Eight women artists showcase their work in George Town

Hello everyone! Let us support the arts – development is not just about providing physical public amenities. We also need to nurture the arts so we get the right balance in society to add to the ‘soul’ of a place – and what better way than to support some of the hidden talents among us.

The ‘8’ Exhibition – featuring the eclectic work of eight women artists curated by Rebecca Duckett – opened on 21 November at the upstairs gallery of China House, 153 Beach Street, George Town and will go on for a month. Small mobile artworks during the month-long exhibition are being sold with profits going to the Women’s Centre for Change.

One of the artists Susan Loone, better known for her Malaysiakini reports, describes why she paints: “Because I deal too much with words. And words are meaningless when you are seeking, or travelling on a journey to the centre of your being. Words are incoherent when you are exploring the wide kaleidescope of colors and shades that is your deepest thoughts and feelings.

“Which is why painting is my seventh sense, it helps me understand things about me and others that is beyond my thinking understand things about me and others that is beyond my thinking or imagination. Art, for me, is not
only a journey, therapy, or an opportunity to share my message with the world, it is also very personal, private and political.”

Some info about the artists:

A prolific postcard illustrator and urban sketcher originally from Cameron Highlands but made known in Penang.
Fb: Marni Zainodin.Poskad
Flickr: Marni in Januari

Lim Wai Fun

A storyboard artist and urban sketcher who loves gardening and cats.

Fb: Lim Wai Fun
Insta: Lim Wai Fun

Regina Ibrahim

A true blue Penang girl, a holistic artist who began as a government school teacher, and went on to performance and to pen six books in Bahasa Malaysia.

Tiffany Choong

Born in Penang with the wings of a free spirit, a lust for wandering and a curiosity for anything new.
Fb: www.facebook.com/bulanlifestyle
Insta: Bulanlifestyle_art
Website: www.Bulanlifestyle.com

Lusy Koror

Marks, colour, texture and lines are a personal diary of her experiences and thoughts.

Fb: www.fb.com/lusyfaceofficial
Insta: www.instagram.com/lusy.ink

Website: www.lusy.ink

Jennifer Mourin

A self-taught artist reflecting on the fragility of Mother Earth, whilst also celebrating strong women using the breast-feeding Mother Gaia as a symbol of how our fragile earth sustains all of us.
Fb: https://www.facebook.com/jennifer.mourin
Insta: https://www.instagram.com/jennifermourin/

Susan Loone

“Because I deal too much with words, art is a journey, a therapy, my seventh sense, and an opportunity to share thoughts that are personal, private and political.”

Fb: www.facebook.com/susan.loone
Blog: www.slooneart2008.blogspot.my

Rebecca Duckett Wilkinson

A weaver of textiles and pattern now putting marks on paper to make images of spontaneous dreams, personal journeys and reactions to place and environment.

Fb: www.facebook.com/RebeccaDuckettWilkinsonArt
Insta: tiger_tiffin
Website: www.rebeccaduckett.com

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Art is a science
The science of Art

Art is dear to my heart…nature is close to my soul!

Woman, I thought…woman are magic!

Thank you Anil, thank you girls…for sharing your Art Work

Art icle shared…with WOmen!!!

Coming soon…

Susan Loone

Thank you Anil Netto !!


Hello Susan.

Hope to hear your view on Penang matters in this blog.

Thank you in advance.


Susan a professional writer only writes for $$$, unlikely comment here without clearance from Msiakini.

But Susan can prove me wrong.

Rebecca Wilkinson

Thanks Anil!

Jennifer Mourin

Super HUGE Thanks for the support Anil Netto (Y) 😀 Rebecca Wilkinson 😀