Anyone know a sodomy specialist?


We learn something new everyday.

Today’s lesson is that a qualified, experienced GP cannot detect if a patient has been sodomised.

Apparently, if the Hospital Pusrawi folk are to be believed, that requires a sodomy specialist… err, I mean a gut specialist. This from the Malaysiakini interview:

What led the doctor TRO (to rule out) sodomy? Why?

Because Saiful mentioned that he was sodomised. Sodomy check-up has to be done by a specialist not a medical officer. You need a gut specialist. We don’t have one in Pusrawi.

At the rate we are being enlightened on this err, delicate issue, Malaysians are going to be sodomy experts in no time. Maybe we could be a world leader in sodomy medical research – you know, sort of carve out a specialist niche in sodomy detection and patient therapy. After all, it appears to have become a national obsession.

Even our political vocabulary has been transformed. Thus, for example, instead of saying that the rakyat are being squeezed or suppressed, the popular and preferred usage now is the rakyat are being “sodomised”.

Anyway, this segment of the Malaysiakini interview brings back fond memories:

You have spoken to Dr Mohamed who has confirmed that he examined Saiful and confirmed that he has signed this medical report, why is the hospital still not convinced that it is the genuine medical report? Why is it taking so long to match the copy with the original copy?

We just realised this. When? Two days ago. It is just like VK Lingam said, “It looks like me, sounds like me but it is not me”.

Also, check out the Aliran statement here.

On another front, Farish Noor has some questions for the wise Pas leaders involved in the Pas-Umno talks:

  1. What, in the respected opinion of the esteemed men of knowledge who lead Pas, is the correct hudud punishment for someone who kills a Mongolian model and then has her blown to bits by explosives (C4, for instance)?
  2. In the learned opinion of the respected men of knowledge of Pas, what should an Islamic Pas-Umno government do with weapons that were bought from Russia, a state that was known for its rather nasty habit of murdering Muslim Chechnyans?
  3. Would the wise men of Pas consider buying some more armaments from our beloved Russian allies in the future when they come to power as the bedfellows of Umno, such as, perhaps, used Kalashnikovs or other weapons of destruction that were perhaps also used to kill Muslims in Chechnya too?
  4. The Umno-led government has been praised by Washington as a key strategic ally in the ‘War on Terror’ and its leaders have demonstrated their eagerness to work with other developed Western powers in this war. Pas, on the other hand, declared the Taliban to be their brothers in 2002. Will the new Pas also join hands with Umno in the great Washington-led Crusade against Islamic terror when they come to power?
  5. Pas in the past condemned the Umno-led government for its alleged dealings with Israel. If Pas comes to power, will the learned wise elders of Pas find the necessary scriptural sources to help promote further dealings with Israel too?
  6. Between 2004 to 2008, the wise men of Pas declared that Islam Hadari was fundamentally unIslamic and when Pas came to power in several states in 2008 it even declared that it would no longer help promote the idea of Islam Hadari. Now that Pas may be on the threshold of its new honeymoon period with its beloved Umno, will Pas finally admit the error of its ways and accept that Islam Hadari is indeed the truest expression of normative Islam and do its utmost to promote Islam Hadari to its own misguided followers?
  7. Pas’ leaders have claimed that they wish to further the Islamic cause by getting closer to power. Will they now help to Islamise the Internal Security Act and other repressive laws to show that the ISA is, after all, compatible with Islam (especially Islam Hadari)?
  8. When Pas ousted its fourth President Asri Muda at the Pas assembly of 1982, its new Ulama leaders condemned Asri as a ethno-nationalist who sold the party to Umno and debased its Islamist ideology with ideas of racial communitarianism. Now will the same leaders of Pas please apologise to the departed Asri Muda and accept that Asri was right after all, and that the Ulamas’ ideology of Islamism was in fact an abberation that confused the minds of Muslims?
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Wild wild East
Wild wild East
1 Aug 2008 8.42pm

Well sir, our university hospital will have to open a special department for Sooodom meee.

That will provide more opportunity for our “lowly” paid govt doctors for upgrading once they speciaised in something.

Meanwhile, for the “victims” of sooodomee, there is no shortage of support group for their rehabilitation and also the equivalent of physiotherapy, and these experts (could be) led by non other than Najib, Badawi and his SIL.

arent we so lucky in Malaysialand?

31 Jul 2008 10.21pm


Pusrawi could be bringing the image of Islamic Hospitals ala Hadhari.. so it will be no surprise at all hehe…

31 Jul 2008 5.15pm

the new term for a specialist in sodomy research—-asstornlogist!!

31 Jul 2008 4.03pm

“Oh horror, of course there will never be a sodo expert in an esteemed Islamic Hospital. We will also not bow down to pressure and uphold justice. We will also answer questions directly as it is the truth.”

I think Pusrawi just brought down the image of Islamic Hospitals.
on any difficulty.

31 Jul 2008 3.40pm

know a sodomy specialist? Well, so far i only know Dr. Mahathir Mohd is the sodomy specialist

31 Jul 2008 3.39pm


dulu masa gegaran sondol pertama, ekonomi negara rancak. rakyat tak kesah akan fitnah dan kezaliman atas pak sheik – no matter how ridicolous and stupid it came out to be.

ramai ‘peggerak kebebasan dan kebenaran’ masa sekarang, adalah part of the machinery yang bobrok terdahulu.

dah kena panchung kalu, baru mau ingat…

sekarang, susah sikit beb orang nak percaya. rakyat semua pening kepala.

media-media yang dahulu perkasa, orang dah tak percaya…

salam dari jauh,


31 Jul 2008 3.34pm

[[…# karadzic on July 31st, 2008 at 6.18am

“Any one knows a Sodomy specialist (doctor)?”

Yes, inded Dr Mahathir Muhammad MBBS[Singapore]…]]

A.k.a mahatir s/o iskandar kutty mbbs!

Is there a law about changing your name?

Ooops! Forgot! This is Malaysia!

The Government has just been found in breach of statutory duty, recklessness, gross and wanton negligence!

31 Jul 2008 2.34pm

OK Mahathir s/o Iskandar Kutty.

The master of sodomy !! Since Mahathir is a GP also, PUSRAWI should employ him. The old man is jobless and just creating problems where ever he goes.

Since he loves checking other peoples a*** and since Pusrawi is now embroiled in the a*** controversy… hey, Mahathir will be just the man you need.

Besides since IJN is just opposite the man can just walk over if he does get chest pains. So conveniet for Mahathir…

31 Jul 2008 1.52pm

I think Pruswari hospital should make Mahathir as it’s superior advisor of sodomy. Then, all their stuffs will be made sodomy expert. Would the governm come out with a sodomy course so that all governm hospital servant would benefir of it?

31 Jul 2008 12.21pm

Malaymuda he was called mahatir s/o iskandar kutty mbbs when he graduated.

Anak Pulau Pinang
Anak Pulau Pinang
31 Jul 2008 12.12pm

It is really sad that we Malaysians have to be tormented by another replay of a “Sodomy” trial before a trial … in Putrajaya, Bukit Aman and whatever have else … they have pulled in. The sad fact of the matter where the fools in Pusrawi Hospital have to obediently toe the line and sing like the caged canaries that they are… The body language and the sick grins that come from the faces of the 2 spokesmen for the hospital during the Press interview tells any observer that the two are squiming in their seats even as the interview… Read more »

31 Jul 2008 11.42am

Daulat Tuanku

why u so quiet ?

Daulat Tuanku !

31 Jul 2008 11.33am

Pus raw eh… We now also have a bunch of unqualified …. this so called hospital. I am no doctor. But any normal people will know u DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE A SPECIALIST to diagnose anyone for sodomy. Wonder anyone heard of a sodomy specialist?? That hospital chief must be speaking thru his ………. In this case, everyone in Malaysia who hv been sodomised must get a “sodomy specialist” expert to examine irrespective. Our country must be the only country in the world to hv this requirement. Even our brilliant Zimbabwee clown Mugabe do not hv this requirement. What… Read more »

31 Jul 2008 11.31am

man, it is outragous!!!

but what is more disgusting are those people still supporting BN!!!

they simply just got used to it as they have been “sodomised” the past 50 years.
31 Jul 2008 11.25am

If the other medical report states that Saiful was indeed sodomized, then the question is what happened in the 4 hrs between the first medical examination at Pusrawi & the second one at HKL.

Think Anwar & the aide could have had a quick rendezvous?? Ha Ha.


31 Jul 2008 11.07am

Anil, This is exaclt the question I am asking myself. Where can we find specialist in sodomy in the whole world? Let us say a boy is sodomised in far off interior of Sarawak. Where is he going to be examined? Would Syed Hamid or err that Pusparwi fella fly him to see a specialist in sodomy. Anyway I like to pose this question to Pusparwi hospital’s general manager Wan Mahmood Wan Yaacob, where can we find sodomy specialist? What is called? Sodomithist? I very much like to know, Mr Pandai Wan Mahmood? I have looked up dictionaries and still… Read more »

31 Jul 2008 11.04am

Please enough of this “stephen doss” “analysis”, which is a pathetic government attempt to discredit Dr M Osman’s findings which are clear for all to see. The government is (again) trying to fix DSAI, but are finding it hard, as this time not enough preparation is made and internet “penetration” is far more spread. BN does not want to understand that this was their last chance to rule this country and they already blew it. Also, thanks to Some Observation for posting link to T S Ismail Omar, the joke-of-the-deputy-IGP, and yes it is so obvious that they are pushing… Read more »

31 Jul 2008 11.01am

Mark my words DSAI will be arrested and put on trial the reason simple never rock the gravy train[UMNO].

31 Jul 2008 11.00am

islamic hospital lies? common this cant be true isnt it?

the hospital is helmed by god-fearing staff isnt it? am sure they dont lie. so is the doc Osman, isnt it?

i have faith.

31 Jul 2008 10.51am

what specialist is needed by Puswari????

these s******* dont know what the hell to do, this is the first time i heard of specialist sodomy examination……u know why???

i would bet since 1957 Merdeka, DSAI is the second male-male sodomy accused!!! they where got experience?

whos the first? Him ALSO!!!!! and thats proven trumped up!!!!

31 Jul 2008 10.32am

When I googled or wikipedia , cant find any terms for Sodomy specialist .. anyone know where I can find this course , intrested to study this course .. can see lots of a** ….pratical training lol

31 Jul 2008 10.23am

I am not a medical man and I must admit the subject Sodomy specialist is completely foreign to me. So to satisfy my curiosity, I made a few enquiries with my Australian doctor friends on this ‘noble’ profession. They gave me a cheeky laugh and asked me, “Are you joking?” In reply jokingly, maybe, you should ask the gays!

31 Jul 2008 10.07am

Why are the police taking so long to conclude their investigations on the alleged sodomy by anwar? This is a straight forward case. You have one man accusing the other of sodomising? They need months to solve a straight forward case? How can people trust the findings of the police now? Everything seemed to be doctored, the credibility of the entire case is questionable. They say that the doctor is not a specialist, but looking at the medical slip, the doctor definately took a look at the guys anus. What expert analysis do you need? Do they think that people… Read more »

Ghifari X
Ghifari X
31 Jul 2008 9.56am

We refuse to be what you wanted us to be – we are what we are and that’s the way its going to be.[/b] Now they coerce the doctors to make us(Rakyat)the fool. Playing the public for Anuses. Where in the world or where in Medicine a General Practitioner can’t tell what he/she sees up a ass. General Practitioners must have minimum 7 years at any general hospital before he/she can practice anywhere. Medical professionals and personnel are by far the most certified and experienced men and women once they enter into private practice in this noble profession. What these… Read more »

31 Jul 2008 9.50am

Is there any way to stop this insanity? It seems that practically every government institution is jumping into the conspiracy bandwagon.

Why is our beloved Agung so quiet and not doing anything about it?