A happy Easter to all readers


Belated Easter greetings to all readers in these difficult circumstances. While some of us are privileged to stay at home and reflect and spend some quiet time, others are worried sick about their jobs and loss of incomes.

Check out the plight of undocumented workers in Linda Lumayag’s piece Fear, now hunger: Undocumented in the Time of Coronavirus.

Aliran is also worried that attempts to crack down on fake news could be cover for more censorship. Read the group’s statement here.

As for the new Covid-19 cases, we seem to have reached a stable figure of around 150 daily. Similarly new cases in Penang are hovering at around zero to five.
But the big question is are we doing enough testing?

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Bayi Yoda

Another positive aspect of Covid-19 is the poddible reduction of Penang condominiums (new and vacant) prices by as much as 20%.

This time the herd mentality of home buyers to wait for price drop (withhold purchases) may drive the developers and speculators into frenzy for domino knockdown effects to happen??????


Sweden and Belarus are firm on minimal restrictions as they are commited to (a) herd immunity (b) a realistic view as compared to flu/pneumonia. Swizerland also has minimal restrictions.


If ordinary citizens get slapped with hefty fines and jail term for breaking the movement control order (MCO) while deputy ministers and their supporters can get away scot-free with some Johnny-come-lately apologies, then we know the stern attitude on MCO violators by Senior Minister Ismail Sabri and Inspector-General of Police Abdul Hamid Bador is selective.

One MCO, two systems: one for ordinary citizens, one for the ruling elites.



Will VIP orso have to wear orange rakyat paid clothing just like orang miskin commit MCO offence? If not time for tunglang to kbkb.


Confirmation that they are right — if it is not already obvious even in Italy etc.


A good article by Norman Fernandez:
Time to repatriate Rohingyas

Now, Rohingyas have started to make demands such as right to jobs, access to education, be treated equally as Malaysians ( and in particular their children and who are born here), be given contracts and even taxi licences. Worst, videos are going of Rohingyas demanding that Malaysia give Selayang where the majority of them reside to them. For sometime, Malaysians have been noticing the growing assertions by the Rohingyas- Rohingyas not realising that their presence here are as REFUGEES.


Seems like the Umno goons are wiping clean all the posts in government-linked companies (GLCs) and whatever is left of our economy during MCO and before Hari Raya, as a way to show support to PM8?


This map shows that SEA and even Bolehland host a number of bio-weapons labs. I wonder what the deal was. I mean, who got what in return.

The situation is in fact worse, but I won’t go into it. Don’t blame China for positioning observation navy ships off Sabah.


In many countries affected, the disease has peaked around 6 weeks after it began and petered off after about 8 weeks; the virus seems unable to survive beyond 10 weeks. — Prof. Isaac Ben-Israel., Tel Aviv U.

What does this mean? Is someone going around infecting each country using drones? I wonder who has such tech.

We hear from Western news that Africans and Asians are far more susceptible — in the West. Of course, US and UK have different definitions of Asian. Why does this susceptibility not hold in Africa and Asia?


Harsh reality has set in after almost five weeks of the MCO in Malaysia. It’s the same all over the world, actually, as businesses grapple with the effects of the lockdown caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

It is better to hold on to our jobs, with a lower pay, than to accelerate the closure of our companies.

As all of us become poorer, it means cutting down meals at restaurants and eating much simpler fare at home. Stop grumbling and be thankful that there is still food on the table.



This goes without saying. Nobody wants to leave his work if he can. Youth in the fantasy virtual world will also come down to Earth. Unfortunately (a) the aid announced is superficial, spotty and politicised (b) does everyone have access to food outlets, ATMs, etc. within a 10-km radius? (c) what are tenants to do for rent? (d) what is the legal basis of telling employees not to reduce wages or lay off workers? The emphasis is on “market sentiment”, “investment climate” and “economic recovery” as usual. The great bulk of the aid is to rescue the largest fat cats,… Read more »


GEORGE TOWN: Just over a year since its inception, the unique-looking Jazz Hotel located at Tanjong Tokong here will cease its operation by the end of this month due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. All its staff will be retrenched.


Bayi Yoda

Botak hill still happening due to lack enforcement ?


Also Penang Forum now inactive to seek justice for environmental abuse?


GEORGE TOWN: The Penang government will review the Penang Structure Plan (PSP) 2030 and Penang 2030 vision as it grapples with fallout from the Covid-19 pandemic.

State Local Government, Housing Development and Town and Country Planning Committee chairman Jagdeep Singh Deo said that both documents are crucial to map out the future of Penang – however, current circumstances have affected their implementation.


Good news fir Penang Forum?


More convenient changes that favour the real estate tycoons now in trouble and their reckless lenders?

Jagdeep Singh was vocal in exposing BN promises of “affordable” homes. But how many did PH build?


they build houses so that they can have vote banks like developers have land bank. Private developers build, rakyat scream. Gomen build – silence of the lamb.


GEORGE TOWN, April 27 — Penang will be reviewing its affordable housing price to below RM300,000 and increasing the number of rent-to-own units for first-time homebuyers after the movement control order (MCO) is lifted, state exco Jagdeep Singh Deo announced today.


GEORGE TOWN, April 22 — Penang recorded the highest total investment of RM16.9 billion in the state’s history for 2019, Penang Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow announced today.

He said the state also recorded the highest in foreign direct investment (FDI) in the country by reaping a total of RM15 billion involving 166 projects.

“Both these figures are the highest achievement for Penang in the state’s history and this proves that foreign investors still have confidence in our investment ecosystem,” he said.


Here, we have untouchables; like animal farm, more equal than others. In NSW, one minister was caught in his holiday house during easter holidays during MCO. Polisi fined him $1k and he resigned. In the past, PM was driving his car without wearing seat belt. He was fined too. Here 2 sets of law and chip chip well do would not pay fine but poor has to.


Former health minister Datuk Seri Dzulkefly Ahmad said the tabligh event, which caused nearly half of all positive Covid-19 cases in Malaysia, could have been avoided if it wasn’t for “back door” Sheraton move.


Bayi Yoda


Home properties meltdown to happen because of Covid-19 and bring the price to reasonable levels ????


COVID-19 MCO: ‘Unfit’ property developers will fall

Property developers may have a slight buffer from unbilled sales to cushion the near term impact of the MCO but those with high gearing and bad credit record are in a precarious situation.


If you understand mandarin, read the today’s Oriental Daily special report on Penang housing – very grim outlook! Many home buyers are forgoing their deposits because unable to pay housing loan due to the current economic problem caused by Covid-19 outbreak.

Prices of million-dollar condo are slashed as much as 70%!


This site shows that Asia and Malaysia are doing much better for recoveries from the pandemic, compared to other places. Imagine that, compared to the non-stop propaganda we still get.

Bayi Yoda

Covid-19 virus is a non-living organism but protein molecule DNA covered by a protein layer of lipid (fat).

Many uninformed spend a lot on germs or bacteria removal solvents?

Wash with alkaline soap can dissolve the fats so that they do not absorb into nasal cells to become aggressor to health.


Soap and water are good enough for many situations and infections, though less profitable for certain people. Disadvantages of hand sanitisers: – Meant for specific situations and places where washing is not practical. – Unchecked usage has been shown to make certain pathogens more resistant. – Frequent usage can cause cracks in the skin; if you must use it, follow up with moisturiser. To avoid *many* infectious diseases, it is far simpler to avoid touching common surfaces such as door handles, railings, switches and counters with your palm. You can push some doors open with a shoulder, and toggle many… Read more »


You may have wondered why even careful or disciplined people get major illnesses, just like others. Here is an important explanation for Bolehland. https://www.asiasentinel.com/p/malaysias-looming-food-and-water Apart from the above, there is such a thing as being too clean. Many microbes are essential for health. The results of the agressive “war against germs” outside medical settings include – the suppression of traditional wisdom – the extraordinary increase in medical “innovations” and “interventions” at birth, and related advice on infant care, contributing to the global rise in non-communicable diseases later in life [Rodney Dietert c. 2014; Matthew Hyde c. 2014]. – Japan and… Read more »


GEORGE TOWN: The many restrictions placed on human activity during the movement control order (MCO) have made it difficult for traders to sell their vegetables and seafood.

Vegetable farmers nationwide are forced to dump their vegetables as they cannot reach the consumers like before. Likewise, the number of places that are allowed to sell seafood, such as markets and restaurants, has dropped significantly.



.. The morality of work is the morality of slaves. Those who hold power have used the concept of duty to exploit others. In former times, leisure for a few required the labour of many. Labour is not valuable in itself but for the leisure it provides that is essential to civilization. By organising production scientifically, the war showed conclusively that a small part of the working capacity is enough to keep a modern population in fair comfort. At the end of the war, the old chaos was restored; some were made to work long hours, and the rest left… Read more »

Bayi Yoda

Covid-19 has positive aspects. Less fuel burning less carbon pollution. Environment gets to recover. Is this the act of Almighty??????


Easter come and go, yet still no sign of tunglang’s resurrection. Sigh!

Perhaps have to wait to Covid pandemic is over?

Bayi Yoda

2 New Positive COVID-19 Cases Reported In Jelutong, Penang. Bringing Total To 116: