All-England: Chong Wei dazzles in explosive final


Lee Chong Wei has triumphed at the All-England badminton tournament edging past his nemesis Lin Dan 21-17, 21-17 in an explosive final, one of the most absorbing in recent times.

Lee Chong Wei - Photo credit: BWF
This was a different Chong Wei, who in the past had invariably capitulated to Lin Dan in major finals. This time he displayed a rare tenacity that surprised his opponent.

Chong Wei’s defence was superb, and he resisted the familiar lapses of concentration that, in the past, allowed Lin Dan to race ahead. Instead, his leaping overhead smashes, the shuttle often landing on the sidelines, were as explosive as Lin Dan’s net returns were exquisite. The bullet-like exchanges between the game’s two stand-out players, performing at their peak, were breath-taking.

In the end, Chong Wei dispelled the widespread doubts over his World No. 1 status by overcoming his more fancied opponent to retain the title as a large contingent of vociferous Malaysian fans celebrated.

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najib manaukau

Why is the All England champion is not treated like the Asean Football Cup winners ? Is the winning of the Asean Football Cup more important than the winning of the All England


At last Chong Wei showed everyone that he no longer can be said to be a world number one who played second fiddle to Lin Dan.

Great performance, finally allowing Chong Wei to truly make his mark in world badminton!


Firstly, congratulation Chong Wei.

Secondly, have a look at the link above. It opens up the BWF Super Series Ranking List. Checkout the ranking number and its corresponding national flag.

So, here is the question, why is the next Malaysian player in that list is Wong Choon Hann at number 24 and not some other newcomer name going up the list? What is BAM doing? Sleeping? Or basking in the after-glow of Chong Wei’s success? Hello?!! Anyone there?


24? 24? again 24? Just what is in a number? Choong Hann at number 24? Just what has Choong Hann’s rankings has in common with local politics? Is it just numerology? Is number 24 going to have implications in Malaysian politics or is it just like how they failed badly like the 1Malaysia NGO in Tenang to win the Chinese votes? Contemplating much over the last weekend, just what is this number 24? People from Johore to Penang had been talking about this 24! Is it the date of the next GE? Is it like the 1Malaysia NGO that no… Read more »

Raj Kumar

But we have heard and seen the Komtar … samseng who sent black cake and coffin to the CM.


Chong Wei has matured over the years and he has trained and worked really hard to be what he is today. Finally, he has beaten his nemesis in good fashion and I hope he will continue to dominate the badminton tournaments and win the Olympics and World championships. He deserves to be applauded and his winning has nothing to do with BN or Pakatan. Dont we have enough politics?


If Anil were to have a trophy for comments most moderated…I got a strong feeling I will win it hands down!!

Gerakan K

I too will be the champ of the most thumbed down prize winner !!!

By the way, I can feel that the most of the moderated messages are for me, right ???

Whatever the case, let’s cheers for our Lee Chong Wei !!!

Gerakan K

First of all, congrats to Lee Chong Wei. Secondly, I don’t agree on anil’s “widespread doubts over his World No. 1 status” statement as before the match, Lee have more than 17000++ points in world ranking over that China player. After this match Lee should have close to 20000++ points more than that China player. If everyone don’t understand where the points system come from, please google it before jump to rocket mode defending that China player or jump to zombie thumb down mode. Finally, it is my own opinion that religion must not mix with politics and governance. But… Read more »


So no public holiday?? How can that be? If we can have a public holiday for a minor/unimportant/regional cup i.e The Suzuki/ASEAN Cup which is relatively unheard of, how can we not have a public holiday for winning a world class and prestigeous cup such as the All England?? Selective celebration and recognition by the 1Malaysia govt.??

Raj Kumar

You can take time off (i.e. taking your leave) to celebrate if you one.
The cost of another public holiday is a great burden to companies.


if our so-called 1Malaysia PM deemed fit to declare a public holiday to celebrate our winning of a minor/unknown cup tell me honestly, have u ever heard of this Suzuki cup??), then he should be declaring a day off (heck, even 2 days for this case!) to celebrate our victory of the coveted and well known All England!


ko ni nk cuti jer..keje malas…duk hutan la wei


Hopefully, this is a sign that show Lee Chong Wei truly focus in sports, rather than wasting time become umno and bn politick-us show off “toy sportsman”.
IMHO, Chong Wei biggest “opponent” are never Lin Dan, but the country so called “national sports system” that infested by disgusting politickus.


Syabas, Lee Chong Wei, syabas Pulau Pinang, syabas Pakatan Rakyat! Chong Wei obviously pleased with the good governance of Pakatan Rakyat in Penang, played his hearts out to defend his title against all odds and once again made Malaysians proud, in particular, Penangnites! It proved once again, that hard work pays. Coming from a family from Parit Buntar, whose father moved to Bukit Mertajam to be the care taker of a badminton hall there, he trained Chong Wei. Chong Wei had proven to Malaysians, even if you come from the smallest kampungs in Malaysia, you can be world class with… Read more »


“Syabas Pakatan Rakyat”
What are you talking about?

For the second year running Chong Wei fielded a call from Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak.

“He said, ‘good job’. It’s midnight in Malaysia but he always seems to support me,” said the top seed.


Can we celebrate his achievement in sport without trying to crowbar it into political mileage?


Chong Wei is intelligent enough to link his success to BN, by thanking Najib and Rosmah (the patron to BAM?), knowing that Najib also needs his success in the badminton court to further the cause of 1Malaysia….

Incidentally, is Datuk Lee better off without coach Misbun?
He has failed repeatedly agaisnt Lin Dan when Misbun was coaching him. Anyway Misbun will still be back to coach him to realise the image of 1Malaysia.

Kadir Sezairi

Already najib and Rosmah are reaping publicity by inviting Chong Wei for lunch and the latter presented him with a watch.

Chong Wei is used as a gimmick of 1malaysia. so sad.


Chong Wei is no fool, his father Lee Ah Chye is no fool. Who will go against a gold mine? See, Chong Wei will be with Najib and at the same time he will be with Guan Eng. Only a certain fool who always gets his comments thumbed down, is the classic example of a bootlicker and apple polisher! Just visit the kampung in which Chong Wei comes from, to be precise, Batu 6, Jalan Baru, Parit Buntar. Chong Wei’s grand parents home is still standing and it is the only one Chinese house surrounded by all Malay neighbours! It… Read more »

Anne Hedge

“Chong Wei obviously pleased with the good governance of Pakatan Rakyat in Penang, played his hearts out to defend his title against all odds ” err.. Seriously. Do you actually know what you are talking about? This has got to be one of the most ridiculous comments I have ever read. Kindly take your political inclination far, far away from the sport (or any sports for that matter). People like you are the ones that spoil and corrupt sports in our country. He plays for MALAYSIA – Not for any political party. And that is a fact. Get it right.… Read more »


anne is right,because of pakatan he played his heart out