1Care could create RM50bn cash cow


With income from health insurance contributions, government funding via general taxation, and ‘co-payments’, the proposed 1Care financing model would create a huge health care financing fund.

The ‘social health insurance’ contributions would come from the employees, employers and the government.

The government’s contribution from general taxation would cover the poor (who have registered), the disabled, senior citizen (60 years and above), pensioners and civil servants (with up to five dependants).

The government would also increase its spending to closer to 3 per cent of GDP. (Why can’t it just increase its spending now to close to 6 per cent of GDP, which is the global average – and forget about 1Care and put a stop to more private hospitals?)

Then, there are the “minimal” co-payments for a “standard benefits package”.

Some estimate that the fund could have RM50bn in the kitty, which would probably make it the second largest piggy bank in the country after the EPF.

And you know what that could mean, don’t you? The corporate and crony vultures (think fund managers and administrators, pharmaceutical companies, other vendors, contractors and developers) would be likely to be circling around this (cash) cow to feast on it when no one is looking.

Tak nak 1Care!

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Pretty Obvious

This is just another scheme for the Umnoputras to loot. Cowgate, PKFZ, the list just goes on and on.

Phua Kai Lit

A compulsory national health insurance scheme that does not provide protection against “catastrophic healthcare bills” (e.g. arising from prolonged hospitalisation or expensive medical procedures) is
of little benefit to the Malaysian public.

Primary care (GP care) is fine in Malaysia. Private sector GPs charge reasonable rates and the poor can get primary care from Klinik Kesihatan etc.

The main problem is hospital care: experienced specialists leaving public hospitals for private hospitals, high bills from care in private hospitals, promotion of medical tourism further screwing up the health care system etc.


Yes Dr Phua, it makes more sense for the gov to fund a universal healthcare system without further taxation. It will ensure everyone, rich and poor have access to treatment. The rich who pay taxes will be eligible while the poor will be aided by taxes paid by the rich. Nobody is left behind. But like u said the problem is hospital care. For that to happen the gov has to ensure the number of tertiary specialist hospitals are adequate unlike the current situation where patients have to wait for days, weeks and months. This will result in private hospitals… Read more »

Gerakan K

Oh, ya kah ??? Piggy bank is bad. Then stop EPF lah ???


GK Stupid idiotic comment


Off topic, jokers. By the way, your political master will go bankrupt if EPF disband. In fact, Malaysia can do WITHOUT EPF, but not barang naik. EPF hold 5-7% of Bolehland(TM) stock market shares and constantly trade in klse (allegedly) to stir up the speculation.


Voting in AMMO Barang Naik would be the greatest mistakes of all Malaysian. It will give them the ammunition to implement GST & 1Care. Now with Barang keep on Naiking Naiking we are already almost drown with the water neck up to our nose. With the implementation of 4 % GST, another Barang Barang Naik will certainly drown us. And with 1Care deduction of 10% from your pay check no amount of resusitation will save us. Just imagine those earning just 3000 (considered low income) both will have to contribute 600 (each 300 husband and wife.) Even 5% will kill… Read more »

semuanya OK kot

Fat chance that the gomen will cover everyone who is 60 and above. Since this is a rewriting of the “social contract”, why give special cover to civil servants and persioners at all, when private sector workers (except professionsls) are trapped with stagnant wages and no pension due to the destruction of worker unions? Co-payment for more than a set limit is standard elsewhere. I don’t know if it is less for the poor. It is usually met through insurance. Of course, the insurance businesses cannot wangle out of paying claims and are compelled to continure cover. This also provides… Read more »