World Cup: A lesson in humility


It pays to be humble at all times, even for footballers on the World Cup stage.

After England were trounced 4-1 by Germany, and before the Argentina vs Germany game last night, Argentina’s centreback Martin Demichelis took a dig at England defender John Terry.

Demichelis said he believed Terry’s performance against Germany was downright embarrassing. “Seeing the way Terry played against Germany, if I was Terry I wouldn’t be able to go back to my country,” a news report quoted Demichelis as saying.

Next thing you know, Germany promptly thrashed Argentina 4-0. Talk about having to eat humble pie. I wonder if Demichelis will be returning to Argentina in a hurry.

Come to think of it, some of the most egotistical football ‘superstars’ who were expected to make a huge impact in South Africa have also been shown the exit, much earlier than expected. Instead it is the unknowns, especially from Germany, who are making people sit up and take notice.

There’s a lesson in humility there for all of us: “Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth.”

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Humility certainly is virtuous. Will virtue make one humble?

The meek need nothing else. The not so meek German, Merkel, will win the World Cup. Unlike our bumbling UMNO people, she scores on German goals. Not sure if that also means she scores her own goals!

Maybe she will, when Spain crashes right before her very eyes!

After the crashes maybe the Germans will go Dutch!

Malaysia? Boleh juga! Semua boleh! 😀


My friend Omar emailed me this –

” aiyah it wuz Maradona holding tat rosaries n praying laa …. he dun know tat d Pope is German ….. lol “


“till now nobody knows what happen”….. dude, let me tell you what happened, Holland rallied and came out looking for the win, putting pressure on the South Americans . When Brazil muffed up and let in the equalizer, it only inspired the Orange and heaped on the stress for the Brazilians. It was a matter of time before the second goal. Holland then literally parked the bus in front of their goal and this plus the rebounds from Holland just frustrated the Brazilians more. Put in the spot like this, they snapped. Brazil could have easily won if they managed… Read more »


Slapp Blater called it “beautiful game”where got beautiful if bookies can arrange the game, 1 good example is Bra vs Hol,1st. half Brasil play like true champion but 2nd. half….like school boys, till now nobody knows what happen….we(fans all around the world) only got fooled..1 can bet but dont betting decide the outcome….(?)


Anil and Sarah spot on!


Have you notice that countries that depended on foreign mercenaries (err .. players), don’t do so well. It is the same with countries who depends on foreign workers.


Verse 1
“Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth.”
Verse 2
“Cursed are the meek for waiting until the earth was ruined by the greedy.”


“It pays to be humble at all times…”..does not apply to most Msian politicians.


Let’s try to be charitable to England.
If Lampard’s goal had been allowed, England during the second half would have been more defensive instead of focussing so much effort on scoring an equaliser. They must have been playing under tremendous stress.
Having said that, the Germans were fantastic.

Gerakan K


1) cannot dribble
2) cannot make a comfortable pass to teammate
3) cannot shoot
4) lousy keeper
5) no winger
6) cannot make any deadly cross

I won handsomely in England matches.

Steven Seagal

Most of the footballers are useless!
They have (allegedly) been bribe by Bookie and the result for most of matches were either manipulate or pre fix.
Otherwise, all Bookie have declare bankrupt long time ago!
Don’t be so naive to believe there is a fair game in betting.
If there is fair in betting, all Casino around the world have declare bankrupt long time ago!
Believe it or not?
Go judge by yourself!


Hey, I agree 101% I also think those who are so attracted and crazy about the world cup or any major competitions are just as useless, supporting teams who use money to buy players!! Come-on, it’s a game, not a trading orgy! Then there are those hopeless companies sponsoring those useless teams when they could have done better deeds with their money (scholarships, poverty eradication, etc..) All these frenzy are created by the media and if we are to be a bit more logical, I’m sure football today (and all other major sports) would have been a more pleasant event… Read more »


The Germans were very strategic. Argentinians were sluggish at lst set and no strategy throughout the game. Argentinians did not maximize synergy of teamwork in order to keep opponent guessing the direction of ball acoming! Which the German did – beautiful game.

Which mamak stall u join for FIFA, Gerakan K? I go Subaidah Sg Dua.


Agree with you. Humility is not the only thing we should learn. The Germans are very disciplined, organised, systematic, hard-working, tactical, etc. From coaches to sports doctors, everything hums like a well-oiled machine.

Gerakan K

Actually, now I’m in Selangor. Bangsar pub is my next destination with some of my best friends.

Gerakan K

So, PR listen now. Stop chanting the PutraJaya dream. Maybe they need another 50 years or more ???


When you point a finger at a person, remember there’s 3 other fingers pointing back at you (England 4-1 defeat???)… unless you use your thumb… which leaves 4 fingers pointing aback… (Argies 4-0???)

Go figure…