Finalist protests removal of ABU painting from Balai Seni


A vivid painting titled ‘alksnaabknuaunmo’ by Cheng Yenpheng, a finalist in the Bakat Muda Sezaman 2013 art competition, was reportedly removed just before the award ceremony attended by Tourism and Culture Minister Mohd Nazri Aziz.

Yenpheng protested its removal from Balai Seni by holding up a postcard of the blue-hued painting at the spot where it had hung. “This is my painting. Yesterday still here, but right now, no more,” the spunky artist chanted repeatedly as bemused visitors looked on and flustered security guards tried to dissuade her.

You can see the actual painting and the artist explaining the purpose of her creative work and the cryptic title below. She said the title is a play of a word and she had jumbled the letters. It is not hard to figure out it is actually an anagram of the words Asalkan Bukan Umno (Anything But Umno).

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How dumb can you be to think that by by ordering the removal removing a painting
can get you brownie points, s…..


Now MPH is refusing to sell DSAI biography.

KT Wong

Ehhhhhh… Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary controlling MPH would have NOTHING to do with that, would it?


CYP is a brave gal. Her detractors need to grow b….


Agree absolutely with Sam.

This is how the kangkong runs the country, no wonder behind myammar now…at the brim of bankruptcy and yet we still have people changing from supporting Pakatan to Barang Naik just because got stuck with his flat, so selfish…


Proof is at Komtar of the many many POOR who were … shortchanged and taken for a ride by the state government. What more can you say Kee


Again another proof that the Fed govt is going to give 30k subsidies for a 72k unit meaning the poor have to pay only 42k while the state govt housing of 72k would be an extra 88k meaning the people have to pay 160k. Who is selfish or greedy I really don`t understand Kee. Maybe just stupid.???

Phua Kai Lit

Prohibited! Depictions of:

1. Large handbags
2. Big diamond rings
3. Jackie Kennedy Onassis-type hairdos
4. Obese middle aged ladies
4. Yellow t-shirts
5. Black t-shirts

To be prohibited soon. Depictions of:

1. Kangkung
2. Sotong
3. Anwar Ibrahim


The real insanity is that ALL THE PEOPLE WHO WOULD GO SEE THIS PAINTING ALREADY CONVERTED ABU..She was preaching to the choir – and THEY MADE IT BIGGER BY REMOVING IT than it would otherwise


All contestants should withdraw their paintings as a sign of protest. The artists must show solidarity with Cheng.


““She said the title is a play of a word and she had jumbled the letters. It is not hard to figure out it is actually an anagram of the words Asalkan Bukan Umno (Anything But Umno).“`

Yes exactly like Teresa who also play with words like Ma Lai trying to say it horse coming when it means Malay. This is how hypocrite from the opposition is using words to deceive and mislead the people with racial and religious tone

KT Wong

Now this is fun. I wonder what on earth the heroes behind this are going to do about the
Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union, which has its secretariat located in Angkasapuri.

Also known in short as… ABU.


Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Phua Kai Li

No problem !

Just change it to AUMMNO (Asian Union of Mass Media and News Organisations)

Khoo Soo Hay

If art is going to be proscribed for its political or any content, sexual, love or otherwise, please don’t teach art in our schools! We are losing our civil space and our soul!


Shame on you bunch of hypocrites, you obsequiousness showing and you didn’t realise it?

Rich Daddy

Malaysia will be better without such morons.


‘Seni’ or Art has a problem with politics?
Then the organisers of Bakat Muda Sezaman 2013 art competition should not have at all invited the Tourism and Culture Minister Mohd Nazri Aziz. Isn’t he a politician?

Why the double standards, why the need to remove Cheng Yenpheng’s painting, huh?


It was removed because it was political motivated