You Are My Land – a song by AMIRAH


Do you all remember Amirah? She’s back with another haunting song, this time about our land.

Artist: AMIRAH

Composer: Amirah

Lyricist: Amirah, Stolar

Producer: Jeff Bova (Grammy winner)

Publisher: Amirah360 Publishing

Video: Stephen Rivera

Lyrics animation: Dia Morgan

In collaboration with Hands Percussion (

Clothing: Designed by Amirah (Kimono top, Songket pants)


You Are My Land

Verse 1

These sights and sounds are taking me over

These thoughts of you remind me that I’m older

This way of life, I’m fighting for

A love that’s made of truth and freedom


You are my land, you are my heart

Whenever you fall, I break apart

Don’t let these fools pretend, to know you

Remember the ones, the ones who made you

Verse 2

I hear your name and I can see my way

I wish that I could have you with me always

Can you help at night, when I’m alone

Cause losing you is what I’m afraid of



I remember that, you were all I asked for

Why can’t you take me as I am



I pray that I don’t ever let you down

The things I’d do just to stay here with you

#youaremyland #unity #diversity

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25 Jan 2021 11.52am

Carry On

A good song to lift up your spirits in time of vivid pandemic.