Zunar to be taken in for questioning after posting bail


He had to post bail this morning on nine counts of sedition. Each count RM2,500. Total RM22,500. And after that, this happened:

Release Zunar now. Freedom of expression is a basic human right.

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I admire Zunar for his talent and bravery to stand up for justice.

Ed G

The PRDM seems to be highly obsessed with this cartoonist. Wonder if they are as committed in protecting the common people and society from ever prevalent crimes such as break ins, mugging, armed robberies, murders etc.


On the positive side, Zunar gets free publicity and many now get to know him and will be curious to know his work thus boosting the sale of his comic books.


We prefer earlier content format of your blog. Easier to surf and read.
we are sentimental folks more attached to older format although your sustainable renewal formats may appeal more to ever changing tastes of younger cosmopolitan readers!

gk ong

The new format is cluttered and confusing with too many red bars. I prefer the simplicity of the ‘ old heritage’ look of your previous web page.