30 remanded: Revision hearing tomorrow (updated)


Battling fatigue, legal aid lawyers have secured a court hearing on their urgent application for a revision of a seven-day remand order on 30 PSM activists.

The hearing before Justice Datuk Zamani Abdul Rahim at the Penang High Court (Criminal) has been fixed for 2.30pm tomorrow.

This morning lawyers Parthiban, Karen Lai and Ravi turned up at the High Court to file the revision application, which cited a host of reasons. A team of legal aid lawyers have been hard at work on the case since Saturday night, some with little sleep and near exhaustions. Full credit to them.

On Sunday evening, the 30 PSM activists were remanded for seven days at the Butterworth Magistrates Court, with a possibility the remand order could be renewed for a further seven days.

Meanwhile, Dr Jeyakumar Devaraj was brought to the Penang General Hospital earlier today for a check-up as he needed medicine for a heart condition. Two others, including the bus-driver, were brought to the hospital to check on dehydration and diabetes.

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Please let us know who r those detained by COWARDS!

Richie Hee

Something is not right when our government do not listen to the lawyers.

Andrew I

Off the beat: Michelle ‘Wah, Yames, your gun so big and your car so fast’ Yeoh has suffered the indignity of being deported from Burma.

Being an actress of such magnitude and depth, she might just be able to pull off a portrayal of Anwar. :-p

najib manaukau

The present regime is only following what shenanigan Mahathir did in 1987 ? Nothing new, whenever they corrupted morons run out of ideas they will use this tactic except this time they call it a communist threat but they forgot this time round the people can use the internet to let the whole world know what they are doing.

Mat Ustaz

BN is running out of ideas and is recycling old tricks that will not work in this internet age. The action will help to brew another political tsunami that may wipe them out this time round.


Bersih 1.0 or 2.0 is a threat to Ruling Elites. It’s aimed at the heart of their vulnerability. This because electoral irregularities are one of th main tools in preservation of power under democratic charade. So it must be suppressed. However to do so has unprecedented complications. May 13’s emergency Operation Lallang were easier because they fitted to the mould of ruling elites’ ideology of defending Ketuanan. Bersih is different in that it’s for all Malaysians marching for clean elections which no sane ruling politician can argue against. Besides if Ibrahim Ali were right principally the greater numbers will be… Read more »