Anwar’s acquittal: What should Pakatan do next?


Now that Anwar has been acquitted, the opposition alliance must quickly ride on the euphoria generated to explain its specific policies for improving the quality of life of Malaysians if it comes to power.

Indeed, quality of life issues will play a big role in the coming general election. What kind of issues? Relative poverty, affordable housing, quality education, food prices and quality health care in government hospitals.

I developed this theme in an article for Asia Times yesterday.

In particular, will Pakatan follow the neo-liberal mindset of the BN or will the opposition alliance come up with socio-economic policies that really put the people’s interest uppermost? That was the issue I raised during an an interview with FMT yesterday.

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14 Jan 2012 7.34am

Manage by ‘beneficial to the people’ example in Pakatan controlled states is more convincing than a figure head of rhetoric or idolisation. At the end of the day, it is the stomachs filled, freedom/dreams pursued and welfare (including financial) cared for that matter. A rhetoric of rainbow promises can be as deceiving as a Devil’s Apple speech at Speaker’s Square or ceramahs. Penang DAP Gomen can still do more and better. Do understand the hearts of aspiration and Kiam Siap mentality of Penangites and you will win votes come GE13. And listen less to the developers’ greed, aspirations and million… Read more »

13 Jan 2012 8.03pm

Is BN giving 32% annual Interest on SARA 1Malaysia? The News Report says, RM134/month fot an investment of RM5,000
That is a 32% per annum returns.
How to fight fairly with this sort of bribery?

ong eu soon
ong eu soon
14 Jan 2012 10.39am
Reply to  SamG

Thanks to your idol, LGE; his handout practices have opened the door for more open bribery. Be happy, just accept the money, and decide how you want to vote. Don’t tell me that you can easily bought over with a small token sum of money. Or may be you start to feel jealous as you are not qualify for all the money handout schemes.

15 Jan 2012 12.28pm
Reply to  SamG

Malaysia should help Greece by providing its superb fund mangers of Amanah Saham Bumiputera that can promise return of >8% a year!

Andrew I
13 Jan 2012 6.34pm

Haha, things that Gherkin wants us to forget and to concentrate on more important things like paying for 1email. Where’s the link to Zorro’s listing please?

14 Jan 2012 6.52am
Reply to  Andrew I

Anil being very diplomatically (barang naik friendly ? and masking the alledged “thefts”) cautious delete my attachment on barang naik’s accomplishments ! here’s the link which anil will not be liable so he better don’t delete, ok ?

Andrew I
14 Jan 2012 12.15pm
Reply to  Khamsiah

Khamsiah, Khamsiah.

Your mission, DAP machais, should you choose to accept it, is to memorize this list in order to counter all rubbish that you hear.

This list will self destruct…when zorro chooses to delete it.

15 Jan 2012 7.56am
Reply to  Andrew I

The list is appearing in many blogs.
A good retaliating weapon should barang naik coalition tries to coax you for vote.
Suggest you do your part by circulating the list, or print it on paper for die hard (don’t know death yet) barang naik folks especially now alrady sitting on the fence when thier consciences are haunting them now.

najib manaukau
13 Jan 2012 6.06pm

Anil, As I told you a day after the … Anwar’s acquittal that the prosecution will appeal against this verdict. The acquittal was exactly what the deceitful and corrupted Umnoputras want and planned for. Look at the amount of positive publicity it had generated for them, no amount of planning and money can buy not to mention as a result of the acquittal Najib and the morons are able to claim the Malaysian judiciary is always independent. Now it would appear that the father of the victim is calling for the appeal and not the ruling party just to make… Read more »

13 Jan 2012 3.17pm

I have seen the PKR impactful videos for kampung folks on the woes caused by barang naik regime. This must be quickly followed by showing why the mega scandals (zorro put up a credible listing …) have not resolved and how these money can truly help the rakyat instead of that mere slogan of 1Lembu, 1Katak etc …