Good morning to a new Malaysia


Hi folks, a new Malaysia will bring forth a burst of creativity and talent that will add to the hope for the future.

Namewee’s song captures well the spirit of the times, the unity in diversity, don’t you think?

This one below from a couple of years ago – with a caveat that we should be loyal to the country and the people for the cause of justice and righteousness. No more blind loyalty as we vow to protect our fledgling democracy.

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Hopefully we could see Namewee performing the song on local TV. Sheila Majid too.

Also, TV2 should revive ‘Jazz Cafe’, this time allowing host Patrick Teoh talking about current affairs. Remember Patrick Teoh was ‘gam’ for many years, and had to cari makan in Singapore, lately on Tanglin, mediacorp tv series.

Reggie Teoh

Yes, the new RTM must promote multiracial Malaysia and invite more non-malay artists to host and showcase their tslents. Namewee has produced many songs and videos featuring various races of Malaysians.

As for Patrick, he was once the voice of the airwaves.
He should be given opportunity locally, and not be made used by Singspore TV station.

Heng GS

Karyawan and Seniman must undergo reform like what gonna happen to BTN and JASA. The art scene must project multi racial content of Malaysia. Also please lift the bank on Namewee’s Banglasia movie. We need to create awareness the country over dependent on foreign labors. WE must reserve some jobs exclusively for local BRO group. With productivity, 5 Malaysians can do the jobs of 12 foreign buddies at local mamak shop.


DJ Dave and those artists appeared on Langkawi Hebat concert on May 8 will likely be ‘rested’?


How RTM can revamp would depend on who is the new minister in charge. Harapan can reward its voters by telecast World Cup 2018 live.


Movie producer David Teo and his movies had been missing since the slapping case in front of najib, can expect to see him coming back with movies featuring diverse cast?

Mah HS

Agreed. Raja Bomoh can make guest appearance as himself.


Anil thank you for your social efforts in bringing about social justice especially to my beloved Penang. This time with a change in government I suggest we should engage the Penang government particularly LGE to seek putrajaya to fix the island transportation nightmare given it high share of national revenue from tax collected while we have the chance. A MRT or monorail would be nice. Thanks again!

Catherine Sexton

You are living in interesting times…..

Heng GS

Old expand on your definitions of interesting and unbelievable times, thanks.

Not interesting if still too many private cars on congested road.

Unbelievable if corrupted onesare not brought to justice.

Johan Khun Pana

Very Good Morning indeed. Good job Namewee.
This time Namewee should be able to get his concerts approved and his Banglasia movie approved by the Home Ministry.
Anil, some of our Harapan MPs/Aduns need to attend an orientation or debriefing. Seriously lah.
Noted that some are acting as if they are still in previous Umno and some are still as previous Opposition.


Today is soooooooooooooo beautiful!
Freedom, that’s what makes the soul wanna fly!
The heart beats to outward aspirations.
The once blue-eye now twinkles with sheer delights.
The mind eager to dream more dreams within reach.

This is the spirit of Malaysians in Malaysia Baru.
Am I still wandering in my dream?

Anil, pls pinch me!

Heng GS

Shriek has pinched you?