Susan Boyle, dreaming the impossible


This is an incredible story.

You’ve got to check it out here.

To find out more about this unemployed charity worker, go here.

Here’s an earlier recording from 1999.

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Wow I can’t wait to get home and watch this. Remember Peter Potts who blew them away with a voice like one of the 3 tenors? He looked like an ordinary Joe and people were so shocked that he could sing. Unfortunately it is a very shallow world and people do judge people by their ‘covers’ and their packagability. How many great actors were stuck in supporting roles because they lacked the ‘star’ quality a.k.a ability to smile pretty at a camera. Coming from this ‘Plain Jane’ (i.e: myself) now is the time for us to stand up and be… Read more »


Amazing! Bless you for this post!

lizzie wong

She sings well, and that’s without a doubt… However, as I watched the clip, I just wonder, all the standing ovation, etc., would that happen if she hadnt been so ‘un-star-like’… If she had been a young, good looking lady, would the crowd had stood and cheered the way they did? Cheer, yes, but stand up in such a warm affirmation of her?

Remember Willam Hung? Perhaps we identify more with people who are unlikely winners, and we earnestly root for Susan just as we are rooting for ourselves.

All the best, susan..


Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Susan Boyle is simply amazing. God bless her.


Amazing woman!

I even called all my children and wife to see this!

Truly amazing


I think all our perceptions and expectations are too influenced by the media, packaging people into certain image. That’s why everyone suddenly get so shocked. Otherwise, she is a woman who can sing and that’s that, right?

umar rentaka

She was an inspiration! Amazing. It goes to show how many talented people get sidelined simply because they have the looks….