Rosmah bags another award


Fresh from receiving an honorary doctorate from Curtin University, Rosmah has received another award.

She was presented with the Seni Silat Gayung award, which carries the title ‘Sri Pelangi Srikandi Utama’, during the 50th anniversary of the Silat Gayung Association.

Najib, not to be left out, was honoured with an equally impressive-sounding Imam Khalifah Agong Gayong award, which carries the title ‘Sri Tri Buana Gangga Simanjakani Chula Sakti’.

Utusan reports:

Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak hari ini menerima anugerah Imam Khalifah Agong Gayong oleh Pertubuhan Seni Silat Pusaka Gayong Malaysia.

Anugerah itu yang membawa gelaran Sri Tri Buana Gangga Simanjakani Chula Sakti disampaikan oleh Yang Dipertua pertubuhan itu Datuk Raja Abdul Majid Raja Mat Isa.

Pada majlis yang diadakan di Kompleks Sukan Kriss Modenas di sini, isteri perdana menteri, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor turut menerima anugerah yang membawa gelaran Sri Pelangi Srikandi Utama.

Me, I am just trying to picture them doing silat.

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I’m also trying to imagine them doing the martial art….somehow, the mind gravitates toward sumo instead….

big mama

So is she into collecting awards like she collects Birkins and diamond rings. Awards given to someone absolutely undeserving and meaningless.


Actually the correct analogy is like collecting garbage when they won’t sell you the Birkin bags!!


Obviously they have lost the middle. So the only way to survive is to collect as many of the fringe votes as possible. Same way the Republicans candidate in trouble always go back to the NRA and the likes of the tea-party..

Gerakan K

I just don’t understand why Pakatan supporters like to BULLY women. Before it was Ms Jessie, and now the BULLYING act continues with 1Malaysia PM’s wife, Rosmah, PhD.

Female voters out there, you should what to do in next GE.

Angry and Fed UP

Jessie Ooi should have conducted herself with class. The way she posed her questions lacked intelligence..macam orang bukit. Buat malu

As for Rosmah, she’s NOT even a politician..rather..just a wife of a she gets no votes from anyone. Other than the rakyat (BN supporters and Pakatan supporters) are helping her buy insanely expensive things with our tax money

Rosmah’s PHD is a joke. It really insults both my parents .. who have PHDs and WORKED HARD for them


And it insult me that one of my own race is willing to sell his own race to become a wannabe for some privileges and pittance

najib manaukau

The highest award in the country carrying the title of “Tun” (could be almost) in her bag. You can bet your life that is something she is bound to be given! It goes to show what the title carries … the shenanigan Mahathir is also another good example. In time to come every one in the country , especially those … in Umno will be Datur, Tan Sri or a Tun. Just imagine a nation with three to four million of Datuks, Tan Sris or even Tuns, throw a stone and it will surely hit one of them. Better odds… Read more »


She certainly need the award. Punch bag for silat gayung


Reading your headline i thought she has won the coming Oscar awards for Special Make Up effect.

Angry and Fed UP

This is getting ridiculously retarded. Why is Rosmah getting these awards that are so irrelevant? If she was an academician and contributed to the academic world then yes, getting an honorary PHD kind of makes sense. Now this Silat Gayung award? If she spent time in this form of martial arts (practicing or teaching) then yes, it makes sense…but look at her. She’s bloated as heck and I seriously doubt if she can buka any type of basic langkah at all! Syiok sendiri la this woman. And those who award such titles to her are just trying to get into… Read more »