‘The Three Stooges’ are back!


Have you heard? A remake of the classic slapstick comedy ‘The Three Stooges’ is due to hit the big screen next year.

The cast of new actors looks remarkably like the old Larry, Curly and Moe from the black-and-white TV era.

Check out this USA Today report.

I am just wondering, if ever we tried to do a local remake, who could we cast as the famous trio? We probably have lots of ‘hidden talent’.

“And the nominees are … (drumroll) … X, Y and Z for their role in … “

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Gerakan turned Gelakan! Since the evening of 308.

Nevermind my father-in-law for his unforgiving grudge and ego-bashed kia su till this day. He will surely thank me one fine day for wearing that Red Tee in Han Chiang field that fateful night.
My gelak-gelakan is not at my father-in-law, but more at the many Stooges of Gelakan Boh Hoot turned Gelakan Malaysia including East Malaysia. They should audition for big time jokers instead of wasting time as Boh Hoot, least of all in Penang!

Karam S

Anil’s blog 3 S against present penang gomen :

a) Ah Soon
b) ?
c) ?

surely no prize naming the first one….

Andrew I

In your blog, I vote for Gherkin, Kommitingmelodic and Charlie Chickadee, though the last two have been silent these days. All their comments put together will make a great sketch.


Don’t know about you… but my first thoughts were: Ibrahim Ali, Zul Noordin and Rahim Noor on Wednesday.

Kong Kek Kuat

The three stooges in Peninsular Malaysian politics? Your guess is as good as mine, they are no other than MCA/MIC/GERAKAN!

And just look at how “accomodating” those in UMNO Sabah are with GERAKAN? Pathetic is the word for GERAKAN, they never imagined that UMNO had such animosity against them. Tarak guna lagi lah GERAKAN! Trying to “sneak” into East Malaysia via the back door, just like the KPI Minister? Inilah GERAKAN!


And in Malaysia the 3 stooges = 3K


The 3K Trio will win the Astro Warna’s “Maharaja Lawak Mega” competition!!!

Yang Razlan

Reading your twitter at first glanced i thoughtyou are talking about the 3 stooges from the Anwer Ibrahim sex video. Well they are anyway.