Time to let your hair down


As we enter by-election mode, how about some light relief…

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How come PNB’s money is rakyat’s money? Yes, they run those amanah saham, but it’s not compulsory for you to pump your money in it. It’s like you buy those unit trusts, you don’t control how they’re going to play with your money. It’s your call whether you want to buy it or not, whether to trust their services or not. Anyway, it’s prime real estate. If a mega building is going to be built there, you can imagine the value it’s going to fetched later on, not to mention the rental revenue it’s going to recoup. And to whom… Read more »


The hidden agenda of making Sejarah compulsory for SPM is the imprinting in the minds of our children and future generations the notion of Ketuanan Melayu vis a vis the others. … This is a shameful and insidious move to imprint in these young minds their version of history… For decades now the Biro Tata Negara (BTN) has been brainwashing all participants… However most BTN participants are Malays; this does not change the mindset of the vast majority of the population. The government realises that doing it this way is too slow. Hence this new edict regarding making history a… Read more »


The syllabus of Sejarah must reflect the spirit of 1 malaysia, and include the contribution of all race in the fight for independance.

Remember, not all Chinese are communist.
and not all malays are patriotic.

Our sejarah should not be politised!!!


Mega towers, mega towers, mega towers.
Not even a small or tiny tower for ‘Little India’.

Just a small fountain for which a very old, grand tree had to be partially chopped off.


It is just a BN stunt to get Indian voters.

Kamal B

While some Umno assemblymen have criticised the Selangor government for granting licences to nightclubs, massage parlours and other like industries (the truth is, the licences were granted under Selangor MB Mohd Khir Toyo’s administration), their president Najib Razak is now encouraging more nightclubs and spas to be opened under his ETP.


Cool, Anil! Right, let’s keep the momentum on PAS – rock ’em, send umno packing!!!


hahaha… yes, get the mud off that face!

SH Tan

Cool, Anil. Like this one. It’s an evergreen.


This is a better video to watch to release ‘tension’:

Malaysia’s funniest and tragic court video