Football: Malaysia vs UAE


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Lim Goh Poh
Lim Goh Poh
11 Sep 2019 8.06am

My humble opinion is that in modern football the clinical finishings resulting in goals count in high intensity game play these days. UAE has 3 shots (Malaysia 6 on target only 1 goal) on target but they converted into 2 goals to win the match. Norsharul Idlan Taha is not suitable beyond South East Asia games as he has lost his prime and speed due to his age. He should give way to speedier Partiban or Arkyah Rashid. Likewise in politics, we need new blood with fresh legs (ideas) to score goals for rakyat. DAP Lim Dynasty should exit gracefully… Read more »

Milk Tea
Milk Tea
11 Sep 2019 11.51am
Reply to  Lim Goh Poh

Yes, time for Penang Forum to step up, many of us are tired of the DAP regime. Just saw trees being removed on the roadside…

11 Sep 2019 3.06pm
Reply to  Lim Goh Poh

Sorry, I only play PS4 FIFA, where Malaysia can even beat Brazil! But I will not include Mat Yo in my starting eleven.

Meanwhile Mahathir is now promoting coding, after the ‘failure’ of introducing Jawi for Prumary 4?

Don Anamalai
Don Anamalai
13 Sep 2019 11.46am
Reply to  Anfield

Today Harian Metro quoted Jamal Nasir (ex national player) as saying that Mat Yo is a Kuda Tua at age 33.