‘Listen! Listen!’ dance remix surges past 1 million views


The ‘Listen! Listen!’ dance remix has swept the country, in the process exposing many college and university students to the way they have been indoctrinated all these years.

It is no longer about Sharifah and Bawani but these clips have exposed the system for what it is – though we have to be thankful to plucky Bawani for sparking this new awareness.

Anyway, this clip, produced by Yuri Wong’s Factory Music Studio, has rocketed past one million views. For more about Yuri Wong, who won Best Producer at the VIMA 2010 awards, go here.

Hot on Yuri’s heels is Namewee’s production, which is reaching 700000 views.

Rapidly rising the charts and closing in on Namewee is this cute little parody on matlutfi90’s Youtube account with over 600000 views:

Malaysia’s Got Talent, all right.

All these clips might seem amusing, but they have also exposed many young people for the first time to what goes on inside our campuses, where they are rarely encouraged to think critically. Instead, they are required to listen quietly while they are indoctrinated.

The ‘Listen! Listen!’ episode and the above parodies have raised awareness about the spiralling cost of higher education in the country and the debt burden of study loans that students have to shoulder. Like Bawani, students should be asking questions about the privatisation of education and why Malaysia cannot have free education.

Hopefully, this entire episode has opened the eyes of young people and moved them to think more seriously about what is happening in the country. May they unshackle the chains of mental stupour that are holding them back.

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Jason Toh

LISTEN! LISTEN! LISTEN! Let’s refuse brainwashing culture at our local universities and young groups! This is a political forum organized by DAP Socialist Youth (DAPSY) Johor and DAP Taman Molek Branch. Get a chance to meet our young political leaders! Our DAPSY leaders will talk about current issues, all of you are invited (especially youngster) to this forum, to LISTEN, and of course, we will LET YOU SPEAK too! ADMISSION FREE! Bring your friends too! Date: 1 Feb 2013 (FRIDAY) Time: 8.00 PM Contact Person: Marcus Sew 019-7570 705 Venue: Thy Executive Hotel No 2, Jalan Mutiara 1, Taman Perindustrian… Read more »


Watch this video. It is a reflection of the Sahrifah v Bawani case:


Baby also say NO to LISTEN Sharifah:

I support Bawani

Kak Listen vs Bawani Part 2 tomorrow 22 Jan (8pm) at the the forum titled “Academic Freedom and Fundamental Rights” to be held at the Kuala Lumpur-Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall, organised by student movement Solidariti Anak Muda Malaysia (SAMM).


Kak Listen appeared to have canceled the sincerity of her own apology to Bawani however as she said “the only party who deserves my sincere apology is UUM, from the higher authority of the said university, Syahmi Zakari and YDP Ku Amirul and their hardworking and efficient team in making the forum a success…”

Gerakan K

@Ong Eu Soon:

unless that million convertible to ringgit, otherwise it serves no purpose.


If one were to notice it is mostly the WANNABE … that are the cause of racial trouble just like one in this site

Ong Eu Soon

Finally she got her first million!

Gerakan K

Another nonsense from pakatan fan boys. What is so great about that BAWANg Ini ??? What is so great about that FRESH STUDENT without real life experience ???


The greatness of one is not about whether you are fresh or experience. The greatness of one self is humbleness and to express oneself for the truth without fear and favour. And that’s one Bawani who dare express in front of thousand of her colleagues unlike the cowardly Zohra who dare not let the truth be known just like the dumb PM Najis


She definitely stand tall among the great although she is an unknown unlike the dumb PM who buy and spend using the peoples’ money for propaganda


I hope renowned DJs like Havana Brown and David Guetta could play this excellent remix songs to the dance beat for the worldwide dance audience.

Sure meletop one!

I support Bawani

this is the new remix combining the 2 earlier videos to one. i heard it is hot on dancefloor now:

Salak (@Salak97628845)

Mobil visits of Malaysia origins on Youtube videos are escalating. Thanks to Najib on the phone deal. Well, thank yourself …its YOUR money!

Paints graphically, without Najib and scoundrels you have ACESS to a better LIFE. #LISTEN! Let’s GET A LIFE! @#GE13 !


Will these 1 million people please go and vote in GE13 thanks…


The parodies are of huge political importance. They demonstrate not only that Malaysia has a few true artists left; foremost we realize that there are at least a million Malaysians have not lost their sense of humor after all these years of intimidation that have made countless Malaysians uptight enough to easily run a marathon with a telephone book in their a** cracks. Would it not be fantastic if Malaysia did not see an Arabic Spring, or a Velvet, Pink or Red Revolution, but instead become renown for its “Satire Revolution”? BN offers all the ingredients: widespread corruption, condescending behavior… Read more »


Hey, I like Namewee Tokok, best!
That despicable big bully – Sharifah Zohra Zabeen a/p Syed Shah Miskin was wailing for attention, now she gets it – reaction of an incensed public!


I like Namewee,he says animals have no compalin because only animals like goverment


Only thing I don’t like is that the video does no link it to the fact the fault begin and largely responsible for with Mahathir and his kinds…