Freedom Film Fest arrives in Butterworth (25 Nov) and George Town (26 Nov)


If artists are able to capture the soul of a place on canvas, independent film producers are able to vividly bring to life the critical issues of the day on screen.

Make sure you catch the 16-minute film The Hills and The Sea by another rising Penang talent, independent film producer Andrew Ng, winner of the 2017 Freedom Film Fest film grant. You may recognise the name – as a few of his short films have been featured in this blog before.

It will be screened at Lodge 18 Hotel in Butterworth on Saturday, 25 November at 8pm and on the following day at the Majestic Theatre in George Town at 5.30pm.

For those interested in politics and current affairs, check out the film Saving Malaysia in Butterworth on Saturday at 2.15pm and in George Town on Sunday at 4.30pm.

Pick any of these six screenings or just come for the two full days of Freedom Film Festival Penang 2017.
Online registration:
Full Schedule:


Write-up by the organisers:

FreedomFilmFest (FFF) is back in Penang! This is the last stop of the travelling version of the annual intereational human rights film festival. FFF Penang has provided a platform for filmmakers, human rights activists and other concerned individuals to showcase their films and advocate their causes since 2006.

This year, FFF Penang hopes to make the films accessible to a wider audience by hosting it in both Butterworth and Georgetown! On 25 November, the venue will be Lodge 18 Hotel in Butterworth.  The following day, 26 November, the venue will be The Majestic Theatre in Georgetown. The event will be held from 2pm until 10pm on both days.

There will be eight films in total screened. The FFF Penang organising team has curated a great line-up of both local and international films highlighting global issues.  Post-screening talk sessions will also take place discussing topics such as displaced persons, the homeless, politics, religious rights, gender, and sustainable development.

Three of the films highlighted during FFF Penang are by local filmmakers.

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The Hills and The Sea is by Andrew Ng, and is a film recipient of the FFF Film Grant. The film will enlighten us about Penang’s development cost on people and the environment.

Another film grant recipient, ‘Selfie with the PM’ by Arlene Tan and Grace Cho, touches on the everyday life of a young Rohingya man in Malaysia.

‘Diary for Prasana’ by Norhayati Kaprawi, is a must-watch film about the controversial issue of Indira Gandhi’s fight for her daughter.

As part of each screening session, there will be a post-screening discussion to engage the audience with the filmmakers or relevant resource persons. These post-screening discussions will be theme-based, with moderators facilitating perspective and understanding of the issues raised by the films.

Entrance is by registration and donation. Please register for the sessions you would like to attend through our Facebook event page. Walk-in registration will also be available at the venues. There are two separate event pages, one for FFF Penang in Butterworth on 25 November, and another for FFF Penang in Georgetown on 26 November. For the full FFF Penang schedule and film details, visit our official Facebook page –

As a bonus, community film screenings will also be organised after FFF Penang’s main screening weekend. Updates may be found on our Facebook page.

About FreedomFilmFest and FreedomFilmNetwork (FFN)

Since 2006, Pusat Komas has been organising FreedomFilmFest (FFF). The successful growth of FFF led to the birth of a new entity in 2016 — FreedomFilmNetwork (FFN). Thus, this year’s film festival is organised by FFN. Besides providing a platform for filmmakers and activists, FFN’s year-round programme includes film grants and film production, film-making and human rights perspective-building workshops and talks. Nationwide film screenings and discussions in colleges, universities, and local communities are also additions to the programme. Through film, FFF aims to encourage social awareness, spark interest and start conversations on important social and human rights issues in the world today.

FFF Penang is organised with the help of Suaram Penang and Luma, with support from the Penang state government and Think City.

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Pelancaran Freedom Film Festival 2017, Pulau Pinang

oleh Freedom Film Festival Penang
16 November 2017

FreedomFilmFest (FFF), kembali lagi ke Pulau Pinang. FFF merupakan festival filem tahunan antarabangsa yang mengangkat hak asasi manusia. Tayangan filem di Pulau Pinang merupakan perhentian terakhir bagi tayangan bergerak FFF 2017. Sejak 2006 lagi FFF Penang menyediakan platform buat  pengarah-pengarah filem, aktivis-aktivis hak asasi manusia, dan individu-individu yang cakna mengenai isu ini – hak asasi manusia – untuk menayangkan filem-filem mereka dan menyuarakan sokongan mereka terhadap perjuangan hak asasi manusia.

Dalam usaha untuk memastikan filem-filem yang bakal ditayangkan dapat diakses oleh lebih ramai penonton, FFF Pulau Pinang akan menganjurkan tayangan di dua bandar utama di Pulau Pinang, iaitu di bandar George Town dan Butterworth. Pada 25 November (Sabtu), tayangan di Butterworth adalah bertempat di Lodge 18 Hotel, Butterwoth. Manakala tayangan di George Town pada 26 November (Ahad) bakal diadakan di The Majestic Theatre, George Town. Ianya akan berlangsung dari jam 2 petang hingga jam 10 malam pada kedua-dua hari tersebut.

Terdapat lapan filem yang bakal ditayangkan semasa penganjuran FFF di Pulau Pinang kali ini. Kumpulan FFF Penang telah memilih barisan filem tempatan dan antarabangsa yang hebat dan juga mengenengahkan isu-isu global. Semasa program, penganjur juga akan membuka ruang untuk sesi perbincangan pasca-tayangan untuk membincangkan isu-isu seperti isu pelarian, memberi makan kepada gelandangan, politik, hak dalam agama, gender, dan pembangunan mapan.

Tiga daripada lapan filem yang bakal diketengahkan semasa FFF Pulau Pinang merupakan filem arahan oleh pengarah filem tempatan.

Antaranya adalah, ‘The Hills and The Sea’ oleh Andrew Ng, penerima Geran Filem FFF 2017. Filem ini akan memberikan kita gambaran tentang kesan pembangunan di Pulau Pinang terhadap penduduk dan alam sekitar.

Sebuah lagi filem yang juga merupakan penerima Geran Filem FFF 2017 adalah filem ‘Selfie with the PM’ oleh Arlene Tan dan Grace Cho, yang menyentuh mengenai kehidupan harian seorang pemuda Rohingya di Malaysia.

‘Diary for Prasana’ oleh Norhayati Kaprawi, merupakan sebuah filem yang harus ditonton oleh semua lapisan masyarakat. Filem ini mengetengahkan isu kontroversi perjuangan Indira Gandhi untuk mendapatkan hak penjagaan ke atas anak perempuannya, Prasana.

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Sesi perbincangan pasca-tayangan bakal dibuka untuk memberi peluang kepada penonton untuk mebincangkan isu yang berkaitan bersama pembuat filem dan panel yang dijemput. Perbincangan-perbincangan pasca-tayangan nanti akan dikendalikan oleh moderator jemputan bagi membantu pemahaman dan perspektif seputar tema yang diketengahkan dalam filem-filem yang bakal ditayangkan.

Kemasukan ke sesi tayangan FFF Pulau Pinang 2017 adalah melalui pendaftaran atas talian dan yuran kemasukan adalah melalui derma. Sila daftar untuk sesi yang anda ingin hadiri melalui laman Facebook FFF Penang. Anda juga boleh mendaftar pada hari tersebut di lokasi tayangan. Terdapat dua halaman acara Facebook yang berasingan. Setiap satu adalah bagi sesi tayangan di Butterworth pada 25 November dan sesi tayangan di Georgetown pada 26 November. Untuk jadual dan butiran penuh filem di Freedom Film Fest Pulau Pinang, anda boleh lawati halaman Facebook rasmi kami di –

Bonus bagi orang Pulau Pinang, FFF Penang juga akan mengadakan beberapa siri tayangan bersama komuniti tempatan selepas tayangan utama pada 25 dan 26 November. Pihak FFF Penang akan memuat naik maklumat lanjut di laman Facebook kami.

Mengenai FreedomFilmFest dan FreedomFilmNetwork (FFN)

Sejak 2006, Pusat Komas telah menganjurkan FreedomFilmFest (FFF). FFF telah berkembang dengan jayanya. Oleh kerana itu, lahirlah sebuah entiti baru pada tahun 2016 iaitu FreedomFilmNetwork (FFN). Bagi tahun ini, festival filem ini dianjurkan oleh FFN. Selain menyediakan platform untuk pembuat filem dan aktivis, program sepanjang tahun FFN juga memberi geran filem dan mengeluarkan filem, pembentukan filem dan juga bengkel dan ceramah bagi pembentukan perspektif hak asasi manusia. Penayangan filem dan perbincangan tentang filem yang dilakukan di kolej, universiti, dan di masyarakat setempat di seluruh negara juga merupakan tambahan kepada program ini.

Melalui filem, FFF ingin menggalakkan kesedaran sosial, menarik minat dan memulakan perbualan mengenai isu sosial dan hak asasi yang penting di dunia hari ini.

FFF Penang dianjurkan dengan bantuan Suaram Pulau Pinang dan Luma, dan juga mendapat sokongan dari kerajaan negeri Pulau Pinang dan Think City.

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PM Najib has expressed his horror at the terror attack at a mosque in Egypt on Friday.

New wake up call as Muslim terrorists also kill fellow Muslims, including innocent children?


Man has a way of interpreting holy texts according to warped thinking & preaching to the masses without responsibility nor human heart.
And it has been that way for thousands of years.
The worst kind of cowards are those who hide behind pulpits & brainwash others to kill on their behalf.


A peaceful religion need to be justified as moderate and inclusive. Sad.


Anil should start making short films to have additional impact on social justice matter.
A decent smartphone could do the trick with your voiceover commentary. You can add cameo appearances by Susan Loone, Shrieking Zoro, and PenangT-lang etc???

Khun Pana
Khun Pana

While we are at art.
Doing business and dealing with head honchos of any nation is also an art.
Here is an (3 in fact) article from Robert Kuok memoirs.
Extremely interesting read indeed.
The ups and downs of doing business, unjust govt policies and many interesting facts not taught in business school.
* A Non Halal read, as it contains Cognac VSOP favourite drink of Tunku.(Just incase those hotheads from Jabatan agama screams)


Basic issue like parent killing his family and then himself is so common. What a sad case when we are close to 2 years as a developed country in 2020. Of course easy to tell gomen not to cut hillslopes but where are the social support? Feeding Street people is a huge task and those with personal and family problems where to seek help?


Befrienders Penang provides confidential emotional support for people who are experiencing feelings of distress or despair, including those which may lead to suicide.
Hotline: 604-2815161 / 604-2811108


It is orso reported that 8 year old committed suicide after receiving scolding.


Strawberry generation.