Lee Zii Jia lifts Malaysia’s gloom with breakthrough All-England triumph


World no. 10 Lee Zii Jia has arrived on the world stage in style, giving the entire country a lift, as he edged out world no. 2 Viktor Axelsen to clinch the All-England men’s singles badminton crown. Lee is coached by Tey Seu Bock and Indonesia’ Hendrawan under national coaching director Wong Choon Hann. He was previously trained by Misbun Sidek and Indonesia’s Indra Wijaya.

In the quarter-finals, Lee ousted world no. 1 Kento Momota 21-16, 21-19, whom he had never taken a game off in six previous encounters. So the new champion’s triumph is no fluke.

It was a good day for Malaysian coaches abroad as well. Japan under Tan Kim Her (men’s doubles) and Jeremy Gan (mixed doubles) triumphed in all-Japan finals in the two events.

Japan, coached by South Korea’s Park Joo Bong, who once trained the Malaysian team, is undoubtedly a new powerhouse in world badminton, winning four of the five final events – three of them all-Japan finals, in the absence of China and Indonesia.

But Lee’s breakthrough win has shown us the power of perseverance and determination against the odds. It has rallied the nation together, breaking down ethnic and religious barriers, at a time of so much divisiveness.

Now let’s hope for Parliament to reconvene soon, so that our elected representatives can put their minds together to break through the political stalemate that is dragging the nation down.

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Penang FC beat Selangor by 2 goals away game in Liga Super also lifted by the spirits of Penangites?


Penang coach is a Liverpool’s coach Jurgen Klopp lookalike. Maybe this is the factor powering Penang to good performance?


Top 10 compilation of Lee Zii Kia’s court action for fans to enjoy


A moment to remember

Justified 1000 shares reward from 100Plus.


Penang FC wins again!
Beat Persk FC 2-1.


Langkawi to create more islands ?


How will the fishermen livelihood being affected?

May be by then we shall see Langkawi Residents Association to follow the approach by TBRA?


Even worse than Peng Land as Lang Kawin is made up of many islands and the sea water is pristine and the jungles are virgin.


malaysia orso strike jack pot. Covid cases still over a thousand after sooo many moons. Does not seems to drop the pants with MCO and EMCO.


Shriek u play safe to register for vaccination.

Do remember one has no choice over which brand of vaccination you will get although you may prefer Russian one over USA or China over European one.

Jackpot normally we refer to Magnum or Kuda or Toto.


I have no choice. I get Tonghsan Minan brand. You get “Russia with Love” vaccine? That is what I mean Jack Pot. Jalan with KGB is not easy


Penang island A to go private.


Looks like it may becomethe exclusive island as no private venture will not undertake this project unless returns are profitable (commercial condos etc).


I believe AnilNetto.com next topic will be on Peang reclaimed islands.

Island A privately driven but still owned by Penang Government?

PF’s Mr Lim Mah Hui raised the question and may be we get more clarity later?



LZJ – Learn from Mistake (Motivation Video)


Lee Zii Jia – Pride of Alor Star, Kedah.

Pearly Tan (Women Doubles) also from Alor Star.


Sould not overhyped. Too much pressure can bring instant downfall. China, Indonesia and Korean players await.

BAM should be ashamed of itself when asked players and coaches (until coach Hendrawan broke down in stressful situation) to show cause for failure in Thailand before all England. BAM never blame the management team.

I suggest good players leave BAM and join professional club instead.


Many politicians to seek limelight at airport welcoming returning Lee Zii Jia.

Former Squash World Champion Nicol David recently back in Penang. She posted her photos at Penang tourist attractions and Anil should meeg her for a special interview?


Anil can be mistaken being the father of Nicol David when they are side by side due the resemblance.
Both of you are champions of public in your own ways.