Charity art exhibition in KL


Helping to lend publicity to this event:

As part of its fundraising activities, the Society of the Severely Mentally Handicapped (SSMH) will be holding an art exhibition.

SSMH invites all caring Malaysians to witness the launch of this exhibition which will be officiated by Home Affairs Minister Muhyiddin Yasin.

The launch of Paintings from the Heart – a group charity art exhibition will showcase paintings from 22 generous and talented names in contemporary art with the objective of influecing Malaysians to their part for the good of society.

Malaysians have always been known to rise to the occasion for worthy causes whenever the occasion warrants it. Hopefully, you will once again come forward to support this noble project which will benefit those who need help.

Details of the exhibition

Official launch: 20 February 2019, 8pm

Location : Main Concourse, Bangsar Shopping Centre, Jalan Maarof, Bukit Bandaraya, 59000 Kuala Lumpur

RSVP : or contact Mr. Tham 012 341 8038

SSMH would like to acknowledge Bangsar Shopping Centre and the Make It Right Movement for their collaboration in ensuring the success of this event.

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YTL Communications has kicked off its trial launch of Terragraph in Penang. This is a new wireless technology developed by Facebook which aims to provide gigabit speeds in urban areas without the complexities of laying fibre. Malaysia is the second country in the world to kickoff large scale Terragraph trials after Hungary.


Good for Penang. Rejoice!

Telly Tan

Banglasia movie opens this week in cinema:


A good satire movie paying tribute to our foreign labour.


Official trailer:


Banglasia 2.0 movie by Namewee now ok for cinema screening.

Don Anamalai

Curious to watch simply to find out why it was banned by BN regime 4 years ago.


The Defence Ministry (Mindef) had in the past swapped land and built army bases in four areas despite opposition from the armed forces because “politicians needed to secure their positions”, according to minister Mohamad Sabu.

He said the armed forces at that time opposed the building of four army bases in Hutan Melintang in Perak, Segamat and Paloh in Johor and Bera in Pahang, but Mindef went ahead anyway.


PSM: ‘Act of god’ if we win Semenyih by-election, but chance to educate M’sians on socialism.

Don Anamalai

PSM lack confidence and have to rely on God?


PSM sees Harapan as BN 2.0, calls for alternative to two-party system

Do you agree, Anil?


hehe..NGOs have difficulty differentiate between pro business and pro cronies…


Disappointed with Harapan, 52 activists back PSM candidate in Semenyih by-election.

GG Bond

Happy Chap Goh Mei!


Penang folks can look forward to the long delayed Phase 5 development of Komtar to be undertsken by Only World Group.


We look forward tung land to kau beh Kau bu. I more noise with his vodka.


Pls go to GH for your ‘knee-jerk’ reaction medical remedy.
Or can try this one: shriek like a Pontianak in an empty shipping container to self heal!!!


I go GH, you go TR and can kau beh Kau bu as much as you like


You are not shrieking better! Pls try harder without Komtar Dedak!


You has been drinking vodka harder


The Real Crazy Rich Asian Palace Is Worth a Cool $3.5 Billion!
– Johor’s Crown Prince (TMJ) owns two land plots in Singapore’s heart
– May be worth a fortune if rezoned for residential use, according to brokerage Savills Plc.