Tribute to Whitney Houston


On a day when the Grammy Awards ceremony paid tribute to Whitney Houston, our very own guest writer Martin Jalleh comes up with a moving tribute to the gifted singer.

Your pure, perfect, powerful and peerless voice will persist in our hearts, Whitney!
By Martin Jalleh

You were a “majestic voice”, a “miracle voice”, a “magical voice”. You were a “magnificent voice” (as singing legend Barbra Streisand would put it).

You were “pop’s pure princess”…one of pop’s “purest voices”… your vocal prowess unequalled!

You were one of the world’s greatest, gifted, and gorgeous pop singers of all time!

You were a gift of God…one born for greatness…the golden girl of the music industry! To Mariah Carey you “will never be forgotten as one of the greatest voices to ever grace the earth.”

The world will always love you Whitney Houston — your powerful, pristine, passionate and peerless vocals … your perfect image and poise!

You were “the perfect melding of the styles of (your) mother, gospel singer Cissy Houston; cousin, 1960s pop singer Dionne Warwick; and godmother, queen of soul Aretha Franklin”!

Sadly and tragically, you were a paradox of talent and tragedy … a beautiful soul, yet one who would be very broken and who would make bizarre public appearances.

You were a living musical legend in your own right and yet a very lonely life with a lost voice and searching for the greatest love of all, in your last days.

You, who once vowed your audiences effortlessly, would struggle personally and despairingly in drug rehabilitation centres!

You ruled as pop music’s queen until your life was ravaged by drug use, your regal image ruined by erratic behaviour and a rocky marriage.

Your signature high notes took you to the top of the pop music world but you saw your career spiralling out of control as you sank deeper in the mire of substance abuse.

You scooped up six Grammys and more than 400 other awards in a 25-year career. You sold millions and spawned hit after hit. You had everything; yet you struggled for years in emptiness and senselessness for survival!

You were the darling of millions but when decades of drug use destroyed your image and resulted in your wild demeanour and dishevelled and disoriented appearance, many deserted you. You would declare: “The biggest devil is me!”

You were a feisty diva with fame and fortune … accompanied by a very frail, fragile and fallen nature. But, as Lionel Ritchie would urge us, it is your voice and not so much the tragedy that will be our focus when we hold your life up in memory.

Indeed you were one of history’s greatest songbirds. Your searing, soaring voice, your soulful roots …You were a superstar!

You started off as a singer in a church choir. Divine wisdom would have it that you would sing as your last song here in earth the gospel classic: “Jesus loves me!”

May the choir of angels greet you and lead you into paradise … farewell, Whitney …. May you rest in peace.

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14 Feb 2012 5.51pm

In coming years you will see more people suffering from the addiction to Facebook.

Patrice Suarez
Patrice Suarez
14 Feb 2012 9.21am

Below link is a more urgent news from/to our younger generation rather than to idolise/mourn for someone who did not cherish precious life (took drugs and failed to rehab many times) given by God. Fix the economy, say struggling new-generation voters Read : quote : — The government’s talk of economic transformation and reform has little resonance with the nation’s newest batch of voters who are suffering from the erosion of spending power in the country which they feel has made it a struggle to survive and clouds their future. Unlike the older generation of voters who were able… Read more »

Wayne Adebayor
Wayne Adebayor
14 Feb 2012 4.00pm
Reply to  Patrice Suarez

so the root cause of all the concerns (high cost of condos, high density development etc) can be attributed to ineffective central government who has caused our purchasing power not able to fight off inflation !

Time to UBAH & ABU !

ps i obseved a brief moment of prayer for Whitney and now we all move on …….

14 Feb 2012 9.00am

OK. Enough. I met her and spent several hours with her and her entourage. It was Clive Davis who was fired from CBS and desperate to sign talent with his label Arista Records. It took nearly 3 yrs and Clive Davis personally taking charge of her career before they found the formula that produced her real first big hit. She was god-given talented but as far as other characteristics are concern, she was no inspiration. Her story was one of talent but more so about people like Clive Davis, Micheal Masser, David Foster who could turn the talent into success.… Read more »

14 Feb 2012 8.25am

This is a lesson in living and walking a straight path. If anyone of us knows God, walk with Him, obey Him and have faith in Him in times of joy and in times of troubles/difficulties. This may sound trite, but the truth is already seen in the tragic lives of those who can’t take hold of their lives and overcome evil. Substance abuse is one of these evil, the other is excessive self indulgence in materialism that often renders one to slavery and unhappiness. Want freedom? Seek Him, and He will show you the Way, the Truth and the… Read more »

14 Feb 2012 11.33am
Reply to  tunglang

God gave her good voice, but not the wisdom to be healthy (drug-free) and good marriage.

It shows that you simply could not get everything in life.
God is fair to all. Cherish your talent.

So if you have good health and good marriage, that’s a blessing although you cannot afford the high condominium cost in Penang.

14 Feb 2012 9.36pm
Reply to  Sheena

She did not use the wisdom already in her. God gives everyone a free choice to choose between wisdom or folly which comes with self responsibility and a price.
Wisdom is already here since the beginning.
You are right to say health is a blessing. And health is also wealth in a life enhancing sense without the insanity of working like materialistic rats for something not everlasting but fleeting and egoistic.

Ho Ho Ho
Ho Ho Ho
13 Feb 2012 11.01pm

Ho 😥 Ho 😥 Ho 😥

😥 EVIL force use DRUGS to kill many innocence lives…..May GOD bless their soul……RIP Whitney Houston…..GODS knows everything…. 😥

Ho 😥 Ho 😥 Ho 😥

ong eu soon
ong eu soon
13 Feb 2012 10.14pm

Too bad, you are just a drug addict, never learn to be yourself.