Faiz Subri clinches Fifa’s Puskas award for goal of the year


Mohd Faiz Subri from Penang has clinched the Puskas award for best goal of the year last night. The swerving wonder goal was scored at a time when Malaysians were enthused with the Ola Bola movie.

Unfortunately, our national team’s world ranking is almost at basement level.

This was the original post from 17 February 2016:

80% of Independent readers feel Faiz Subri should be given Fifa award now

Something to lift our spirits during these depressing times. As Malaysians flock in droves to Ola Bola, Penang’s Faiz Subri has scored a wonder goal, which is already a contender for goal of the season. He curled a magical shot home during a Malaysia Super League game in which Penang trounced Pahang 4-1.

The Independent, UK said in a report titled ‘Outrageous free-kick scored in Malaysian Super League an early contender for 2016 Puskas Award’: “Not only did the 28-year-old’s shot completely baffle the opposition goalkeeper, it appeared to defy physics as well. Subri struck the ball with such ferocity that after the ball initially went in one direction, it swerved the other and whipped into the top corner of the net.”

In fact, 80% of the news portal’s readers in a poll feel he should be given Fifa’s Puskas award for goal of the season right now!

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Kedah-born Faiz Subri, the winner of Fifa Puskas Award, will be awarded with the Bintang Semangat Jerai Kedah in conjunction with the Sultan of Kedah Tuanku Abdul Halim Mu’adzam Shah’s 89th birthday celebrations next week.

Tay SL

Ada netizen mendakwa Faiz memakai tanda salib ketika menerima hadiah pada majlis anugerah berprestij tersebut di Switzerland. LOL moment!


If only he could score regularly, no need to be spectacularly, for Penang in Liga Super….


One hit wonder?


One wonderful strike can earn fame and fortune (and chicks!).
So young kids are inspired to practice their free kicks. Learn to bend the ball and study the wind direction.


Otherwise JDT would have paid good money for his service.

Remo Anello

Malaysia Liga M footballers now earn big money compared to those players in the 70s or 80s glory years of national team.

Present players are mostly after money, fame and glory no wonder they lack disciplines yo excel internationally.

Hopefuly Faiz’s recognition can spur more sponsorship for Penang Supef League team. Team manager can seek Ideal, SP Setia, Ivory and E&O Properties to fund the team expenses, such that one day when Penang truly an Asian powerhouse Anil can provide live rrporting from City Stadium.

Tay SL

Penang have signed Papua New Guinea international striker Nigel Dabinyaba, the English-born Hong Kong international Andrew Russell (midfielder) and the former Australian Under-23 player Diogo Ferreira.

The fourth import in the Penang squad is Brazilian defender Reinaldo Lobo, who was retained from last season.


Huang Lei

Sorry state of Malaysian football could not be lifted by this once-in-blue-moon wonder goal.

Anuar Musa screwed up Kelantan FA (cursed by last season pink jersey courtesy of Dr Vida?), yet still want to be FAM president? Please do not mix Umno politics with football!

Tay SL

Annuar Musa could use the money from the sale of Mara’s Australian properties to save Kelantan football team?


After the euphoria of the real Ola Bola incident, we should not forget the Kuwait Debacle where the best assembled Malaysian team lost badly in the 1982 World Cup qualifying round. Many today still suspect (some of) the team threw the games for financial gains from the bookies. I hope the sequel of Ola Bola could explore that so that same mistake is not repeated.


OLA BOOKIE the movie will be an interesting sequel.


This is an interesting alternative version of Ola Bola in the eyes of Sabahans:

if OLA BOLA was written by ORANG SABAH

Just like the original movie, it has a surprise special appearance at the end of the clip.


Soh Chin Aun got the credit in Ola Bola, but James Wong (the true scorer of winning goal, not Ali) did not.
Already some of the real footballers are (allegedly) trying to claim some form of royalty from the movie that has grossed RM14.5 million at the box office. I think the real footballers deserve some recognition.

Tua Pai Kiah

Ola Bola can be highest grossing Malaysian movies because many watch for the sake of the handsome actors ?


Faiz Subri (Pulau Pinang vs Pahang) VS Roberto Carlos (Brazil vs France) Impossible Goal:


Any review of Ola Bola on this blog?

gk ong

It will be interesting to read comments and review of Ola Bola by Anil and tunglang, assuming they have watched the movie in the cinema and not wait for the pirated DVD release.


Two key players who helped Malaysia qualify for the 1980 Olympic Games say that the movie Ola Bola should have stuck to facts to avoid confusion. James Wong and Hassan Sani, both members of the squad, praised the movie but said the inaccuracies could cause people to get confused. The actual score, he said, was 2-1, but in the film, it was 3-2. The player who scored the goal then wore the number “9” jersey and not “10” as in the film. The winning goal of the match was scored by Wong, who received a pass from Hassan in the… Read more »

Don Anamalai

This is how James Wong scored the winning goal, assisted by Hassan Sani:


Time to reflect and honour our past state players as well like Namat Abdullah.

Also expect big City Stadium crowd next Penang match to witness possible wonder goal again.


The jersey worn by Penang footballer Mohd Faiz Subri would be up for auction next week, with bids starting from RM100,000.

To commemorate the “beautiful goal” he scored against Pahang in the Super League on Tuesday, the Football Association of Penang (FAP) has agreed to auction the player’s full attire.

The objective is to raise funds for football development to groom future talents, focussing on the Under-16 junior players.


gk ong

Grooming young football talents in Penang, only for them to be poached by JDT later? I think the money should be used to support the welfare of retired Penang players that have contributed to the state, in order to promote loyalty and commitment to the state team. What say you, Mr Anil?

Tua Pai Kiah

Look forward to Youth development and at same time honour the past great players.

Tonight City Stadium will be packed for Penang vs Kuantan match, and I hope the State FA use this opportunity to thank services of past football greats like Shukor, Namat, N Baskaran etc

Tua Pai Kiah

Honour the past players before their passings

Tua Pai Kiah

Some of great former Penang players : Shaharuddin Abdullah, Namat Abdullah, Ali Bakar, Khalil Hashim, Cha Peng Chiang, Yap Kim Kok, Mohamad Bakar and N Baskaran.

Anil, can you recall their glory days ?

Tua Pai Kiah

Not sure Tunglang was then a football fan at City Stadium witnessing Penang giving Spore a lesson on how to kick balls ! I bet he wasn’t otherwise we get flavoured narration of Penang football like chendol ice kacang ?


Ola Bola really inspired everyone in Msia!
I see more Chinese now at the stadium Bandaraya for the match with that wonder goal.