Presenting the Adil Johan Quartet


An Adil Johan Quartet semi-original, “Listen'” featuring Dasha Logan. Live at No Black Tie, December 2008. Adil is the son of Johan Saravanamuttu (‘the singing professor’) and academic Maznah Mohamad. Darsha, on the other hand, is the daughter of the late Logan Arumugam of Alleycats fame. Looks like a couple of stars in the making…

This is a song about re-arranging your life. Talks of shady deals and contracts (“It’s not the way we want it to be, but those in power don’t want to see”), the struggle for change and the quest for justice and transparency. Quite appropriate for a guy named Adil Johan (“Champion of Justice”). Steve Naris Nanda: Drums; Hiro Maekawa: Bass; Terrence Liew: Keys; Adil Johan: Sax + Vocals.

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Mr. Anil! Thank you so much for your support- I hope the song about change reflects itself in the reality of our Malaysian politics and people. It is people like yourself and the increasing democratisation of the ‘inter-web’ that inspires musicians like myself to strive for the creation of art with direction and substance. Thank you again! Dear Adil, Art with direction and substance – that’s the way to go! I like your music – what a breath of fresh air to see and listen to a group of talented young Malaysians (and others?) working together and playing great music… Read more »