Released from remand, Zunar thanks IGP


Zunar was released this morning from remand.

His wife Fazlina now says he will have to find out if he will be formally charged.

Sounding tired over the phone, Zunar said the police were not aggressive. “I was not interrogated but still I was grilled for up to five or six hours a day and had to give statements.”

The investigations were not only into his tweets during the Anwar trial but also covered two of his cartoon books ‘Pirates of the Carry BN’ and ‘Conspiracy over Anwar’.

“They wanted a lot of information, for example, who was my landlord and the sources of financing for the book, but I didn’t give them all the info they wanted.”

When I told Zunar his arrest and remand had received wide international media coverage, the cartoonist quipped: “When I was arrested and remanded in 2010, I had to thank an ASP for increasing my popularity. This time, I have to thank the IGP for boosting my popularity!”

I believe Zunar is now off to a mouth-watering banana leaf lunch somewhere in KL!

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gk ong
gk ong
28 Feb 2015 3.07pm

20 police personnel today disrupted the second attempted launch of cartoonist Zunar’s latest book, ROS in Kangkongland, and have threatened to arrest the satirist if he were to proceed with the private event on the book featuring the First Lady Rosmah Mansor.

27 Feb 2015 11.09am

I like this animated cartoon by Zunar on Youtube:

17 Feb 2015 3.47pm

Pelancaran Buku Kartunis Zunar:

13 Feb 2015 1.06pm

Was Zunar’s arrested bcoz he’s drawing untruth? If he carries, he will be bestowed with Dato just like Lat?

Anyway, it is too complicated.

Going to check out affordable housings as highlighted by a kind reader. Anil better highlights the event otherwise during CNY only expensive property on display at Penang shopping malls. It can be CSR by!

gk ong
gk ong
14 Feb 2015 11.35am
Reply to  jojo

The Star today comes with a color leaflet featuring Granito@Permai -affordable homes @ Tanjung Bunga.

Registration is now open.

15 Feb 2015 11.26am
Reply to  gk ong

Today 15/2/2015 The Star has 12-page supplement on property and another 12-page supplement on Tropicana properties – all expensive stuff.

So Granito@Permai is a bargain.