Largest Big Pharma fraud in US history


Why isn’t this headline news? GlaxoSmithKline will have to cough up US$3bn to settle misdemeanour criminal charges in the largest case of healthcare fraud in US history.

The Guardian reported:

GSK targeted the antidepressant Paxil at patients under age 18 when it was approved only for adults, and promoted the drug Wellbutrin for uses it was not approved for, including weight loss and treatment of sexual dysfunction, according to a US justice department investigation.

and in a yet another case:

In a third case, GSK failed to give the US Food and Drug Administration safety data about its diabetes drug Avandia, in violation of US law, prosecutors said.

Shows you, you can’t have blind faith in these fancy drugs.

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Meanwhile in Malaysia, Ministry of Health chose to purchase medicine for its hospitals via ali-baba practice through its cronied agents instead of buying direct from the pharmaceutical already setting up offices in Malaysia?

… Tiong Lie, care to explain why?

Ong Goo Kang

Such wastage is what Pakatan could have saved to provide better assistance to the truely poor rakyat.


Conventional medicine is a medical system bent on perpetuating the vested intrests of the pharmaceutical industry and drug companies.

There are 3 branches of science, i.e. Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Why should only one branch of Science(Chemistry) and the use of chemical agents/drugs dominate the therapeutics of chronic diseases? Because it guarantees the profits of the drug companies.

Safer therapies for chronic diseases based on the other 2 branches of Science – Physics(Quantum Physics, Mind-Body healing, Hypnosis, Acupuncture, Homeopathy) and Biology(Herbs, plants, diet, exercise) should be given a chance.


Long term ingestion of synthetic chemicals(drugs) is toxic for the human body which is a combination of Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

ong eu soon

How do you know that your sugar intake is not enough? You will always feel thirsty, urine frequency go up, a lot of stomach gas, no sexual appetite, no desire to do anything except surfing the net or play video game and lazy.

ong eu soon

Western medicine has 2 type of doctors; 1 is normal doctor another is sport doctor. Normal doctor always tell you that you have too much caloric , don’t eat any more. The sport doctor always tell that you always have not enough caloric and keep asking you to eat, eat ,eat. I prefer sport doctor, do you know why? The sport players not only performed well on the fields, they always good on the bed as well. Look at Tiger wood, Rodney, …. Ask yourself when and why you suddenly become so decent… No more energy, how to make love.… Read more »

ong eu soon

people also believe in diabetic which is 1 of the greatest medical hoax human ever seen. A type 1 diabetic patient can’t digest sugar because there is no insulin discharged. The patient will have high blood sugar. Where is the sugar come from? When your stomach can’t digest sugar or digest not enough sugar, your big intestine will help adsorbing sugar from other source namely your s… to keep you alive. if you reduce your blood sugar you end up defeating your body by deprive it the sugar it need. If you suffer from injury, your blood sugar automatically go… Read more »

Andrew I

“…the drug Wellbutrin for uses it was not approved for, including…treatment of sexual dysfunction, according to a US justice department investigation.”

Wellbutt. Quite funny, don’t you think? Maybe our Chinese Sex Legend offered himself as a guinea pig in an early trial test.


I think the mother of all pharma frauds in this world are chemo drugs sanctioned by oncologists to treat cancers without knowing their real causes.

ong eu soon

there is no such thing called cancer. 2 ladies and 1 man who came to seek treatment from me withhold from me the info that they suffered from cancer. 1 month after treatment doctors confirmed that their cancel gone totally. I am the last person to know when i was told by my other patients recommended by the 3 cancer patients. When western doctor tell you that you suffer from cancer, it mean that he has no cure. Why continue the treatment and with exorbitant medication fee and your life. When a traditional alternative treatment doctor tell you that he… Read more »


Big name, big brand, big corporation. And some of its products trusted by mothers. And after the fact (of their silly mistakes), after making excessive profits to please its shareholders & its CEO, CFO, directors, only then did the CSR (corporate social-crocodile responsibility) stunts. Who are the guinea pigs cum fools? In this materialistic, Forbes’ measure of corporate / individual success & Donald Ducky Trumpeter’s ‘greed is good’ induced principles of cari-makan, nothing comes close to these business crimes against humanity. Not even Attila the Han can match their … instinct in the name of corporate-managed science for the progress… Read more »

semuanya OK kot

Some of these medicines, as residues in meat (due to overuse in livestock) and in water (due to dumping old stock) do not get destroyed even after heating. Especially with the overuse of psychotropic drugs (due to the widening of psychological criteria), guess what all this stuff is doing to us and our symbiotic bacteria.