Reunion of cast of Sound of Music


Ever wondered what happened to the cast of Sound of Music? Here they are reunited 45 years after the movie.

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Syiok Syiok

Another 60’s movie classic West Side Story and it’s cast reunion :

Syiok Syiok

Original TV’s Charlie’s Angels reunion :

Another reunion is now not possible as Farrah Fawcett has left the world.

Andrew I

Charlie chikadees.


They certainly don’t make movies like they used to in those days. Today we don’t get many movies with good values that are appropriate for parents to watch with their young kids.

Syiok Syiok


Wholesome movies your family can watch together to improve parental-child bonding :

or check this out :


For the Sound of Music…we all enjoy it for its heart-warming tale but for one of the actual daughter of the von trapp, it was something for which she resented of and attempted to set the record straight especially the truth about her father as portrayed by Christopher Plummer in the movie and that of their life in Austria, late in her life.


Reunion with the past is important as it recalls and amplifies the passage of our journey and how far we have come to be now. It need not be a comparison of who’s the better now – the more wealthier, the more influential, the more desirable or the one with more class assets, things which have no eternity value. To each individual his own unique (chosen) passage of time in a world that knows no favors or bestowed luck or divine blessings. To each his own struggle to know himself, his ways, his lessons, his success/failure, his aspiration. To each… Read more »

Syiok Syiok

Chuck Norris will never get a reunion with Bruce Lee.
So we shall rewind to the past to relive this classic duel at Rome Colliseum :


The actors are well forgotten, the “Sound of Music” remained deep in many hearts!…I talk to the hill when Bolehland has gone bongus…..

Syiok Syiok

Since Anil & his readers are sentimental about the past, here’s another reunion a lot of people can identify with :

Little House On The Prairie Reunion


hahahaha… anil, you have a soft spot for the sound of music? 😀

Andrew I

Someone must do the hills are alive test with arms outstretched in the new Penang Hill carpark. How about it, Gherks?

Andrew I

Wow, some of the kids look older than Christopher Plummer.

I remember a friend who once suddenly did a song and dance down a komtar car park ramp, singing the hills are alive.

Truly the roots of Bollywood.