Brendan Rogers ‘astonished’ over Vincent Tan’s treatment of Mackay


Cardiff City manager Malky Mackay has been told to quit of face the sack by owner Vincent Tan. Earlier Liverpool manager Brendan Rogers spoke his mind about the situation.

The Bleacher Report says Cardiff has now become a laughing stock.

I can’t say I am surprised at how things have turned out.

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CARDIFF CITY SUPPORTERS TRUST STATEMENT After the turmoil of the last week, the club needs stability and we are pleased that Malky Mackay is to remain as manager of Cardiff City. We also look forward to a dialogue now taking place between Mackay and Vincent Tan. Mr Tan should let the manager of the team get on with the job of keeping Cardiff City in the Premier League. Iā€™m sure the strength of feeling shown by fans before and at the Liverpool game sent a clear message to him, as did the outspoken comments of many other managers and commentators… Read more »

Rich Daddy

But here is the reality check. Nobody in Malaysia cares about Cardiff City. Let’s be real. Cardiff City is not Man U or Liverpool. Not many Cardiff City fans in Malaysia lah bro.

Rich Daddy

It does not matter what kind of dress / color. Hope Liverpool will demolish Cardiff šŸ™‚

Simon says

Cardiff lost to Liverpool 3-1. The Kops are the true Reds and the wonder why Vincent Tan abandoned Ocean Blue (his master) color jersey and imitate Liverpool in Red ?
Cardiff FC not Red Bean Army lah !


Extracts from an interesting report on UK’s Daily Mail (20 December 2013):

If Vincent Tan had his way, Cardiff City would turn up at Anfield on Saturday afternoon and tell Liverpool to wear their away kit. Tan believes his team should be allowed to play in red at every game, home and away….

(More here)


What do the Cardiff fans think of Vincent Tan?

See this Youtube (Dec 19):
Cardiff City FC – Getting Destroyed by Vincent Tan

Wonder what Bob Holmes (Malaysia’s The Sun) has to say about his ‘boss’ (The Sun is owned by Berjaya’ group) since Bob has been critical about sackings of BPL managers this season in his article.

Rich Daddy

I like your suggestion as Datok Ong less likely to be appreciated in bolehland, color issue I suggest !!!

eng hock

Datuk Ong Kim Swee if he follows that Prof Teo Kok Seong of UKM who knows how to “bodek” can survive long in Bolehland. If you know what I mean.

Rich Daddy

Ha ha, very true !!!


Football in Britain is all about tradition. Vincent Tan did not get it by changing the Blue Bird into a Fiery Dragon, swapping the traditional blue jersey with a red one, thus infuriated many Cardiff fans. Dragon may be auspicious in Asia but is deemed demonic among some westerners. Vincent Tan might as well employ Joey Yap or Lilian Too as the club advisor for Feng Shui enhancement. If Shebby can be a global advisor for Blackburn under the Indian boss Venky, do not be surprise if Datuk Ong Kim Swee is appointed to replace Mackay to add to the… Read more »

Danny Kua

Vince Tan still cannot get over the fact that Mackay overspent 15million pounds buying new players in the summer (Vince target just 35million pound but Mackay spent 50 million pounds).
Allegedly football agents make some cuts over the dealings not to the liking of Vince(?)
More cost effective to get Datok Ong Kim Swee to helm Cardiff City ?

Rich Daddy

Nothing special for a corporate guy. Normally the corporate guys are RESULT ORIENTED. Either you perform now or say goodbye. Nevertheless, those people in sports management are paid dearly. Nothing to lose for Mackay. Just find another club and life goes on.