The George Town Festival is back


Just a shout out from RS for the coming George Town Festival – the lil’ festival that could – from the lil’ island that could!

The wholly Penang state-sponsored and inspired festival that brought you Emily of Emerald Hill (2011), Peranakan Culture and Fashion, Opera on the Streets and the mind-blowing Akram Khan’s Vertical Dance from London (2012) is back – bigger and better – for the third year running.

There will be a whole lot of exciting cultural and world-class events running across George Town from 15 June to 15 July. Check out the Festival website for full listings. Also get up-to-date on Facebook.

Notable highlights this year would be the grand Silat Gala opening nite at the Esplanade, The Manganiyar Seduction (don’t miss this!), The Philippine Singers (award-winning choral music at St George’s Church ), Blinded Mind, Northern Music Festival, Live Heritage, Circle of Sand, stand-up comedy at China House, Tropfest at the Botanic Garden, Cambodian Shadow Plays, street arts, art exhibitions and movies.

It will be the time when George Town and the people of Penang celebrate and showcase their Unesco listing and their vibrant cosmopolitan diversity and tapestry to the world! Come and enjoy the festival that IS making waves in this region (with special mention in the New York Times, Time Out and CNNGo) and see what we can achieve when creativity and the arts are nurtured and given space to grow.

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Gerakan K

Anil: “The wholly Penang state-sponsored…”

I’m very interested except I don’t want to hear that DAP LGE ceramah. You know very often he treat state official/sponsored events as DAP ceramah sessions.

LGE is very BORING. Always blame blame blame and finger pointing to the past.

My advise to DAP LGE: take your salary and go working !!! Stop blaming and show your contribution to Penang.


LGE’s contributions are clear. That’s why fat hopes to Gerakan taking back Penang. You talk about free port then sell the port to Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar? Very funny Gerakan. Teng Chang Yeow is stuck not knowing what to do now. He wants to reach out but UMNO undermines him by acting like a hooligan.


People are paid to listen to BN leaders.
(Civil servants are made to attend Umno leader’s event during workign hours).

But people are paying to listen to DAP leaders at Ceramah.
(Tickets to DAP ceramah dinner usually sold out early).

That’s the difference!


dap jelutong dinner raised RM47K in a single night.


State sponsored activities that benefits the state and people should be supported. Definitely should not support a propaganda event that uses the RAKYAT such as the Bukit Jalil 1million that is exclusively for AMMO people. And surely should not support the buying and tendering of car number using the people money. Oop he said the state has not paid and he has not paid. So who pay for it. ???? Very queer isn`t it. And he don`t know about it. Again very strange, who sign the tender form. And the pornstar adulterer … said its from one hand to the… Read more »


Above should be RAKYAT MONEY.

And from one hand to the other hand. Well well from whose hand. Make a guess


Update, Now he say JPJ give it to him free. And the King has to tender for 520K
Wow (is he) greater than the King(?)


Left hand Kong Chong Har is helping Right Hand Liow Teong Lai, to demonstrate the principle advocated by Chua Soi Lek.

This is MCA’s version of ‘I Help You, You Help Me’.

Maybe it is a form of najibonomics to spur economy to generate more transaction from left to right so as to spur the KPI?


It should be Left > Right ^ Top.
That is the power of the Pyramid.
Saw dust for the Bottom!


Rakyat got the crumbs.

As seen in Shahrizat’s family earning high interest on NFC loan which is far more than RM500 you get in BR1M!!!!

Rakyat dilembukan!