She’s done it! Penang’s Dasha Logan tops UK Soul Chart with Cleverly


The official chart has not yet been updated to reflect the latest position on Sunday, 7 December, but Steve Ripley, head of Soulfood Music, a UK-based Urban/Soul music promotion company, based with Music House tweets:

This was retweeted by Triple O Production, which produced the label.

UK singer-songwriter Paul Chambers (aka Paul Johnson) reacted:

The UK Soul Chart on 30 November 2014 showed Dasha in No 2 spot.

This was Dasha from two years ago:

And five years ago:

The legend of the Alleycats lives on.

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Dasha Logan performs her No.1 hit song on the UK Soul Charts ( at Rils Bangsar:


It is pity that Dasha’s hit song is not on the local airwaves, let alone the local music charts.

gk ong

Muhyidin is proposing full day schooling to allow more time for students to learn English. What say you Anil?


Anil, they should (first & foremost) take away the kia-su phobia of English as an international language of knowledge & communication. Without mastering English, one is as good as the Katak Ibrahim species di bawah tempurong Gua Musang.


Retired seniors with good command of English are better than those young local graduates with half past 6 manglish teaching oh my English type to our young children to become quarter past 6.


Alleycats is good but they have to sing malay songs to survive in order to get the airtime on local TV and radio during the 80s.

I remember Loganathan sang Led Zepellin songs very well.

I hope Dasha can keep to her roots and not to sell out singing malay songs to get the attention of RTM or TV3.


She will have to (cover herself) to appear on RTM or TV3.
So no need for such publicity!


Non Malays can sing native songs as well as Malay songs. However, almost all Malay singers cannot sing Chinese or Indian songs as our national school education policy fails at world stage. Even Siti struggles with conversational English – despite private tutoring from hubby Datuk K(?)


Actually many Chinese Malaysians have had number one hit songs on Taiwan pop chart in the last 20 years. Many non Malays of Malaysia have to venture overseas for recognition when The BN government only promote Malay songs on RTM and TV3 in the last 50 years.


Mahathir said foreigners can become the PM of Msia one day.

In a way this is quite true. Our locals not able to promote the country lie Ang Mohs. For example, this youtube video shows an Ang Moh food ranger promoting top 5 penang food recently.

tunglang better pick up his DSLR and make a local version of what’s the best Penang food, otherwise local Penangites can never beat the enthusiasm and creativity of Mat Sallehs’ invasion on local food scenes.


TQ, Lingaa (Hindi action actor?)

Long time no food shooting since my last street food crawling.
Thinking of adding tunglang’s Dancing Taste Buds Firmware to my Nikon Df to arouse my passion for Penang Ori-Maestro Street Cuisine.


Dashes can recommend top 5 Penang hacker food to the British e.g. Char Hor Fun, Pasembur, Mee Udang Teluk Kumbar, and not forgetting special brew Koop from Lorong Susu off McCalister Road


Lingaa is the alter ego of Superstar Rajanikanth, after Sivaji the Boss.


Superstar Rajanikanth birthday this week.
I have a client that went all the way to Chenai with tattoo (on his body) of the star, T-shirt of the star just to meet him on his birthday. I heard Superstar Rajanikanth has fans as far as Japan which translated his movies to Japanese.
He may not dance around coconut trees, but he may dance around our Twin Towers!


Dasha the cat woman in alleycats lineup sure desktop in local music chart as well e.g. singing r&b version of Andainya Aku Pergi Dulu?


Typo error. Sure meletop Carta Carta music do Msian.


Dasha Logan as a featuring artist singing Search’s Fantasia Bulan Madu in 2013.

She can be a boost to The Alleycats as well.


There are many music charts giving du recognition counted by means of record sales and lately more on music streaming requests or itune sales. Nevertheless, Dasha is credible in her own way. I hope she can make guest appearances on UK TV programs like UK X Factor or Dancing With The Star to gain more publicity in global market. Having said that, she must be wise with “helping hands” that may give her fast and direct access to commericial media as such sponsor may ask her to return to be part of BeEnd machinery for GE14 Gerak Belia events. Few… Read more »

gk ong

Is the song also on the UK Pop Chart?


The progeny of Alleycats croons to the top of UK music chart!
Penang kia pun-su.

LGE should ‘move fast’ to secure her as Penang’s worldwide ambassador of art & music in line with marketing Penang as cultural heartbeat of Malaysia (without insanity of bias).

Congrats to Dasha Logan & (late) Loganathan Arumugam. UR truly ‘dahsyat’.


MIC is said to be checking her up.


also not to forget the late Arumugam the goalkeeper of golden era of Malaysian football. The goalkeeper with “spiderman” nickname could catch the balls firmly unlike present Suzuki Cup goalkeeper who could not hold the balls and spilled them out for the Vietnam to score last Sunday.

Pak Tim