Remembering Whitney Houston


Whitney Houston, found dead in a hotel room on the eve of the Grammy Awards show, will always be remembered for her powerful vocals in songs that touched the hearts of millions around the world.

And one from her Gospel roots:

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12 Feb 2012 9.42pm

A very soulful Amazing Grace by Whitney..
As I sip Kopi-O kau kau, my feeling goes to Whitney –
Rest In Peace. Jesus Loves You.
“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest”. Matthew 11:28

Andrew I
Andrew I
12 Feb 2012 9.13pm

This is my all time favorite duet, Whitney with Jermaine Jackson, whom I thought was the Jackson brother who was more talented than Michael. Thank God he didn’t cross over to mainstream.

Andrew I
Andrew I
12 Feb 2012 9.00pm

I remember Whitney from her first hit, Saving all my love for you. A young, beautiful 18 year old with the class to do justice to such a great song. But like Michael Jackson with his Off the wall album, both became victims of their initial success.

Michael didn’t just want mainstream pop acceptance. He wanted to become his new audience, i.e. white. Whitney went on to marry Bobby Brown, who was touted as the new Michael Jackson in 1985.

The black artistes of today pale in comparison to them.

12 Feb 2012 5.47pm

SAD, another one down at just 48 …drugs!
Yes Whitney Houston the golden girl of the 90s, of “Bodyguard” fame who wowed the world effortlessly with her “I will always love you” . I guess we will always love her!

Syiok Syiok
Syiok Syiok
12 Feb 2012 5.34pm

latest abc (usa) report on whitney’s death : Many stars took to Twitter to voice shock after Houston was found dead in the Beverly Hilton, hours before a traditional pre-Grammys dinner which she was due to attend. “It’s a tragedy. Whitney Houston was the greatest singer I’ve ever heard and she will be truly missed,” wrote veteran crooner Tony Bennett. Mariah Carey added: “She will never be forgotten as one of the greatest voices to ever grace the earth.” while “Queen of Funk” Chaka Khan tweeted: “I’m speechless…I’m in shock right now. Just pray for her and the family.” Jermaine… Read more »

Syiok Syiok
Syiok Syiok
12 Feb 2012 5.23pm

rip whitney.
her final performance

Syiok Syiok
Syiok Syiok
12 Feb 2012 4.23pm

Some lessons learnt from Whitney’s demise :
1) don’t ever marry a playboy (in her case Bobby Brown)
2) stay away from drugs (also anti-depressant)
3) stick to choir singing if can’t cope with fame and fortune

12 Feb 2012 9.37pm
Reply to  Syiok Syiok

A very moving song for those of us facing difficult or challenging circumstances in an uncertain future.
Yes, she sings a great song of Hope & Faith in Believe (in Miracles). God really used her to let us know there’s Hope. If only we believe in Him.

Patrice Suarez
Patrice Suarez
13 Feb 2012 10.08am
Reply to  tunglang

Some prefer to remember Whitney of late 80’s till mid 90’s, when she was fabulous not influenced by drugs.
Similarly, some prefer to cherish the past Penang and ignore what’s happening to it right now.

If only Whitney stays rooted to her gospel upbringing……….. If only Penangites treasures the nature tranquility over the choked traffic …..