Heartthrob Chester See overshadows Najib at youth concert


As the situation in Lahad Datu deteriorated, Najib and Rosmah took to the stage of a youth concert at Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus on Saturday night – but they were promptly overshadowed by screams for three Youtube hearthrobs.

The Prime Minister mistook the crowd screaming (for singer-songwriter Chester See and other stars who shared the stage) as applause for himself and his deejay son, Ashwan, whom he was introducing.

“In all that screaming and yelling, everything was in a haze. Najib was saying ‘my son’ and desperately pointing his finger at him, but the crowd was screaming and yelling for something else,” said an eye-witness.

The crowd’s attention was fixed on the three main stars on the stage, Jason Chen, Chester See and David Choi, and their antics.

“While the crowd was still yelling for Chester and the others, Najib then introduced his son Ashwan, dubbed ‘DJ Ash’, who then monopolised the spinning for the rest of the night, even though there were others around. The PM and Rosmah had to exit the stage unceremoniously without any fanfare,” said the eyewitness.

The eyewitness, with many years experience in the public relations industry, noted that Najib appears desperate because anytime he goes in front of a crowd, there is a real possibility that people might ‘boo’ him. “So he has to go on a PR strategy in which he makes his entrance when people are screaming and yelling for superstars (remember Psy in Penang?) and celebrities. Unfortunately, people don’t care about him and continue screaming for the stars!”

Earlier on Saturday morning, during the IM4U youth convention which incidentally provided useful input to young people about volunteering and community work, the PM made a similar grand entrance into the hall accompanied by the three heartthrobs and other celebrity speakers.

When the PM took to the stage at the convention, he ironically thanked the crowd for their “warm welcome, especially for me”.

“People were going ‘Huh?!'” said the eye-witness.

“Najib is going to be a real public relations challenge. It will be interesting to see what the public relations people come up with the next time around.”

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Phua Kai Lit


And like Mao Zedong badges in China, only foreign tourists will buy such stuff !


Sincere apologies to all the superb speakers at the Convention. They were truly inspiring first class people.

Unfortunately, most of us parents refused to let our children go because we doubted the sincerity of all PM involved events during this time… we thought it would end in shambles with him trying to hog the limelight — which of course he tried very hard to do.

Most unfortunate… the star speakers in their own right would have attracted and benefited a much much larger audience. The 1,000 seating hall was not even full.

Gerakan K

You dont need to badmouth Malaysian PM at every opportunity. Sudah berapa lama tidak kibar bendera Malaysia, anil ??? Masih ingat lagu NegaraKU ???

Andrew I

Yeah, people should also stop bad mouthing pakatan everyday. NegaraKU.

Andrew I

And the Star should give pakatan a right of reply, like Anil gives you.

sunil baradan

LOL! Najib should actually hire this Gelak-an dude for some comic relief for his next stage appearance.


A PR casualty and a PR practitioner nightmare with a client like him.


Najib must understand.
We are not interested in you
We are not interested in your dirty politics
We are interested in the music and stars
So you want to play politics go somewhere else.
Go do your work a PM
7 good and precious lives have already been lost
And you still come here preaching politics.
Wake up or we will soon kick you out


During PR or marketing by attaching to other popularity is a tried and true marketing strategy of big corporation especially media companies. Especially in content business like movies and music, it works quite well but not always. From long time ago, opening acts and closing acts in conserts have been used as way to pave the path of new artiste and cross-promotion. But here is the thing, ultimately, its still a gimmick and the content have to have unique offering, created something the audience one. Politics is a content business but like any media gimmick and tool, it can backfire… Read more »

Angry Malaysian

The events transpiring in Sabah are disturbing to say the least. When an army of armed intruders could easily waltz into our territory and hold a state to ransom. How do we Malaysians react to that? Who gives the answers? Who deserves to give the real answers? To understand the complexity of the situation, we must note that we have been let down by our leaders and politicians. They wantonly allowed people who offered no benefit to Malaysia to become naturalised citizens. I ask what for? People of Malaysia, this influx of immigrants converted to Malaysian citizens is the basis… Read more »


Adoii, jatuh air-muka nya.
If his fat Mama were to dance on stage, the crowd would have stopped screaming!


Do you realise that there are many Najib ‘merchandise’ bearing his & his wife’s images?

Soon Muzium Negara will hold a special exhibit on these items.