Father’s Day tribute


Thanks to reader YMT for pointing us to this heartfelt song. We live in difficult times, so let us give thanks to those fathers out there who make life meaningful through their great sacrifice. And in these times of pandemic, for those dads who put their lives on the line for society at large at great cost to their own families.

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BTS Mutiara

Penang to reclaimed more land this time for Linear Waterfront near Queensbay/FTZ area.


We shall see new tenders as Project Delivery Partners.

More state revenues so that Penang Seniors over 60 can in future receive annual grant RM300. This is something to shriek high and loud.


All working fathers must spend quality time with their young children, as reflected in the lyrics of the classic song “Cats in the Cradle” (originally Harry Chapin, later made popular by Ugly Kid Joe) has pointed out ‘the balance of time spend with the family/children and the time spend with earning the money/gaining wealth”. In the song, the father is too busy with work and doesn’t have the time to spend with his family. As the lyrics say “the cats in the cradle” – the family is at home – “and the silver spoon” which is a symbol of wealth… Read more »