and smart for the money and not lazily wait for handouts; and in crisis times like now these folks should help the needy ones by contribute to the fund to find vaccine cures.

Piers Chong

Anil hopefully you can try to update both blog posts and User’s comments much more attentively now with the MCO.
ps: Also just curious Anil do you self-cook or go out “dabao” ?

Piers Chong

Ah good to know Anil. You need to throw in some eggs too once awhile for a more holistic-wise nutrition needed during this crucial period. Well I just “takeaway” from nearby eateries and have them in the office since my job nature is considered “essential”.

Ma jiji

We have imposed the MCO “fast enough” all because we just had a rude shock of that tabligh invasion. We get praised too in “the fast action” like Jimi Hendrix ?
But hopefully, we will be as nimble as to our policy amidst the haunt of recession surrounding.

Just don’t drag that too long that will kill our economy. Recession ? We ain’t prepared for it at all !


The Health Ministry has detected five “generations” of positive Covid-19 cases that were linked to the tabligh gathering in the Seri Petaling Mosque last month.

Health director-general Datuk Seri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah said that from the tabligh cluster, 711 cases had infected their families.

Their family members infect their neighbours, and these neighbours infect their friends. We have seen five generations of infections. Every person who infect another individual… there are five generations!

Jill Rigg

thank you Anil. I enquire about masks because whilst government is saying there is plenty of supply. where are they? Is Penang Health authorities issuing to all community? In some countries a small charge is levied to purchase 10 masks. these are issued every 10 days.
They are not in the pharmacies.

If any reader can get the message to Penang Health authorities to designate areas for mask collection for ALL OF PENANG community, it would be much appreciated.

Blessings to all

Khun Pana

The police wanted us to wear a mask when on the street. However, our Health DG and WHO explained clearly that it is not required. Still unable to buy mask from pharmacies. How?
To add insult, the current govt set the price at RM 2 for a simple 3 ply piece. The price for a 3 ply surgeon mask in Shenzhen which is a 1st. tier city in China is at 2.90 Yuan ( MYR1.50). What is going on?

Khun Pana

There are people walking and driving without a good reason.Malaysians are still stubborn and refuses to obey such simple common sense order. Such people really have mental issue.This might result to an extension period by another 7 days (or more ) for all of us. Suggest the police should check those walking and riding aimlessly for illegal drugs as well. Those addicts can’t sit still.


Essential: – Queueing and spacing of customers at food shops, pharmacies, hospitals, etc. – In essential services, keeping employees 1-2m apart from one another and customers, except in specific situations (e.g. hospital) where this is impractical. – Ejecting those who cough without masks. This is already the practice abroad, even in Indonesia, Philippines, etc. We also need access to emergency repair services — not just for the overlords; the service providers should be able to travel without fear of punishment. Coming to the elephant in the room, many of those just made jobless may need food aid. None of this… Read more »


– What is the incentive for a person with no savings — or being the only one caring for dependents — to report himself/herself ill? This brings up the religion of capitalism again.
– So far, we see only regional phone numbers and e-mail addresses published. Will an ambulance pick up a non-VIP.

Here is the comparative progress of various countries so far (since first report within each country) against Covid-19:
comment image


Covid-19 treatments (not vaccination):
– from China
– from Cuba

Covid-19 intrigue

SARS 2004
Bird flu 2008
Swinu flu 2010
MERS 2012
Ebola 2014, 2018
Zike 2016
African Swine flu 2007-2020 (Georgia, Russia, China, SEA)


I should have said “tratement”, not “cure”, as it depends on severity.

Anyway, the 20 countries racing to develop a vaccine may be sorry.

Ma jiji

Don’t neglect India and Indonesia, those with vast populations and are “nearest” to us ! Dare not imagine if all simply blow up !


Indonesia has estimated that the number of people who have had possible contact with Covid-19 suspects to be at more than half a million, the authorities said, as the government started rapid testing for the virus on its population.

bumi non malay

So Penang can Enforce Border clousure for Non Penang citizen…unless urgent death, birth…etc……ALL HARAPAN STATE SHOULD ENFORCE BORDER PROTECTION AND LET THOSE PAKATAN RUN STATE TO RUN WILD …